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Addiction treatment is often unsuccessful because of withdrawal symptoms and cravings, which can be unpleasant and even painful at times. Most people enter this phase after they have completed a detoxification from their substance of choice.

Medication-assisted treatment is available at Valhalla Place to alleviate these symptoms and, hopefully, encourage patients to stick with their treatment plan. Individual and group therapies complement the use of medications like Suboxone to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Mash Ka Wisen Treatment Center

Clients of Mash Ka Wisen Treatment Center are required to participate in a residential treatment program for at least 45 days. The services provided by the men’s program include culturally significant programming, medical care, programming that welcomes entire families, training in effective communication, participation in Ojibwe language groups, and aftercare planning.

Women’s programs are analogous to men’s, but they cater to women’s unique needs by offering therapies and services designed specifically for them. Traditional pipe and drum ceremonies, talking circles, sweat lodges, powwows, and other spiritual activities are also available to clients as part of each program’s commitment to preserving Native American culture.

St. Paul Metro Treatment Center

People who are experiencing opioid-related difficulties, such as drug cravings, pain, or withdrawal symptoms, can get help at the St. Paul Metro Treatment Center. Opiate withdrawal symptoms play a significant role in early treatment failure and fatal overdose. After clients have gone through detox, they can start taking medications like Suboxone and buprenorphine.

In addition to alleviating the symptoms, these drugs also boost patients’ motivation to continue their treatment plans. A wide range of medical and psychological tests, as well as family-centered interventions, are also part of their care. If it is determined that the client’s substance abuse problems require more extensive or long-term treatment, they may be referred to an alternative drug rehabilitation program or facility.

Valhalla Place – Brookdale Drive

Medication-assisted treatment is more easily accessible thanks to the many Valhalla Place clinics spread out across the state of Minnesota. Medication management and individual or group psychotherapy are the cornerstones of this center’s outpatient services. Harm reduction services and resources are also available at Valhalla Place.

Naloxone distribution and administration training are available to clients and their loved ones as part of the services provided. In addition to sterile syringes, there is a designated trash can for clients to dispose of used needles. This is a vital service because it provides a secure environment where people can go instead of risking their lives by sharing needles with others.


Men and women over the age of 18 who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are the focus of Rewind’s services. All of Rewind’s services and therapies are based on the 12-step model, and the philosophy behind the program is to help each client work through the steps of the 12-step program.

Individual counseling, group therapy, driving under the influence (DUI) classes, sober activities, relapse prevention training, cognitive behavioral therapy, and recreational opportunities are also accessible. Ten men and women at a time can receive the residential services, which last for an average of 90 days. Each participant in these programs has both an individual bedroom and access to shared common areas.

Hazelden Betty Ford – Center City

Clients and their clinicians at Hazelden Betty Ford, an intensive and comprehensive outpatient and inpatient drug addiction center, can select from a wide range of services to tailor treatment plans to each person’s unique requirements and goals for their rehabilitation process.

Medical stabilization, education about addiction and the disease, recovery principles, gender-specific programs, peer support groups, individual counseling sessions, 12-step programs, wellness activities, and spiritual guidance are all examples of what might be included in these services.

Patients with opioid use disorders can also get help affording their medication. Hazelden Betty Ford also provides specialized support groups for people dealing with issues like body image, loss, pain management, and mending relationships using dialectical behavior therapy techniques.

New Ulm Medical Center

The New Ulm Medical Center offers both traditional medical care and mental health treatment. Because their chemical dependency programs are outpatient, clients can fit them into their schedules as they see fit. Twelve to fifteen weeks is a ballpark estimate, but the length of time required to meet each client’s goals varies widely.

Following diagnostic evaluations, clients will collaborate with their clinician and treatment team to establish a course of treatment. Individual therapy, group therapy, education about addiction, and skill development may all be part of the treatment plan. Clients may be able to take advantage of additional resources or be directed to other facilities that provide intensive or extended treatment plans.

Specialized Treatment Services – Central Avenue

Clients experiencing withdrawal from prescription drugs or other opioids can receive medication assistance in the form of buprenorphine and other medications at Specialized Treatment Services. A client’s treatment plan is developed in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team that may include physicians, pharmacists, nurses, addiction specialists, and clinicians.

Patients have access to not only medications, but also counseling, medical care, screenings for chemical dependency, and group therapy in addition to the standard medical care. Stress management, gender-specific topics, self-image, thought patterns, relapse prevention, socialization, career development, academics, daily living skills, recreation, family, and relationships are just some of the daily topics that will be covered in group settings.

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