Subtitles have various benefits to almost all of us. There are some very specific guidelines that make on screen subtitles popular and effective. Here are a few tips to successful subtitles:


Although you are expected to convert the general message into subtitles, you do not have to feature every single word or phrase used. Often it is useful to summarize the most essential parts of what is being said and feature this in your subtitling services. However, it is important to carefully filter the important bits of whatever is spoken to ensure nothing of value is left out of subtitles. This is especially important when featuring subtitles on a new report.


Subtitles are often used to translate what is being said on screen. If you are using your subtitling services to translate; always ensure that you are depicting the most accurate translation. In this case, it is specifically important to translate everything that is being said.  However, it is also important to consider not translating literally. This is an important factor in subtitled translation, as often what is being said literally does not make sense in written language. Furthermore, some specific phrases can be lost in translation and only have meaning when used in the particular language. When using subtitles, one should consider translating and featuring the subtitle of certain phrases as something that represents the general idea of such, without exact literal translation.

Language use

When using subtitles, even for translation, always ensure to use the most specific words available. This also means translating slang into a more professional form of language. Even when slang is used in the same language you are using subtitles for, one should transform the slang used in to Standard English. This will portray a more professional use of language and will also make the subtitles more understandable for a wider variety of people that may not understand the use of slang originally used. Translations of different contents, such as a website translation are key. Furthermore, it is essential to use consistency when using subtitles, especially in terms of measurements, statistics, spelling, names and punctuation.

Time keeping

One of the most important aspects of subtitling is to keep up with what is being said on screen. When using subtitling services, it is essential to observe the speed at which subtitles are displayed on the screen. While the audience needs sufficient time to read the subtitles, the subtitles simultaneously need to keep up with what is being said on screen. It is therefore essential that subtitles are kept in exact time with the speech on screen. This will allow the audience to gain a better understanding of the message that is being conveyed as the facial expressions of the on screen speakers will coincide with the text of the subtitles.  


Essentially, to create effective subtitles, you have to realise the benefits of subtitling. Subtitles do not only create an opportunity for death people to understand a wide array of information, but they also allow anyone to understand various aspects of different languages. Whilst they allow us to translate foreign news, they also represent an alternative to voice-overs. This means, subtitles enable us to follow on screen representations in different environments. Essentially, we can gain most from subtitles when we use them in an environment where additional sounds may be inappropriate or useless (e.g. an office, bars, cafés).

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