Heart view Foundation

The Heartview Foundation is a charitable organisation serving the people of North Dakota by conducting diagnostic assessments and offering therapeutic and educational services. Following an assessment, the client will collaborate closely with a group of addiction experts to create a treatment plan that is uniquely suited to their needs.

Education, group therapy, medication assistance, yoga, acupuncture, spiritual guidance, creative arts therapies, anger management, and therapeutic exercise are just some of the holistic and evidence-based therapies that are incorporated into each programme.

Methadone, buprenorphine, and Vivitrol are just some of the medications available through a MAT programme for people battling opioid addiction. Clients can receive holistic care thanks to the availability of family programmes and other supplementary options.

Badlands Human Service Center

Clients and their loved ones can choose from many different effective programmes for behavioural health and addiction treatment at the Badlands Human Service Center.

Services such as care planning, assessments, primary care, medication management, relapse prevention training, aftercare planning, trauma-informed care, behaviour modification, peer-led support groups, psychosocial rehabilitation, and much more will be available to clients.

People of all ages can take advantage of these services, which aim to strengthen the local community. Payment options at Badlands may include a sliding fee scale and a variety of other methods of payment.

Share House – Fargo

ShareHouse is a rehab for drug and alcohol abuse that relies on scientific evidence as well as the 12-step programme and group therapy. All residents can use the fully furnished, separate-gender apartments. In addition to a fully stocked kitchen, clients have use of a laundry room, a wellness room, a gaming centre, and a computer room.

Services provided may vary from client to client due to the tailor-made nature of each programme. As a large part of treatment, however, clients will be able to take part in group therapies in which they can talk about issues like shame, mental health, distress tolerance, gender-specific topics, and ways of thinking. ShareHouse is a drug rehabilitation centre for adults (18+).

Certain health plans, including Medicaid, are accepted. To ensure that everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, has access to the care they need, we will discuss all fees based on the individual plan during our initial consultation.

North Dakota State Hospital

For those in immediate need of stabilisation and treatment, North Dakota’s state hospital offers an inpatient programme for acute care. These inpatient drug treatment facilities provide 24-hour care and supervision in a safe and secure setting for people with alcohol and drug dependency issues.

Medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and addiction counsellors, will work with patients and their families. Services may include assessment and treatment for mental illness, as well as counselling, education, occupational therapy, and much more.

As such, the focus is on providing crisis care for as short a period as possible before transferring patients to a rehabilitation centre equipped to provide for their ongoing needs. The North Dakota State Hospital takes a variety of payment methods, including insurance, Medicaid, and a sliding scale for self-pay patients.

Prairie Saint Johns

Prairie Saint Johns treats patients of all ages (children, adolescents, and adults) for substance abuse, both in and out of the facility. For those who are unable to commit to inpatient rehabilitation or who have completed it and are transitioning to lower levels of care, they offer a variety of outpatient treatment options in addition to a residential programme with 110 beds. Both the low and high-intensity programmes have the same overarching goal of assisting clients in building long-term recovery and relapse-prevention skills.

The goal of this rehabilitation programme is to ensure that the skills acquired during treatment are used outside of treatment to sustain sobriety. Clients typically stay at Prairie Saint Johns for 12–13 days, but there is no set limit on their time in the residential programme. A longer duration of outpatient services means they can provide continuous care.

First Step Recovery – Fargo

In Fargo, there is a non-profit called First Step Recovery that provides services to both men and women who need drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, education on addiction, and relapse prevention training are all part of the services available to clients.

Duration of care ranges from two to twenty hours per week, depending on the specifics of the programme the client chooses. Members of the family are welcome and even encouraged to take part in therapy and educational programmes.

This can help them learn more about addiction and how to handle it at home. Referrals will be made for clients and their loved ones to participate in various outside support groups that may prove instrumental in maintaining sobriety and promoting overall health. To make sure that their clients, especially in times of crisis, always have the support they need, First Step also provides an alumni group and aftercare planning.

Life Wise Associates

Medication management, individual and group therapy, EMDR, play therapy, and codependency groups are just some of the services available at LifeWise Associates’ drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. Clients will spend a few hours in therapy per week in this low-intensity outpatient programme. Clients can also take advantage of Christian counselling, pharmacogenetic testing, and DUI education workshops and seminars. As an additional service, LifeWise Associates also provides online counselling.

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