Wishope Recovery

Wishope Recovery provides services for drug and alcohol abuse treatment that fill the void between treating individual symptoms and the whole person. Wishope’s treatment teams understand that there is no one right way to deal with substance abuse because no two people are alike. Patients can take advantage of interdisciplinary teams, scientifically-supported clinical treatment options, psychodrama, peer recovery support groups, and job placement services.

Arts and crafts, movement therapies, pet therapy, mental imagery and visualization techniques, sports, therapeutic fitness, yoga, outdoor volunteer programs, and sober group outings are some of the available recreational therapies. All of these initiatives are meant to work in tandem to help people feel better emotionally, acquire coping mechanisms, and pick up healthy habits and practices.

Community Medical Services – Fond du Lac

Community Medical Services is a medication-assisted treatment center that helps both men and women overcome opioid addiction and withdrawal symptoms, such as those experienced during the detox process from alcoholism or chronic use of prescription pain relievers, heroin, or other opiates.

Methadone, buprenorphine, and Naltrexone are all available through CMS, and patients can choose the one that works best for them. Individual therapy, group therapy, various other evidence-based services, and peer support groups are also accessible.

The primary objective is to lessen the severity of potential relapse triggers, but this is accomplished through a combination of medication and counseling to produce a plan that boosts motivation for change and directs each client toward long-term sobriety. Private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and self-pay are all welcome at Community Medical Services in Fond du Lac.

Burkwood Treatment Center

The staff at Burkwood Treatment Center helps both men and women overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol. Clinically-based therapies that are effective in treating the client’s current conditions form the backbone of the treatment plan.

All of these programs are effective, and they all take into account the effects of trauma on the brain and body. The goal is to teach people who are trying to quit using substances healthy ways to deal with stressful situations other than turning to substances.

Each client at Burkwood Treatment Center has access to a caring staff, restorative housing, and cutting-edge medical care in addition to the center’s extensive and varied treatment options.

Appleton Comprehensive Treatment Center

Men and women over the age of 18 can participate in the medication-assisted treatment program available at Appleton Comprehensive Treatment Center. Methadone is used to treat withdrawal symptoms from opioids like heroin, prescription painkillers, fentanyl, and others at this treatment center.

Once clients are stabilized on these medications, they will begin engaging in services such as group therapy, individual therapy, and referrals to other drug and alcohol rehab centers with the help of their clinician and treatment team. Acadia Healthcare Network is a nationwide network of clinics and treatment centers dedicated to assisting people with mental health and addiction issues.

Mayo Clinic Health System – Tomah

In Tomah, at the Mayo Clinic, patients can access outpatient services for substance abuse that are tailored to their specific needs and the context of their entire lives. A client works with a team of specialists to determine what areas require attention and which of the available treatment options will be most helpful in resolving those issues.

Individual and group therapy, family programs, psychiatric care, medication management, dialectical behavior therapy, and neuropsychological testing are just some of the evidence-based therapies and supplementary services used. Clients may be referred to other Mayo Clinic locations in Wisconsin if those locations offer more appropriate or specialized care.

Rogers Behavioral Health – Oconomowoc

Patients of all ages, from children to adults, can find a supportive environment conducive to healing from their addictions at Rogers Behavioral Health. Clients experiencing opioid or alcohol withdrawal will have access to medication-assisted treatment options, as well as a variety of other mental health services.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral activation, motivational enhancement, 12-step meetings, experiential therapies, family programs, nutritional guidance, health education, wellness training, spiritual guidance, and the development of life skills are some of the other services provided.

Sober community outings give clients the chance to engage in a variety of activities with their peers outside of the confines of the treatment center. Oconomowoc treatment plans typically last between 30 and 45 days but can last as long as the client requires.

North Central Healthcare – Wausau

Even though North Central Healthcare has been caring for clients since 1893, when it was still an asylum for the insane, it has always taken a more home-like approach to treat those with mental illness. To this day, people are still thinking this way.

North Central Healthcare strives to provide a welcoming, inclusive, and diverse space where everyone who needs help can receive it. This center is dedicated to helping those with substance abuse problems by providing individualized treatment plans, a treatment team comprised of professionals and people in recovery, and access to peer and community support systems.

Anyone, including adults and teenagers, can get the help they need here. Services such as crisis stabilization, group therapy, individual counseling, REBT, CBT, and 12-step programs are all available at North Central Healthcare. While the partial hospitalization program is only able to work with these people for six weeks, other programs may be available for varying time frames.

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