Wilmington Treatment Center

The Wilmington Treatment Center was founded by people with first-hand experience with substance abuse, and it is based on scientific evidence. Experts in various fields work together to ensure that each client receives the individualised care and treatment they require to recover from their addiction.

Individual therapy, group therapy, medication management, recreational therapy, community meetings, cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma-informed care, Gorski’s relapse, SMART Recovery, auricular acupuncture, reiki, and family therapies are all part of the treatment spectrum, though their precise roles and proportions vary from patient to patient.

Recreational activities like sports, beach trips, and 12-step meetings are emphasised at Wilmington Treatment Center as well. People in the armed forces can take advantage of Wilmington Treatment Center’s specialised programmes.

Carolina Recovery Solutions

This centre focuses on the individual as a whole, treating substance abuse with a multifaceted approach that includes a wide range of therapies and support services. If a patient needs additional assistance managing withdrawal symptoms, they can seek out medication-assisted treatments.

The clinic also offers adventure therapy, yoga, acupuncture, and medication management in addition to cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, rational emotive behaviour therapy, and other forms of talk therapy.

Although some additional services may be made available, it is up to the client and their treatment team to develop a plan that is tailored to the patient’s unique condition and desired outcomes through the various therapies available.

Midwood Addiction Treatment

Midwood Addiction Treatment only provides outpatient care, so their clients are given structured programmes that work around their schedules and give them a measure of autonomy.

Treatment plans are individualised for each patient and may consist of trauma-informed recovery therapy, individual and group counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, art therapy, yoga, meditation, adventure therapy, equine-assisted therapy, eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR), relapse prevention, motivational training, spiritual groups, and case management services.

Midwood Addiction prioritises the holistic health of its patients by offering services that address all aspects of a person’s being (physical, mental, and spiritual). As a provider that is accepted by most major health plans, Midwood Addiction can help its clients find the most suitable payment option.

Oasis Recovery Center

Oasis Recovery Center is a comprehensive facility that offers a wide range of programmes to help those struggling with substance use disorders.

Clients work with their addiction treatment team to develop a personalised plan that takes into account each aspect of their lives and their specific needs and goals for recovery. The drug treatment centre in North Carolina caters to both men and women, each with its own unique set of needs.

Individuals can schedule their therapy sessions around their other commitments, and they still have access to the community resources they need through IOP.

Crossroads of Shelby

To help alleviate withdrawal symptoms that may be hindering each client’s recovery, Crossroads of Shelby provides both Methadone and Suboxone as part of a short-term medication-assisted treatment programme.

Counselling services and care coordination with other facilities are also available to the client. Crossroads assists those who are struggling with opioid use disorders, though they may also work with those who are battling alcoholism.

Insurance plans from both the public and private sectors, including Medicare and Medicaid, are accepted at this facility for those struggling with substance abuse.

Caring Services – High Point

To help those who are struggling with dependency issues, Caring Services provides holistic substance abuse treatment services for both men and women. Motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness training, dialectical behaviour therapy, anger management classes, individual therapy, group therapy, family education, relapse prevention, and life skill development are some of the outpatient treatment options available to them.

According to the individual’s condition and the length of treatment, the number of weekly required hours of participation will differ. It’s an outpatient centre, so patients can continue to reside in their residences while receiving treatment. But Caring Services provides access to transitional housing options for people who want to live in a more supportive, sober environment.

Silver Ridge

People over the age of 18 from the Blue Ridge area who are struggling with substance use disorders and in need of behavioural health disorder treatment are Silver Ridge’s primary clientele. Since Silver Ridge is affiliated with the Pyramid Healthcare system, its clients have access to comprehensive, individualised treatment plans that cover all aspects of their lives.

Clients in this programme will have access to a wide variety of therapeutic interventions during their time there, including but not limited to family therapy, group therapy, mindfulness, equine-assisted therapy, yoga, motivational interviewing, and psychoeducation.

Clients will work closely with members of their treatment team to design a programme that is best suited to their needs, and additional services may be made available on an as-needed basis. Clients will also be offered a midlife development model, trauma-informed therapies, medication support, acceptance and commitment therapy, and nutritional counselling. Silver Ridge is an inpatient drug rehabilitation centre to restore patients to a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Premier Treatment Specialists

Premier Treatment Specialists is a private, outpatient addiction recovery programme that helps adults who are abusing opioids get back on the right track by providing them with access to medication. Clients will receive medication and a wide range of counselling services (both individual and group) designed to meet their unique requirements.

Drug treatment aimed at inspiring behavioural shifts in patients. Medicaid pays for or covers the cost of the assistance provided to the person in need. Involving loved ones in the treatment process is shown to boost motivation and aid in the restoration of the family unit as a whole, so clients are encouraged to do so.

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