Bayshore Vet Clinic

Bayshore Veterinary Clinic may be found in the Wisconsin town of Shorewood. Inexpensive, high-quality care for dogs and cats is provided by certified veterinarians who care deeply about their patients.

They are a comprehensive medical facility, thus they can handle both urgent care and regular patient appointments. Vaccinations, surgeries, microchipping, emergency treatment, pet memorials, house calls, and boarding are just some of the many services available at Bayshore Vet Clinic.

Brentwood Animal Hospital

The staff at Brentwood Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing excellent service to its clients, and they work hard to ensure that each patient experiences as little pain as possible while receiving cutting-edge medical care.

Microchipping, grooming, flea management, spaying and neutering, declawing, dentistry, boarding, preventative care, and x-rays are just some of the many services they provide. In the event of an emergency, you can make arrangements with Brentwood Animal Hospital to have your pet seen by a veterinarian right away.

Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care Inc.

Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care, Inc. has been providing service to the Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, area for almost 40 years. They take a holistic approach to animal health and treat both pets and their owners with kindness and consideration.

There is a wide variety of dental care, surgical care, and diagnostic treatments available at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care, Inc. They are committed to extending the quality of life for animals and offer regular wellness exams and preventative care.

Burleigh Road Animal Hospital

Brookfield, Wisconsin is home to Burleigh Road Animal Hospital. Both canines and felines can take advantage of their services, and they have made it their mission to ensure pets enjoy long, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

The vets are committed to helping their patients and their families discover a healthcare solution that works for everyone involved. Grooming, preventative care, surgical services, immunizations, wellness checks, emergency care, and long-term care are just some of the many services available at Burleigh Road Animal Hospital.

Care Animal Clinic

The city of Brookfield, Wisconsin is home to the Care Animal Clinic. The veterinarian staff is dedicated to informing pet owners of the best practices for animal care, including the significance of proper diet and regular exercise.

Each animal is given the utmost attention and cares with the help of cutting-edge veterinary technology.

Preventative care, regular surgery, genetic testing, rehabilitation and therapy, immunizations, allergy testing, dental care, radiology, acupuncture, herbal therapies, microchipping, behavior and nutritional counseling, and microchipping are just some of the services they provide.

Cudahy Veterinary Clinic

Located in Cudahy, Wisconsin, the Veterinary Clinic at Cudahy was founded that same year. Dr. Robert Shampo has since been advocating for preventative care for domestic animals. He has extensive knowledge in the care of various species of animals and is a certified veterinarian in the state of Wisconsin.

In addition to euthanasia, he provides immunizations, wellness checks, nail trimming, flea and tick management, dental, spaying and neutering, feline declawing, allergy testing, pharmacy services, and more.

Elmbrook Veterinary Clinic

Elmbrook Veterinary Clinic in Brookfield, Wisconsin has state-of-the-art facilities and can give your pet the best possible medical treatment. Boarding, dental care, microchipping, surgery, diagnostics, and drop-off are just some of the services they offer.

Dr. Robert O. Marold, D.V.M. is a veterinarian with nearly four decades of expertise who is committed to making a significant difference in the lives of people, their families, and their pets in the surrounding area.

Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists

Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists is a network of three animal hospitals in Wisconsin’s Port Washington, Glendale, and Oak Creek. They are available at any time of day or night, and their focus is on giving patients the best possible treatment.

Due to the staff’s high level of expertise and training, even the most difficult cases are manageable. Dentistry, dermatology, diagnostics, internal medicine, neurology, radiation therapy, oncology, rehabilitation, emergency care, and blood donor programs are among the available medical specialties.

Lakeside Animal Hospital

The Lakeside Animal Hospital in Milwaukee, WI is a fully-accredited facility by the American Animal Hospital Association. They take great satisfaction in being trustworthy, discerning, and sympathetic, and they think that proper animal nutrition and preventative medicine are essential components of quality veterinary care.

Vaccinations, dentistry, internal medicine, radiography, ultrasounds, surgery, pain treatment, microchipping, and euthanasia are just some of the many services that can be found at Lakeside Animal Hospital. The facility is a fully-equipped animal hospital, and appointments may be scheduled through the website.

Mayfair Animal Hospital and Emergency

The Advanced Animal Hospital Group only has one clinic in the greater Milwaukee area, and that is Mayfair Animal Hospital and Emergency. They are devoted to delivering excellent service to pets and their families throughout their lives and in the event of an emergency.

The services and facilities they offer are geared toward assisting older animals with routine preventative care, emergency care, and the early detection and treatment of diseases. Wellness checkups, spaying, neutering, dental cleanings, and elective surgeries are all part of Mayfair Animal Hospital’s regular treatment, while hospitalizations, emergency medical care, and emergency surgical care are all part of the hospital’s emergency care.

Milwaukee Animal Hospital

The Milwaukee Animal Hospital in Wisconsin provides comprehensive care for pets of all shapes and sizes. A qualified veterinarian, Dr. Gurpreet Bajwa understands the value of animal health and welfare and works hard to give it.

Dr. Bajwa has extensive experience with various illnesses and treatments, and the clinic accepts both urgent and non-urgent cases. Online scheduling is available, and walk-ins are welcome whenever the clinic is open.

Silver Spring Animal Wellness Center

Silver Spring Animal Wellness Center in Glendale, Wisconsin, strives to give each patient the best possible medical and surgical treatment. They’ve been around since 1984, and their mission is to provide traditional and holistic treatment for pets for their whole lives.

Spaying and neutering, dental, acupuncture, laser treatment, spinal manipulation and chiropractic care, medications, and emergency services are all part of the comprehensive package offered to cats and dogs. The specifics of each patient’s age, breed, lifestyle, and medical history inform the development of a unique treatment strategy.

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