Groups Recover Together

If you or someone you know is experiencing withdrawal or cravings from opioid use, Groups Recover Together may be able to help. Clients receive a weekly Suboxone prescription and collaborate with support groups, the local community, and their clinicians to set and work toward recovery goals. The majority of health plans are accepted at this clinic.

Group therapies and community support form the backbone of each program at this drug rehabilitation center because of the staff’s firm belief in the transformative power of shared experience and solidarity.

Clients can collaborate, develop trusting and healthy relationships, and connect in ways that may be challenging for those who do not share their experiences with addiction.

Pine Tree Recovery Center

Patients seeking help at Pine Tree Recovery Center have access to several facilities designed to facilitate a calm, restorative atmosphere. They will be able to choose between shared and private quarters, can get medical help whenever they need it, and will be fed daily healthy gourmet fare.

Any treatment plan at Pine Tree will incorporate evidence-based practices like cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and dialectical behavior therapy. Medication-assisted treatments are also available for those who need help with withdrawal or cravings.

With the help of their case manager, clients will figure out what they require, what they hope to achieve in terms of recovery, and how to achieve both of these things throughout treatment. Clients work closely with their treatment team to develop a plan for maintaining their progress after they leave the facility.

South Portland Comprehensive Treatment Center

Adults with opioid use disorders like heroin, oxycodone, Percocet, and others are helped at Discovery House’s medication-assisted treatment program. Suboxone, Subutex, and other medications are available to clients to lessen the intensity of withdrawal and make the first few days of sobriety bearable.

However, clients will also have access to other forms of treatment, such as group and individual therapy, where they can work with their therapist and other clients to learn the tools they need to maintain their sobriety.

Penobscot County Treatment Center

The primary focus of the medication assistance programs at the Bangor treatment center is on adults with opioid use disorders. Once a client has been stabilized following detox, they can start medication and begin working on their long-term recovery.

Clients will be provided with medication to help with withdrawal and cravings, but they will also engage in other forms of treatment, such as individual and group counseling, as well as family-focused programs.

The clinicians at Penobscot County Treatment Center can refer patients to other reputable Maine rehabilitation centers if they feel that their patients need more intensive and long-term programs.

Liberty Bay Recovery Center

Liberty Bay’s treatment teams believe it is essential to involve family and other loved ones in this process, both to educate them on addiction and to help them heal from the pain caused by this situation, but that treating the individual is paramount.

Adults and teenagers of both sexes can participate in Liberty Bay’s gender-specific programs. In addition to weekly individual therapy with an assigned clinician, case management services, medical care, group therapies, yoga, meditation, and much more, clients participate in a wide variety of activities based on their needs and areas of interest.

The point of these outpatient services is to educate patients on alternative methods of self-care so they can stop relying on harmful methods like self-medication. Liberty Bay’s residential program offers men and women 24-hour care for those who require more extensive treatment.

Aware Recovery Care of Maine

Home-based care is what sets Aware Recovery Care apart from other rehabilitation programs. Patients can choose between video chats with doctors and in-person checkups at their homes, and have access to any necessary medical care brought right to their doorstep.

Depending on the client, the program’s four stages can take anywhere from a few months to a year. The first stage focuses primarily on educating the client, giving them time to acclimatize to the program, and building trust with their designated clinician.

In the second stage, loved ones are briefed on the treatment strategy. At this stage, it is crucial to provide educational services and family therapy. Medication support, occupational therapy, life skills instruction, legal representation, and academic programs are all part of the third stage.

Conflict resolution, along with other cognitive therapies and training, is used in the final phase to help clients develop the skills they’ll need to lead productive and healthy lives.

Cap Quality Care

Cap Quality Care is a medication-assisted treatment center, so people with opioid use disorders can get their hands on Suboxone and other medications that help alleviate withdrawal symptoms, pain, and cravings. Time spent on medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is entirely variable and is based on the patient’s response to treatment and motivation for sobriety.

Intake assessments are performed on potential clients to ascertain whether or not MAT is appropriate for them, or whether or not they require more intensive and specialized programming.

Some programs focus on gender-specific groups, communication skills, parenting classes, recovery skills, and addiction education in addition to crisis interventions, case management, support groups, pain management, anger management, meditation, and relaxation techniques. If necessary, clients will be referred to outside addiction treatment facilities.

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