Southern Maine Towing & Auto Repair

For all of your vehicle locksmith, roadside assistance, and towing needs, call Southern Maine Towing. Compared to the competition, we respond quickly, offer competitive pricing, and use cutting-edge technology. Since we understand that car problems can occur at inopportune times, our experts are available around the clock. Motorcycles, automobiles, and trucks can all be towed by us.

When it comes to simple roadside assistance, like gas delivery, unlocking doors, and changing flat tires, we’ve got you covered. We can duplicate or replace keys for any car, including those that use a chip. We may also arrange transport for any necessary machinery or tools. Established in 1991, we’ve come a long way in the last 26 years. Our facilities are modern and our service is quick.

I’ve been a tow truck driver for about 25 years now. I have been certified by the NASTF and am a bonded auto locksmith. I belong to the Maine Association for Towing and Recovery.

Yaz Towing

Services include: unlocking locked vehicles, unlocking trunks, changing flat tires, delivering gas, towing, wrecking, free vehicle and truck removal, flatbed towing, and parking enforcement. Self-stowing Away.

We at Yaz Towing are proud to have served the communities of Portland and Windham, Maine, for several years now. We’ve worked hard over the years to earn a stellar reputation for dependable service and attentiveness to our clients, and we intend to retain it by giving our all to every project.

The proprietor of YAZ Towing & Automotive Service and Junk Removal, Payam Yazdanpanah (also known as “Peter Yaz”), has always had a passion for auto repair. He started working in the towing profession with a relative 15 years ago. Payam saw a need in the South Portland community for reliable auto maintenance and recovery services, so he opened a shop to meet those needs in 2009. The Maine locations of YAZ Towing are now up and running in South Portland and Windham.

Ocean Street Auto Repair

At Ocean Street Auto, we strive to provide every one of our clients with the highest quality service possible at the most affordable prices possible., the vehicle repair experience of our mechanics exceeds a century. We tailor our services to meet your specific requirements, and for each service we provide, we make an effort to learn as much as possible about the issue at hand, to explain everything in terms you can comprehend, and to devise a solution that takes into account your safety, schedule, and budget. In addition, we’ll assist you in developing strategies for routine car upkeep.

We offer full-service auto repair!

We at Ocean Street Auto Repair understand that your time is valuable, therefore we strive to provide prompt, professional service. They expect us to provide a comprehensive range of services and an expert understanding of all elements of vehicle maintenance. The following are the services we offer to our clients to fulfill these requests:

gino’s years of experience in the auto repair sector have given him a wealth of knowledge about vehicles of every make and model.

Heavy Towing I-95 & So. Maine

Throughout Southern Maine and along I-95 from Portland to Portsmouth, Rays’ Truck Service offers heavy truck towing and recovery services. Our heavy towing services are available for any type or size of the truck. Routes 202, 112, 117, and 1 are all within our coverage region.

Our heavy-duty towing experts can respond promptly and safely to your call, recovering and transporting your vehicle as soon as possible so you can get back on the road. In the Southern Maine area, Ray’s Truck Service may legally tow any size truck.

We have an extensive fleet of towing and recovery vehicles, as well as cargo-handling assets and personnel, ready to assist with the recovery of any heavy transportation. Semi-trucks, box-trucks, delivery trucks, tractor-trailers, utility trucks, garbage trucks, and work trucks are all welcome to use our heavy towing services. If you need a semi-truck towed, our team of skilled professionals is there whenever you give us a call.


The modern crane equipment on the MTT Crane Equipped Lift Away Truck – MTT 4031 allows it to swiftly and safely complete any rescue or car towing operation. Integrity with quality design and production processes, as well as a practical advantage in rescue and towing operations, are provided by the loading platform’s upgraded crane equipment and ergonomic construction.

The MTT Crane Equipped Lift Away Truck’s streamlined design and upgraded Crane allow for quick responses to operational challenges.

The crane, which is coupled to the load-four car’s wheels and is effectively controlled by the operator’s observation, allows the system to raise and load the vehicle rapidly and reliably. A combination of high-quality, custom-built mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic parts underpins the system, allowing for reliable towing under all conditions.

The MTT Crane Equipped Lift Away Truck is the world’s most durable vehicle due to its ability to perform reliably in the face of extreme situations. All of its parts are meticulously constructed by Miles engineers, giving it a dynamic structure, quick operating time, extended life cycle, and low maintenance metric. It’s the best option for government agencies like transportation and law enforcement.

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