Vertava Health Ohio

Formerly known as The Bluffs Rehab, Vertava Health now provides care for mental health and substance abuse disorders. There are a variety of treatments used, including CBT, DBT, MI, MAT, facilitating the 12-Step programme, and EMDR. Scheduled by Vertava Health Ohio’s Master’s level therapists, family sessions can be held in person or over the phone.

Vertava can provide experiential and outdoor-based programmes because of its picturesque settings near Atwood Lake and among rolling hills. When the weather permits, we take our clients on outdoor excursions such as hiking, fishing, and water sports. Music therapy, art therapy, and other forms of experiential therapy are available through Vertava.

There is a grand yet cosy atmosphere in the house, and the sunset views over the hills are breathtaking. An alternative to traditional in-person care is Telehealth, which can be accessed remotely for patients who cannot travel for treatment. All major private insurance plans are honoured by Vertava, and the facility has earned accreditation from the Joint Commission.

The Recovery Village Columbus

Treatment for both substance abuse and mental health issues are focal points at The Recovery Village Columbus. Detox, inpatient rehabilitation, partial hospitalisation, intensive outpatient programmes, outpatient programmes, and telehealth therapy are all part of their suite of services for addicts. Patients typically work with a team of professionals, including a psychiatrist, psychologist, and counsellor, to develop individualised recovery plans before beginning detox.

Clients who opt for residential care at The Recovery Village Columbus do so permanently. From there, patients can progress to less restrictive levels of care, such as PHP or outpatient, where they can learn the coping skills necessary to overcome their addiction.

Co-occurring mental health conditions like anxiety and depression are addressed through a multidisciplinary approach at The Recovery Village Columbus. A wide variety of therapeutic approaches are available in multidisciplinary care, allowing patients greater freedom to make progress toward their treatment goals.

Recovery Village offers a wide variety of therapeutic approaches, from group sessions and individual counselling to alternative methods like yoga, hiking, nutritional counselling, and experiential therapy. CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing (MI), neurofeedback, and 12-Step facilitation are just some of the evidence-based treatments used at The Recovery Village Columbus.

Works South Shore

Through a holistic lens, Recovery Works South Shore provides treatment programmes that are both patient-focused and trauma-informed. From detox to residential treatment to intensive outpatient programmes and even partial hospitalisation, they cover the entire spectrum of care (PHP). Medication management, anger management, and grief and loss therapy are also common components of treatment plans, as are individual and family therapy.

Relapse prevention, trauma-informed care, nutritional counselling, life skills training, and spiritual counselling are accompanied by evidence-based therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Meditation Groups, Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET), and Motivational Interviewing (MI). Music therapy, fishing, mindfulness, and yoga are just some of the holistic services offered.

The location on a picturesque lake with plenty of room for meditative strolls characterises this stunning stone home. There is a fitness centre, a garden, and a gazebo for guests to use during their stay. The facility is recognised as a Blue Distinction Center for Substance Use Treatment and Recovery by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and they accept Medicaid and most other major insurance plans.

Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder, located in Aurora’s rural area, is a residential programme that helps men kick their drug and alcohol habits over six months. Holistic practises and a 12-step methodology come together in their approach. They have a communal kitchen, art and music studios, a library, and dorm rooms on their 100+ acre campus surrounded by rolling pastures and forests.

Clients have access to recreational activities like group workouts, meditation, music and art therapy, and wilderness adventure therapy. In addition, guests contribute to the upkeep of the grounds by working on Jacob’s Ladder farm. Aside from individual and couple counselling, we also offer family therapy, as well as cooking and yoga classes.

The Jacob’s Ladder programme consists of daily chores, meditation in the morning and evening, mindful farming, lecture/education, step work, structured free time, 12-step meetings, and community meetings. Off-site activities, such as recreation therapy or family therapy, and other forms of therapy are provided every week.

Jacob’s Ladder has been granted accreditation by the Joint Commission, and it accepts a variety of private insurance plans in addition to self-pay patients. Prospective clients can learn more about Jacob’s Ladder programme by watching the Netflix documentary “Recovery Boys,” which follows four men going through the programme.

Stone Lodge

Stone Lodge, located on a beautiful rural campus, offers a holistic residential treatment programme for men that includes both vocational and spiritual guidance. Clients are encouraged to accept their Christ-centered destiny through the use of holistic practices, MAT, spiritual care, and 12 Step guidance.

Stone Lodge also provides psychoeducational and co-occurring disorder support groups, as well as individual therapy. They focus on assisting those in need of a second chance by providing intensive vocational training. The people who stay at Stone Lodge gain the tools they need to take on the world and create bright futures for themselves.

Patients staying at Stone Lodge for 30-60 days of residential treatment have access to the facility’s lush green campus, relaxing common areas, and comfortable shared bedrooms. Participants will gain from Christian mentoring, educational lectures, and guided wellness activities. Stone Lodge is recognised by the CARF and works with both government and private health plans.

Woods at Parkside

Residential space at The Woods at Parkside spans 23,000 square feet in Gahanna, a Columbus suburb. Dual diagnosis care, medical detox, inpatient care, PHP, and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) are all available on the 11-acre campus (IOP). The primary goal of the programme is to help participants overcome addiction and the trauma it causes to develop a more optimistic outlook on life.

Programs at The Woods at Parkside are highly individualised to meet the requirements of each participant. A qualified team consisting of a psychiatrist, registered nurses, counsellors, a family medicine doctor, and social workers develops these programmes.

12-Step facilitation, CBT, group therapy, art therapy, relapse prevention, family education, group fitness, recreational therapy, yoga, and many other forms of therapy are available to clients. Their outpatient programme consists of 18-24 sessions, each of which is 3 hours long, 3 times per week. Their inpatient programme lasts a maximum of 28 days.

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