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Oxford Treatment Center

In Etta, Mississippi, at the Oxford Addiction Treatment Center, you can begin your journey to sobriety in a peaceful, natural setting. Those of us here at American Addiction Centers (AAC) are incredibly proud of the expert and compassionate care we provide to those struggling with substance use disorders. Our main campus in Etta covers 110 scenic, hilly, and forested acres.

Our main lodge, medical services facilities, patient cabins, fitness center, equestrian center, and outdoor pavilions are all spread out around a beautiful private lake. When you’re ready to take the next step on your road to recovery, you’ll find the motivation you need among our many treatment programs. The majority of major insurance plans are accepted at Oxford. Etta, Mississippi.

Biloxi Treatment Center

The Biloxi Treatment Center is a medication-assisted program that offers drugs like buprenorphine and Suboxone to help with the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal and opioid or prescription drug addiction. In addition to the aforementioned medical exams and services, we also offer individual and group therapy, as well as programs for families, to ensure that the withdrawal process is as safe as possible for all participants.

Residents of Biloxi, Gulfport, D’Iberville, Ocean Springs, Pascagoula, Moss Point, Long Beach, Pass Christian, Bay St. Louis, and the Tri-County region are among the communities that can take advantage of this facility’s services. Clients who may be having financial difficulties can still get the help they need because all of the services are rolled into one low monthly payment.

Clearview Recovery Center of Pine Belt

This addiction treatment facility primarily provides the residential treatment. Services like the 12-step program, individual therapy, and evidence-based therapies are used during this initial 30-day phase.

Group therapy, family programs, instruction, spiritual direction, meditation, recreation, conversation, anger management, relapse prevention, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and trauma-informed care are some of the additional options.

Phase two begins with an additional 30 days of inpatient rehab for clients who require more time. The second month of the program is spent refining the skills acquired in the first month in preparation for long-term success after the program concludes.

Home of Grace

Individual therapy, group therapy, community living, worship, and devotions all play a role in Home of Grace, a Christian-based substance abuse treatment center. Relapse prevention, recovery skills, emotional healing, healthy relationships, parenting skills, life skill development, and money management are just some of the topics covered in the classes offered to clients.

At Home of Grace, clients participate in comprehensive group therapies that facilitate discussion on a wide range of topics essential to their recovery from addiction. Conferences, workshops, seminars, and even in-home get-togethers can all be classified as groups.

Oxford Outpatient Treatment Center

Oxford Outpatient’s affordable and accommodating mental health services are ideal for people who already have significant time commitments, such as work, school, or family. 12-step programs and sponsor work, as well as other evidence-based therapies such as group and individual therapy, family-focused programs, and relapse prevention, are all available.

These assistances are spread out over 10 weeks. Participation in a set number of group therapy sessions and/or individual therapy sessions is typically required; however, this number can vary from client to client based on their specific situation and treatment goals. Clients may select either a daytime or evening session, based on their availability.

Vertava Health of Mississippi

Here, the client and the treatment staff collaborate to determine the optimal course of action for the patient’s unique situation. To ensure that the whole person, not just the drug or alcohol use disorder symptoms, is treated, these programs combine evidence-based therapies with supplementary activities and resources.

Clients will have access to medical care in addition to the drug rehab program. Individuals in need of treatment will have access to a wide range of amenities, including a variety of living quarters, daily gender groups, yoga, hikes, nature trails, catered meals, and indoor games.

Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

To help those struggling with substance abuse, the staff at the Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center prioritizes the use of CBT and holistic modalities. It is the goal of this facility to provide a full continuum of care for its patients, including medical monitoring and supervision around-the-clock, nutritional counseling, individual therapy, family programs, physical activity, and social support.

In addition, clients will take part in a variety of community support programs to meet locals who may be going through similar experiences. All of the services a client receives during this time are tailored to their unique dependency issues, and their progress is tracked by case managers to ensure the program’s continued success, even after formal participation in the program has ended.

Biloxi VA Medical Center

Veterans and their families who are dealing with substance abuse or mental health issues can access both outpatient and residential care at Gulf Coast. Being in a hospital means they have access to a wide range of medical options that can be incorporated into their care.

Addiction treatment centers around three main pillars one-on-one sessions, support groups, and family involvement.

Loved ones should be involved, especially if they, too, need assistance. Medication to treat cravings, pain, or other withdrawal symptoms may also be prescribed to clients. The client and clinician will have a conversation about any additional services that may be offered.

Community Counseling Services

Community Counseling Services is a non-profit organization in Mississippi that provides a wide variety of counseling and therapy services to adults and teens. Community services, crisis intervention, psychological and social recovery, peer support, individualized case management, preventative education, and other similar initiatives are among their offerings.

Each reasonably priced plan is tailored to the individual requirements of each client. Those in need of drug treatment in Mississippi will have easier access to it thanks to the expertise of the clinic’s clinicians and addiction specialists.

Adults can participate in a residential program, but if they need more intensive treatment than is provided there, they may be referred to local inpatient or outpatient facilities.

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