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Nobody ever waits in line for anything this far east of the city center. However, if you happen to be driving by Archive on the day of a new drop, you will notice a line circling the building. You’ll be picking up a dizzyingly giddy OG Kush Breath genotype of Girl Scout Cookies from the same breeders responsible for strains like Scooby Snacks and Do-Si-Dos.

This seed bank is legendary for its sought-after genetics and authentic, legendary strains. That means you can choose from a wide variety of high-quality seeds and clones, in addition to a carefully curated menu of in-house grown and western-grown cannabis. Pickup and in-store purchases are an option.

Bridge City Collective

You need a simple but trustworthy shop that won’t overwhelm you with choices when a plethora of products on display and knowledgeable budtenders seem overwhelming. This store strikes the perfect balance between polished and laid-back, making it great for both first-timers looking for high-quality essentials and seasoned shoppers in search of a quick and pleasant shopping experience.

Local favorites like Focus North and High Noon Cultivation can be found on the simple menu alongside an extensive assortment of edibles, oils, and variables.

One is located in the heart of New North Portland, away from the hustle and bustle of the touristy Central Eastside Bar District, and the other is in the center of the unofficial Central Eastside Bar District. The city of Portland now offers in-store purchases, curbside pickup, and home delivery.


Jayne has won over the people of Portland with her tranquil, botanical shop and her friendly, approachable method of providing a wide range of herbal products. Thoughtful extras, such as non-infused candy and chips, ground the airy space and pay homage to the natural roots from which this industry is growing with touches like mossy green decor and a tangible, bound paper menu.

Here you will find a wide variety of edibles and topicals, such as transdermal patches, sensual oil, and multi-use tinctures from Luminous Botanicals. You can either pick up your order at the store or have it delivered to your home in Portland.

Kings of Canna

The Kings of Canna went for a suaver, Sherlock Holmes–inspired aesthetic, with dim lighting and mahogany wood floors creating a cozy, 1930s cigar room vibe; and considering Portland is known for its laid-back vibe, the fact that this opulently decorated shop has remained a favorite among growers and customers is quite telling.

The products are a steal, despite being showcased in a gorgeous wraparound glass case against a red velvet backdrop. They want to improve your shopping experience and won’t charge you anything extra for the furnishings. Boutique grows like Nelson & Co. You can find organics for $14/g and a wide selection of generic but above-decent flowers for only $60/ounce. No online orders, please.


Serra is the epitome of high-end cannabis culture in Oregon, with an aesthetic that is white marble-heavy and artistic details down to the custom floor tiles made to match a signature geometrical pattern. The wide variety of rare, terpene-rich flower Pruf Cultivar reflects the same care for detail as the rest of the decor.

Don’t pass up the Black-owned LOWD buds just because they aren’t as popular as some of the others. (The 503 WiFi there is incomparable.) You can also find high-end extras at Serra, such as 20 mg chocolate bars crafted in collaboration with a local bean-to-bar chocolatier, Woodblock Chocolate, and mild, beautifully packaged herbal + weed spliffs from Barbari. The city of Portland now offers in-store purchases, curbside pickup, and home delivery.

Electric Lettuce

Similar selection to its sibling brand Serra, but with a more relaxed, Summer of Love–inspired vibe. The walls are decorated with old political posters and trinkets from your grandma’s attic, and the effects of the flower, oils, and edibles are categorized into five different categories: active, aware, groovy, cosmic, mellow, and easy.

The white marble floors have been replaced with tie-dyed carpeting and shag rugs, and there’s a record player in the lounge so you can stay in the past for a little while longer. The unique glass ashtrays and EL gear they sell are some of the best in the city, so ask around for recommendations. Guests can shop at the Portland location, use the store’s curbside pickup service, or have their purchases delivered to their homes.

Green Muse

Green Hop has transformed into the hip hop-focused dispensary that is changing the industry. The black-owned business is part-owned by retired teachers who set up an internship program to help disadvantaged young adults gain marketable skills to create more space for themselves in a rapidly changing area of North Portland.

Hip-hop from the 1990s can be heard in the background while the walls are covered in graffiti. A balanced, high-CBD strain like Critical Mass named after Stevie Wonder is just one example of how they categorize the best of the local flower by linking each to a musical artist according to the strain’s high. Choose between in-store purchases and convenient curbside pickup.

Tree House Collective

To locate TreeHouse, look for the billboard that marks the beginning of the Green Mile, a row of pot shops along Sandy Boulevard’s diagonal. However, if you’re looking for the finest flower and concentrates in the state, you won’t need to go anywhere else.

All the best deals in this central region can be found at Resin Ranchers, Ten Four Farms, Tao Gardens, and Evans Creek Farms. There are also many different kinds of specialized concentrates that only a dabbing enthusiast would appreciate. Choose between in-store purchases and convenient curbside pickup.

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