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Best Veterinarian In West Virginia

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Avalon Animal Hospital

Dr. Thomas Homan runs the small, friendly Avalon Animal Hospital, PLLC, where he employs a team of dedicated professionals that work hard to offer the best possible care for your dog or cat. If your pet needs a checkup, vaccinations, surgery, dental care, or boarding and grooming, Avalon Hospital is the place to go. Grooming your adorable pet regularly is the finest approach to maintaining their clean and healthy appearance.

Come to Avalon Hospital whenever your animal friend needs a haircut or ear cleaning. Dogs and cats alike can benefit from our range of grooming services. Avalon has a climate-controlled kennel for canine and feline guests.

All boarders receive individual attention from a kennel worker throughout their stay. The kennel attendant will wash them and clip their nails as a courtesy after they have slept there for two nights.

If you care about your pet’s well-being at all, you know how crucial it is to keep up with regular checkups, laboratory testing, and more. You can trust the knowledgeable and kind professionals at Avalon Hospital to take care of your pet’s wellness checks, immunizations, and diagnostics. We put a premium on your pet’s safety and wellness before and after surgery.

Since the 1940s, Avalon has been home to a veterinary hospital specializing in the care of canine and feline patients: Avalon Dog & Cat Hospital.

Animal Care Associates

Clients are served by Animal Care Associates, Inc. in Charleston, West Virginia. We are pleased to announce that we are certified by the American Animal Hospital Association and affiliated with the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Association of Avian Veterinarians.

American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Debit Cards, Discover, Personal Checks, Money Orders, and Travelers Checks are all acceptable methods of payment. Since 1984, we’ve been happy to serve customers in and around Charleston, West Virginia. Care for the elderly, people with allergies, endoscopy, ultrasound, surgery, dental work, eye work, digital radiography, and more!

Veterinary physician Paul Gunnoe opened Animal Care Hospital in 1984. The hospital has expanded from its humble beginnings as a one-man show to a five-doctor, twenty-five-person operation.

Due to expansion, Animal Care Associates became simply Animal Care in 1993, the year we relocated to a new hospital. Furthermore, in 1993, the clinic became a member of the American Animal Hospital Association. In West Virginia, Animal Care Associates is one of only a handful of hospitals to carry this certification.

It was in the small town of Shady Spring, West Virginia that the future doctor was born. He attended Marshall University for his undergraduate studies and The Ohio State University for his veterinary degree.

Dr. Patton’s interest in working with exotic animals began at Ohio State University. He pursued his interest in exotic medicine by interning at the Columbus Zoo and then at the Ohio State University Exotic Outpatient Clinic.

He also spent a month at the Honolulu Zoo in Hawaii, where he observed and learned about a wide variety of rare and endangered species, such as chimpanzees, black and white rhinos, cheetahs, giant tortoises, and flamingos. After initially focusing on canine and feline patients, Dr. Patton has expanded his practice to include birds, reptiles, hamsters, and many more species.

His professional affiliations include the American Veterinary Medical Association, the West Virginia Veterinary Medical Association, the American Animal Hospital Association, and the Association of Avian Veterinarians.

Valley West Veterinary Hospital

We are a full-service animal hospital in a prime downtown Charleston, West Virginia location. Surgery, ultrasonography, and boarding are just some of the services we provide.

Charleston, West Virginia is where Dr. Isaac spent his childhood. A West Virginia University alumnus, he earned his veterinary degree from the University of Georgia in 2002 after earning a Bachelor of Science from the University of West Virginia in 1998.

After Dr. Tom Isaac Sr. resigned in 2007 from Valley West and Elk Valley, Dr. Isaac took over as co-owner of the business together with Dr. Amy Keith. He is an active member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and has previously served as President of the West Virginia Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Isaac is particularly enthusiastic about the field of orthopedics.

Big Spring Animal Hospital

Big Spring Animal Hospital was founded in 1981 and is similar to its sibling, Inwood Animal Center. Since that time, we have been committed to delivering the finest veterinary care possible to the cats of Inwood and the neighboring neighborhoods.

Here at Big Spring, we only provide the highest quality care for your cat, so you can rest assured. We value the human-animal link and will work together with you to ensure the best possible medical outcomes for your pet.

There are surgical options for pets including cats and dogs at Big Spring Animal Hospital.

With cutting-edge technology and skilled staff, we can perform successful surgery on your pet while keeping them comfortable and at ease.

Numerous surgical procedures can be performed on your pet by our team of experienced veterinarians and technicians.

Each operation begins with a comprehensive pre-operative veterinary examination, continues with close monitoring throughout surgery, and concludes with a full day of care and attention.

When it comes to x-rays, digital radiology has replaced traditional film.

By delivering high-quality imaging findings with less radiation exposure, digital x-rays improve the diagnostic process and the subsequent treatment of sick and damaged animals.

They can take digital photographs of the entire body, including the teeth.

Our use of digital x-rays helps us achieve our mission of providing cutting-edge, top-notch medical treatment to our patients.

We always check the oral health of the pet and give the owners advice on how to best care for their pet after a dental cleaning.



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