Charleston Harbor Veterinarians

This is excellent medicine, and it makes a lot of sense, too. It is our responsibility as veterinarians to ensure that your pets receive the best possible medical care. It only makes sense to do so in a way that makes the visit pleasant, easy, and transparent for the guest. You and your pet will feel more at ease at Charleston Harbor Veterinarians thanks to the comfortable, homelike atmosphere. You’ll also find affordable, commonsense medical advice that will benefit both your pet’s well-being and your wallet.

After years of careful preparation to establish a facility that could be both cutting-edge and welcoming, Charleston Harbor Veterinarians opened its doors to the public in February 2015. Dr. Christa Kahuda, owner and medical director, has earned a fantastic reputation for her compassionate and effective medical care, and she is accompanied by two other full-time doctors, Drs. April McCaskill and Beth Coco, each bring their impressive qualifications to the practice.

Many young people eventually enter the field of veterinary medicine. Not even Dr. Kahuda was included. She had never given animal welfare much thought, but it wasn’t because she didn’t care about them.

Thus, she enrolled in college, majored in mathematics, and thereafter did what many young people do when they discover the breadth of possible careers open to them. To pursue her true passion, she enrolled in classes again.

She spent two years teaching high school mathematics while still studying organic chemistry at night and another four years at a veterinary college before she nailed it. She has been a veterinarian for seven years and loves her job. She is currently the medical director and her husband, Brent, is the practice manager at Charleston Harbor Veterinarians, which they own and operate together.

BluePearl Pet Hospital

When pets have sudden medical emergencies, they can go to BluePearl Pet Hospital in Mt. Pleasant, which is open around the clock, every day of the year. When your pet’s regular vet is closed, you can count on the exceptional care provided by our trained medical professionals.

Hyperbaric chamber therapy to speed up your pet’s recovery dental and oral surgery internal medicine (including gastroenterology, respiratory medicine, endocrinology, nephrology/urology, hematology, and infectious diseases); veterinary neurology and neurosurgery; and oncology are just some of the veterinary specialties we offer.

Henri Bianucci, DVM, graduated first in his class from the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. In the course of his internship, he excelled to the point where he was named the best intern at the University of Missouri. Following his graduation from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine (now known as Virginia Tech), where he completed a surgical residency, he earned Board certification from the American College of Veterinary Surgeons in 1999. (ACVS).

He won the Bente Flatland Award for Compassionate Care and the Phi Zeta Award for Research Excellence while he was a resident at the Virginia Tech College of Veterinary Medicine. After completing his residency in surgery in 1998, he opened a practice in Charleston, and, in the early spring of 2000, he established Veterinary Surgical Care.

Cleveland Park Animal Hospital

We want our patients and customers to be able to live happy, fulfilling lives together. The American Animal Hospital Association has recognized us as a legitimate facility. Excellence in veterinary medicine is measured against the standards established by this group.

We have demonstrated our dedication to the highest standard of veterinary care by maintaining our AAHA accreditation, which is re-evaluated every three years to ensure that we are in line with the latest industry updates and join the ranks of approximately 3,000 traditional and referral hospitals in the United States and Canada that hold this honor. Visit us and experience the change for yourself! Please contact our animal hospital right away to set up an appointment.

In 1944, one veterinarian opened Cleveland Park Animal Hospital in a rented barn on Woodland Way, not far from the center of Greenville, South Carolina. Cleveland Park Animal Hospital has been providing excellent veterinary care to pets in the Cleveland area for the better part of seven decades.

Greenville County is served by a total of three veterinary hospitals staffed by eleven full-time veterinarians and three part-time veterinarians. The Cleveland Park Animal Hospital in Greenville, Cleveland Park East Animal Hospital in Simpsonville, and the Cleveland Park Animal Hospital in Travelers Rest are all fully accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

Our medical team and support workers have put forth a lot of effort to achieve and maintain this status. Our dedication to providing top-notch care for animals has been honored for seven decades.

Lori spent her childhood in Colorado, but she and her husband, Mark, moved to Greenville, South Carolina, twenty years ago and have never left. They uprooted with their three kids and set up shop in a new town. A lot of success has come to Rhino Linings of Greenville.

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