Cal Ernst>

Realtor Cal Ernst can be found in beautiful Iowa City. He is an active member of the Cedar Rapids Area Association of Realtors, serving as a director (CRAAR). His 22 years of experience in finance and real estate give him unique insight into his clients’ homebuying and financing requirements.

He is well-versed in the over-$700,000 real estate market and focuses on finding and selling properties in that price range. He is also a supporter of the NAR’s Fair Housing Act, which forbids discrimination against potential clients based on their gender, religion, race, or physical or mental disability.

Carrie Floss

Gateway Access Realty’s Carrie Floss helps people in Iowa City find a home. Carrie collaborates with developers and mortgage lenders to aid home sellers and buyers in navigating the market. The expert listing agents at Gateway Access Realty work with buyers and property inspectors to secure the best possible prices.

Customers are allowed a final inspection period before committing to the purchase or sale of a property. They are also provided with a list of contacts they can call if they need help setting up their utilities and home services.

Doris Ackerman

Doris Ackerman and her team at Keller Williams Legacy Group assist people in Iowa City who are interested in buying or selling a home. Doris and her group specialize in selling homes with multiple bedrooms in walkable neighborhoods, such as those found in Cedar Rapids and Lone Tree.

Properties for sale can also be evaluated with their help. Doris, a veteran of the industry for more than a decade, was named Rookie of the Year by the Cedar Rapids Area Association of Realtors in 2009. She and her team place a premium on honest communication and creative problem-solving when working with clients.

Gerhild Krapf

Locals in Iowa City and the surrounding areas can contact Gerhild Krapf, who works as a real estate agent. She acts as an advocate for both buyers and sellers in the real estate market. Offering market analysis and researching available properties and financing options are part of this service.

Condominiums, open land, and nearby neighborhoods are where her expertise lies. Krapf is more than just a venue for hosting events; they also take custom orders for porcelain pottery, prints, and original pastels.

Gwen Johnson

Over more than two decades, Gwen Johnson has served the real estate needs of people in Coralville and Iowa City. Her group of real estate experts is enthusiastic, persistent, and committed to their work. She approaches real estate in a way that is unique to her. Her life lessons also influenced her marketing strategy for her clients’ homes. And for the past ten years, Gwen has been a leading Realtor in the Corridor.

John Beltramea

Located in Iowa City, John Beltramea is an agent for EXIT Eastern Iowa Real Estate. Being a native of the area, he is in a prime position to help people looking for homes in the region find the perfect fit by sharing his insights into the local real estate market.

In addition, he is capable of handling all aspects of advertising, managing, and marketing residential real estate. On top of that, he provides advice to his customers on how to make their homes more marketable during the selling process.

Laura Soride

Laura Soride helps people buy and sell homes in the Iowa City area. She owns the regional RE/Max franchise and works as a realtor. Providing real estate solutions is a priority for Soride. She has won multiple awards from RE/Max because she puts her client’s needs first and listens carefully to their feedback. Soride is active in the community, serving on the board of directors and various committees for the local real estate association.

Lepic-Kroeger, REALTORS

Established in 1972 by Gene Kroeger and Tom Lepic, Lepic-Kroeger Realtors is a real estate agency based in Iowa City, Iowa. Currently, they employ 62 agents, each of whom has an average of 11 years of experience in the industry, allowing them to provide excellent service to both sellers and buyers.

Some of the things they can help you with are determining the value of your home, helping you get a mortgage, relocating you to the great city of Iowa, and marketing your home to the right demographic. The real estate agents at Lepic-Kroeger have always taken great pride in their reputation as hard workers.

Leslie Fitzpatrick

When it comes to buying or selling a home in Iowa City, Leslie Fitzpatrick of the Blank and McCune team is your agent. The privately held company has listings in Coralville, North Liberty, Tiffin, and Solon, all of which are located in areas that are rich in cultural landmarks, recreational opportunities, and natural beauty.

Its agents help with home sales in a variety of ways, including digital marketing and making connections within the metro area’s communities and businesses. Leslie is a city native with a social work background, making her well-suited to assist clients in the real estate market.

Nate Holler

When you need a real estate agent, call on Nate Holler of Intrepid Real Estate. For over 15 years, he has worked in this field. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in the Iowa City area, Holler and his team can help. Their focus is on the customer’s wants and needs, and they offer assistance and advice accordingly. A large amount of effort has been put into the company’s advertising, despite its modest size.

Pinnacle Realty

Pinnacle Realty serves customers in the Iowa City area from its base in Cedar Rapids. Realtors and broker associates at Pinnacle Realty have worked together to assist local homebuyers and sellers for many years.

The Pinnacle group has been lauded by many of their former and current customers for their dedication to their needs and their efforts to negotiate the best possible terms on their behalf. They are also grateful to the team for the effortlessness of the operation.

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