Advanced Veterinary Care

Trauma management, emergency and critical care, surgery, internal medicine, and oncology referral services are just some of the specialities offered at Advanced Veterinary Care, a 24-hour animal wellness clinic. Non-invasive blood pressure monitoring is only one of the many services that can be found at Advanced Veterinary, along with digital radiography, endocrinology ultrasonography haematology and gastrointestinal. The Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society has recognised Advanced Veterinary Care as a Level I Trauma Facility due to the expertise of its staff in performing CPR and other life-saving procedures.

Avenues Pet Clinic

For almost a decade, the Salt Lake area has relied on Avenues Pet Clinic for preventative and emergency veterinary treatment for their pets. Dr Brenda Ponce, the owner of the company, treats animals with care and love, just as she would her own. Vaccinations, checkups, diagnostics, and even surgery and dental care are all part of what’s on offer at this clinic for animal patients. Both the Invisible Fence Brand and Train, Walk, and Pooper Service is associated with Avenues Pet Clinic.

Cottonwood Animal Hospital

In addition to handling urgent emergencies, Cottonwood Animal Hospital in Salt Lake City also treats routine medical, dental, and surgical conditions. The hospital’s veterinary staff is well-versed in the diagnosis and treatment of any manner of pet illness. Major and minor surgical procedures, endoscopy, dog reproduction, ultrasonography, and diagnostic testing are all available here. Surgical procedures involving the spine and limbs are also performed at Cottonwood Animal Hospital.

East Valley Veterinary Clinic

If you have a dog or cat in need of medical attention, go no farther than East Valley Veterinary Clinic in Salt Lake City. The facility is proud of its veterinary laboratory, surgical suite, x-ray machinery, and veterinary pharmacy, all of which provide prompt, convenient access to answers on the health of its animal patients.

East Valley provides a wide range of medical care, including the monitoring of blood pressure and cytology, complete physical examinations and consultations, microchipping, and control of diabetes.

Hillside Veterinary Hospital

Hillside Veterinary Hospital in Salt Lake City is a full-service animal hospital that provides veterinary medicine, surgery, and dentistry. In addition to routine services like immunisations and checkups, they also do orthopaedic surgery and ultrasound imaging on animals.

They also do surgical procedures including removing tumours and performing dental work without using anaesthetics in hospitals. The veterinarians at Hillside Veterinary Hospital offer other services such as x-ray, laboratory testing, and diagnosis.

Holladay Veterinary Hospital

Located in Salt Lake City, Holladay Veterinary Hospital provides comprehensive medical and surgical services for dogs and cats. They offer health checks, dental care, x-rays, spay/neuter procedures, immunisations, and medication to avoid parasites.

In addition to these, they offer orthopaedic services, including surgery on soft tissues and bones, treatment for discomfort, physical therapy, prevention of parasites, microchipping, and orthopaedic services. Grooming services for pets are available at Holladay Veterinary Hospital.

Lone Peak Veterinary

In Utah, pet owners may count on the assistance of Lone Peak Veterinary. Prevention and wellness plans, as well as individualised medical care, are offered for canine and feline patients.

They have state-of-the-art facilities, including a cutting-edge operating room, state-of-the-art radiology equipment, and a fully stocked laboratory for prompt and accurate diagnosis.

Among the companies that have partnered with Lone Peak Veterinary are Novartis, Merial, Royal Canin, and Zoetis.

Midvalley Animal Clinic

The veterinarian services at Midvalley Animal Clinic in Salt Lake City are both professional and reasonably priced. When it comes to the medical and surgical needs of pets, their staff of veterinarians is well-versed and certified.

Spaying and neutering, as well as various orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries, dental care, vaccinations, chemotherapy, allergy testing, and inpatient care, are all on offer. Cat boarding services are available at Midvalley Animal Clinic.

Mountain View Animal Hospital

There is a pet hospital in East Sandy called Mountain View Animal Hospital that treats not just domesticated pets like cats and dogs, but also a variety of exotic species. Five qualified veterinarians work for this company, providing routine care, emergency services, and preventative medication.

A wide range of surgical, medicinal, and dental care choices are available to them as well. Patient care is available around the clock at Mountain View Animal Hospital.

Pinebrook Animal Hospital

Since 2012, Pinebrook Animal Hospital in Park City has provided superior veterinary care for pets. They have state-of-the-art digital imaging equipment and a blood analysis lab on site. All ages of dogs and cats can take advantage of their low prices for surgical procedures and preventative health care options. The American Animal Hospital Association has officially approved Pinebrook Animal Hospital as a member facility.

Powder Paws Veterinary Clinic

Powder Paws Veterinary Clinic opened in 2013 in Park City, Utah, and has since been providing veterinary services such as wellness care, grooming, laser therapy, dental, and dog training.

Services include immunisations, treatments for parasites, internal medicine, imaging (both conventional and digital), surgery (both soft tissue and bone), imaging (ultrasound and cytology), and behavioural therapy. There is a dog rehabilitation service available at Powder Paws Veterinary Clinic.

Sandy Animal Clinic

Pets in need of medical attention can go to Sandy Animal Clinic in Sandy, Utah. Dentistry, orthopaedic care, vaccinations, ultrasound operations, laser therapy, acupuncture, microchipping, and nutritional counselling are just some of the many services they provide.

New kitten packages, artificial insemination, and grooming services are also available. Customers can get coupons and specials at the Sandy Animal Clinic by visiting the clinic’s website.

Spay & Neuter of Salt Lake City

Professional veterinarians that have dedicated their careers to animal health care may be found at Spay & Neuter of Salt Lake City. Dogs, cats, and rabbits can all get spayed or neutered there, plus other services including microchipping, dental work, emergency surgery, and immunisations.

Spay & Neuter of Salt Lake City is committed to providing high-quality pet care at prices that are accessible to all Salt Lake City residents.

Sugar House Veterinary Hospital

In the Salt Lake City area, Sugar House Veterinary Hospital treats dogs, cats, ferrets, reptiles, rats, rabbits, and other rodents. Pets receive in-house diagnostic tests and regular surgical treatments in addition to routine checkups and vaccines.

Dental cleanings are performed without the use of anaesthetics, and therapeutic cold laser treatment is provided to alleviate discomfort, decrease inflammation, and accelerate healing. Parasite control and microchip implantation are two other options.

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