Origins Recovery Centers

Substance abuse is a complex problem, and the treatments offered at Origins Recovery Centers aim to address not only the individual symptoms of this disease but also the client’s and their families’ daily lives and relationships. Trauma-informed and gender-specific services are provided so that each client receives the care they need.

Everyone who comes here looking for help will be subjected to a battery of tests. This facilitates the clinician’s and treatment team’s ability to zero in on specific areas of the patient’s life that could use improvement.

Nutritional advice, psychotherapy interviews, group therapy, individual counseling, psychoeducational groups, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, dialectical behavior therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and recreation therapy may all be on offer. Daily routines typically consist of a morning meditation practice and other periodic opportunities to focus on health and well-being.

Tropical Texas Behavioral Health – Edinburg

Community mental health is provided by Tropical Texas Behavioral Health. Although they have multiple locations throughout the state of Texas, the Edinburg location is where their outpatient substance abuse services are offered to the general public.

The primary objective of Tropical Texas’s outpatient services is to equip each patient with the tools they need to become increasingly self-reliant and responsible as they progress through the recovery process.

Patients will take part in a wide range of therapeutic interventions designed specifically for them. To make sure that services are accessible to people of varying financial means, Tropical Texas Behavioral Health participates with a wide variety of insurance providers, including Medicare, Medicaid, and self-pay based on a sliding fee scale.

ADAPT Programs – Angleton

Clients of both adult and adolescent ages in Angleton have access to a variety of outpatient treatments at the ADAPT Program. Addiction education, individual therapy, family programs, medical monitoring during detox, spiritual guidance, and awareness of positive coping mechanisms are all components of individualized treatment plans.

Clients will be encouraged to attend 12-step meetings and other forms of group therapy that provide a safe environment for them to collaborate with others and explore a variety of issues. Some medical insurance plans, including Medicaid, are accepted at ADAPT.

Discovery Point Retreat – Waxahachie

When it comes to treating chemical dependency, Discovery Point Retreat has several different locations spread out across Texas. The Waxahachie facility provides clients with a safe and supportive residential setting where they can focus their full attention on their recovery.

Not only do residents have access to round-the-clock care and semi-private accommodations, but also to chef-prepared meals, a game room, a pool, a gymnasium, sports courts, outdoor recreation areas, and even a fishing pond that is open during the warmer months.

Clients in drug and alcohol rehab will engage in a variety of services including CBT, DBT, equine therapy, recreational activities, and creative arts programs. Discovery Point’s length of stay is completely client-driven; however, many patients start in residential treatment before transitioning to outpatient rehab to ease back into their busy, responsible lives.

Stonegate Center

Stonegate Center’s holistic approach to healing incorporates both scientifically-proven therapies and spiritual guidance. Services are offered to both men and women in a separate, discreet location, giving each patient the best possible chance to recover without interference.

To treat the whole person, Stonegate offers both mental and physical health care. Stonegate is a Christian organization that provides a wide range of services to help people overcome their addictions, including nutritional counseling, yoga, equine-assisted therapy, individual and group therapy, medication management, meditation, and more. Residential treatment programs typically last either 45 or 90 days.

Positive Recovery – Garden Oaks

Evidence-based addiction treatment program Positive Recovery Centers provides clients with therapeutic resources and a supportive community to aid in their continued sobriety. Clients who opt for medically assisted detoxification or residential treatment will be under constant watch.

These courses are more in-depth and teach you how to avoid relapsing after treatment. In addition to traditional psychiatric care, we also offer family therapy, educational programming, individual therapy, and support groups.

Those in need of less intensive treatment than inpatients can find it at the Garden Oaks facility, which provides a full spectrum of outpatient programs. Clients who complete 30 days of treatment are offered a free return visit after one year of follow-up care in the event of relapse.

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