Counseling Resources

Counseling Resources offers all-inclusive and reasonably priced care for substance abuse disorders. Clients take part in an assessment that helps pinpoint their specific issues and identifies the most effective course of treatment.

Education in a variety of forms, individual therapy, and random drug testing are all part of the available services. It is possible to receive both educational support and different forms of therapy in a group setting. Both private health insurance and cash payments are accepted at Counseling Resources. Their payment plans make their services more accessible to people of varying financial means.

Choices Recovery Services

Choices Recovery Services’ primary focus in providing care is to help each individual develop the skills necessary to take charge of their recovery from substance abuse and reliance issues. Each client first undergoes an assessment with their clinician to determine the best course of action for meeting their specific needs.

One of the central tenets of the Choices Recovery philosophy is that all addictions can be treated through community involvement, and so each of their programs is grounded in this principle. Because there is no universal method for treating addiction, the IOP tailors its services to each patient.

So that their clients can focus solely on recovery from their addiction, Choices Recovery Services provides them with a 12-hour DUI course and other court-mandated programs. All graduates of a Choices Recovery program have access to post-treatment resources like aftercare planning and support groups.

Compass Point – Sturgis

Compass Point is a full-service rehabilitation center, offering a wide variety of options to its patients. Included in these offerings are a variety of therapies with solid empirical support for treating mental health issues at their source.

Each person who comes to Compass Point for help will have access to a wide range of therapeutic interventions, including evidence-based therapies. The overarching objective is to improve the client’s health in all aspects.

They also provide a diversion program for young people that focuses on helping them develop the skills they’ll need to avoid substance abuse and lead happy, productive lives. The client collaborates with a group of counselors and addiction specialists to develop a plan tailored to the client’s needs. A sliding fee scale is used for all of their services, making them more affordable to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Glory House of Sioux Falls

Clients at Glory House of Sioux Falls are given individualized care plans that take into account many factors, including but not limited to their criminal background, level of education, employment, income, relationships, housing, health, type of substance abuse problem (drug or alcohol), and presence of any co-occurring disorders.

Due to the interconnected nature of addiction, it is essential to treat the client in all of these areas at once. Although the staff at Glory House can help with a wide range of mental health issues, they also offer a dedicated 16-week program for those struggling with methamphetamine dependency.

Electric monitoring services, case management, rational reappraisal, and various therapies, including group therapy sessions, are just some of the additional treatment options available to clients.

Avera Addiction Care Center – Aberdeen

Aberdeen, South Dakota is home to Avera, a healthcare facility that specializes in addiction treatment for residents. Clients receive individualized care, but they are welcome to include support persons such as family and friends in their healing process.

Participation in the 12 Steps, as well as other forms of therapy, education, withdrawal management, relapse prevention training, and discharge planning, are all part of the service offering. The standard plan duration is four weeks, but this can vary depending on the specifics of each client’s situation.

Lewis and Clark Behavioral Health Services

Treatment programs for substance abuse are available for people of all ages through Lewis and Clark Behavioral Health Services, including kids, teens, and adults. Addiction can be prevented or mitigated when family members work together to fix issues at home that may have contributed to it.

Evaluations, medication management, individual and group therapy, crisis services, family therapy, case management, housing assistance, community services, intensive recovery planning, vocational training, and much more are all on the menu of services that can be accessed.

The plan should be all-encompassing, touching on every possible aspect of the individual’s life that has been disrupted. With round-the-clock care and medical support, residents in the more intensive residential program have the best chance of a successful recovery. Clients will be housed in a supportive, healing community full of people who will be there for them throughout their time in the program and beyond.

Our House

There are spiritual, cultural, educational, and physical facets of addiction care offered at the Parkston Our Home. Anger management classes, gender-specific groups, resocialization and reintegration programs, evidence-based therapies, and much more are just some of the many services offered at this facility.

Boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 17 who live in the Parkston area can receive trauma-informed care. Addiction and behavioral issues must be addressed at this age because they have far-reaching consequences. Depending on the specifics of each case, clients may also be referred to sober living facilities after they finish their program.

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