Samaritan Recovery Community

Affordable programmes are offered by the Samaritan Recovery Community, which is a non-profit that accepts both self-pay and insurance. Samaritan provides a wide range of services, including those for the whole family, such as counselling and therapy for the individual, as well as for couples and families, as well as support through the 12 steps and beyond with aftercare and DUI classes.

A wide range of professionals, including social workers, addiction specialists, counsellors, dietitians, and others, will work with each patient once they are admitted.

After receiving treatment for their addiction and underlying issues, clients are then able to take advantage of services like job training and therapy that equip them with the knowledge and tools they need to remain sober in the long term.

Journey Pure – Tennessee

Depending on the specifics of each patient’s situation, JourneyPure offers a wide variety of services to aid in the treatment of addiction. When developing a client’s treatment plan, clinicians and treatment teams will take into account the person’s background, medical history, co-occurring disorders, and any other relevant factors.

Medication management, art therapy, music therapy, equine-assisted treatments, CBT, YOGA, relapse prevention, recovery coaching, trauma-informed care, family therapy, social bonding, a ropes course, dialectical behaviour therapy, mindfulness, and adventure therapy are all part of the service menu. Several times a week, people in treatment can participate in online support groups that allow them to keep getting help even if they can’t physically be at the facility.

Cornerstone of Recovery

The cornerstone of Recovery’s substance abuse treatment services is predominantly evidence-based, guaranteeing that all clients receive the most effective, scientifically-backed therapies currently available. Individuals who seek help at Cornerstone are given a holistic evaluation and assessment due to the wide range of resources available to them.

In addition to receiving long-term care, clients will be urged to take part in family programmes and discharge planning. Individuals who have previously attempted to get sober but may have relapsed can also benefit from Cornerstone’s highly specialised services. All major medical insurance plans are accepted at Cornerstone of Recovery.

Spring 2 Life Recovery

It is a non-profit Christian organisation that provides treatment for adult males. Spring 2 Life offers Christian-based spiritual guidance in addition to non-12-step, evidence-based therapies for the treatment of substance abuse and addiction in the men who seek its help.

Church involvement and the development of social networks are central tenets of these programmes. They have 7 guiding principles and a set of rules that all participants must adhere to. Patients at this residential drug treatment centre have access to medical staff around the clock and are housed in a setting designed to facilitate recovery.

Magnolia Ranch Recovery

Magnolia Ranch is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre that welcomes both men and women. By providing a secure environment, we give each person the best possible chance to recover and learn the coping mechanisms that will prevent them from relapsing.

The facility offers semi-private living quarters, nightly fireside chats, 56 hours of weekly group and individual therapy, 17 horses for clients to work with, and much more. Each person will have a clinical schedule as well as free time to discover new interests, try new things, and discover how to have fun without drugs or alcohol.

Pax Memphis Recovery

To ensure that every person in Tennessee who needs help receives the most comprehensive care possible, PAX Memphis integrates services for both substance abuse and mental illness.

PAX Memphis is an outpatient treatment centre that provides numerous group therapies every week in addition to relapse prevention training, family therapy, medication assistance, individual therapy, psychiatric treatments, mindfulness training, meditation, and any other treatment options that may help address the unique needs of each client.

To help adults who are experiencing withdrawal from opioid addiction, this centre provides a MAT programme. Although they help people with a wide range of addictions, the MAT programme focuses on those who are dependent on opiates such as prescription pills, heroin, OxyContin, fentanyl, and others. Most major health insurance plans are accepted at PAX Memphis.

Freeman Recovery Center

Evidence-based recovery services are available to residents of Tennessee at the Freeman Recovery Center. Most appointments for clients will be for therapy sessions, either in groups or with a specific therapist.

Clients at Freeman Recovery have access to a wide range of services, including but not limited to 12-step recovery groups, community service, family therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, experiential therapies, relapse prevention planning, and medication management.

Medication, housing, and employment services will all be made available to Tennesseans. Clients receiving outpatient care will have the opportunity to engage in peer-led groups where they can make supportive connections, encourage one another, and share experiences and insights.


CADAS offers a wide range of mental health services, but every one of their programmes requires 12-step involvement of some kind. Clients in residential treatment or withdrawal management programmes will be under constant medical and mental health monitoring.

Meditation, relaxation techniques, group therapy, individual therapy, weekly reviews, the teaching of life skills, psychoeducation, motivational interviewing, prevention of relapse, therapeutic activities, sex-specific counselling, and recreation are all part of the service menu.

Adolescents with substance abuse and mental health issues can get help through specialised programmes and medication support. So that the whole person can be helped, CADAS promotes family involvement in all-encompassing programmes.

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