Country Road Recovery Center

Country Road Recovery Center’s 135 acres are landscaped to promote health and healing in all who live there. The trauma-informed services here aim to treat the whole person, not just the addiction to drugs. There are also experiential therapies, equine therapy, the creative arts, music therapy, yoga, meditation, and 12-step programs available in addition to traditional talk therapy and support groups of peers.

Dog therapy, programs to help people avoid relapse, training in useful life skills, and courses tailored to men and women are all available at Country Road. Each patient will work closely with their clinician to create an individualized plan for after treatment that incorporates the knowledge, abilities, and behaviors that were developed during treatment.

Valley Hope of Cushing

When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, Valley Hope of Cushing can help even the most severely dependent patients, including those experiencing painful withdrawal symptoms. Patients can live at the facility and be monitored by doctors and nurses all the time. Clients experiencing withdrawal from opioids or alcohol can get help with their medication needs.

They also offer family programs, 12-step therapy, recreational activities, and discharge planning in addition to the standard services of providing a safe and comfortable environment for patients to recover while receiving treatment. Clinicians and other members of Valley Hope’s treatment team collaborate closely with the client to tailor a treatment plan to the individual’s specific requirements.

Monarch – Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s Monarch is a non-profit with a residential program for women and outreach programs for men, women, and kids. These rehabilitation programs primarily consist of group therapy, individual therapy, and community services that give patients a safe place to learn and recover. The point is to zero in on problem spots and fix them head-on.

Therapies, psychosocial education, parenting classes, case management, and drug testing are all accessible to patients in an outpatient setting. You can expect to pay the same rate for every service. At Monarch, you have options, including self-pay, private insurance, and Medicaid.

Payne County Youth Services

The mission of Payne County Youth Services is to serve the youth of Payne County by providing them with access to community-based treatment and prevention services. Emergency shelters and programs tailored to the unique needs of children, adolescents, and families are also available in Payne County.

Services such as evidence-based therapy, crisis interventions, life skills education, creative arts, and community services are provided to those who are battling substance use disorders or other behavioral health issues.

For homeless or traumatized young adults between the ages of 16 and 22, Payne County provides a youth shelter program and transitional living spaces. The point is to meet these young people where they are and offer them a network of caring adults and peers who can help them conquer any dependencies they may be experiencing.

Palmer Women And Children Center

Pregnant and parenting women can receive addiction treatment at this Palmer Women and Children Center. Women over the age of 18 are eligible for this inpatient program, and they are encouraged to bring any children under the age of 12 with them for support.

Each week, clients put in an average of 35 hours of treatment time. Health care, mental health care, trauma-informed care, case management, parenting courses, group therapy, individual therapy, behavior management, addiction education, anger management, nutritional guidance, process groups, and art therapy are all part of the package.

During their stay, clients may be given the option to partake in a wide range of fun activities. Depending on the client’s ability to pay, this facility may provide some or all of its services at no cost.

Human Skills and Resources – Sapulpa

All three of Human Skills and Resources’ Oklahoma outposts provide the same excellent care and service. Their outpatient services aim to make it possible for people all over the city to receive help for substance abuse.

These include assessments, medication assistance, training in techniques to prevent relapse, anger management classes, cognitive skills, individual therapy, group therapy, family-inclusive programs, case management, and crisis interventions. Human Skills and Resources charges a flat rate for all services but works with private health plans and government programs like Medicaid.

Cherokee Nation – Three Rivers Health Center

Although the Cherokee Nation is home to numerous hospitals and clinics, those in need of drug treatment in Oklahoma or psychological counseling can find what they’re looking for at the Three Rivers Health Center.

Clients and clinicians can take advantage of the behavioral health program’s drug and alcohol treatment, prevention services, and various evaluations to better understand the nature of the client’s condition(s), tailor treatment to their unique set of circumstances, and achieve the best possible outcomes for the client’s recovery.

The standard therapies, trauma counseling, relapse prevention, parenting skills, and crisis interventions are all available at Three Rivers Health Center as well. Furthermore, these service providers are continually investigating novel psychiatric approaches to addiction treatment, guaranteeing that their patients always have access to the most cutting-edge therapies and addiction recovery programs.

Ernest Childers Department of Veterans Affairs

Only by appointment, veterans and their families in need of drug or alcohol rehab are seen at the Ernest Childers VA Clinic. In addition to helping people who are struggling with addiction, this program also addresses any underlying conditions that may be present.

To treat substance abuse and dependency, they use tried-and-true methods, such as those offered by this rehabilitation center. They also give vets access to transitional services that can aid in their readjustment to civilian life after experiencing trauma and possibly succumbing to substance abuse.

Nutritional counseling, pain relief during detox, social work, gender-specific services, and wellness programs may all be available to clients here because the clinic is also a general medical practitioner, giving them everything they need to succeed in a life without drugs.

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