Northpoint Recovery Colorado

At Northpoint Recovery in Colorado, clients can participate in intensive inpatient programs that last for around 28 days and are supported by scientific evidence. The primary goal of the first few weeks of residential treatment in a short-term program is to help the client feel more secure while also addressing any pressing issues.

Following this initial phase of stabilization, more adaptable outpatient programs will be available to offer ongoing assistance. Residents have access to fitness and yoga programs, as well as 24-hour supervision and care.

Medication helps, a secure setting, and a 24/7 cafeteria are just some of the amenities available at Northpoint Recovery. Cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, individual and group therapy, family therapy, and aftercare planning are all types of treatment options. They use EMDR and 12-step programs to deal with any underlying traumas the patient may be experiencing.

Choice House Colorado

In the foothills of the Rocky Mountains lies a facility called Choice House Colorado, and it’s geared toward helping men. A 90-day residential program is offered to clients, with a primary emphasis on outdoor recreation and sports like hiking, skiing, and fly fishing.

During their time at the facility, clients will have access to a fully-equipped gym and work intensively on developing skills that will help them avoid relapse. 12-Step meetings, community meetings, goal groups, process groups, individual therapy, motivational interviewing, meditation, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy are all examples of the types of services and activities offered as part of the treatment process.

Patients get to have a hand in developing their unique treatment plans. Psychoeducational classes, art therapy, yoga, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and somatic experiencing will also be available to clients.

Redpoint Center – Longmont

You can visit either the Boulder or Longmont locations of Redpoint Center. The staff at the Longmont location prioritizes patient care by providing them with the tools they need to succeed in life and by treating any underlying conditions that may be contributing to their substance abuse.

Medical care, psychotherapy, dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, case management, recovery coaching, individual and group therapy, motivational interviewing, education, 12-step meetings, mindfulness training, relapse prevention, and family programs are all available to those who are treated in the community rather than in a hospital.

Clients will have access to programs like job training and others that encourage sustained sobriety long after their formal rehab treatment has ended. Clients will be limited to a certain number of treatment hours per week so that they can keep their current jobs, attend school, or take care of their families. Health insurance plans of many different types are accepted at Redpoint Center.

New Beginnings Recovery Center

The New Beginnings Recovery Center is a holistic, not-for-profit rehabilitation center that treats clients as a whole, mind, body, and spirit. The residential program provides a variety of treatment approaches, but in the end, each client and his or her treatment team work together to develop an individualized strategy.

Each treatment plan seeks to determine the root causes of substance abuse or alcoholism, then implement strategies for coping with triggers and changing destructive patterns of behavior. Medication support, massage therapy, physical activity and healthy eating, spirituality, peer coaching and family therapy, harm reduction, and relapse prevention are all examples of more conventional forms of treatment.

Several different drug detox programs are New Beginnings’ areas of expertise. Low-energy neurofeedback, infrared therapy, physical vascular therapy, vibroacoustic therapy, and Vivitrol maintenance for opioid withdrawal are among the other alternative treatments for substance abuse that are provided.

The Recovery Village – Palmer Lake

Residents of Colorado can find help for their addiction at The Recovery Village, which uses a variety of therapeutic approaches, including both conventional and alternative methods, to treat their patients. Up to 110 clients can be housed in their inpatient rehab program at once, and they offer a detox facility right there on campus to get everyone stabilized before they move on to addiction recovery proper.

Medical professionals, addiction specialists, fitness instructors, dietitians, and others will collaborate with each patient as part of a holistic, multidisciplinary treatment team. The initial evaluation provided by this group will identify both the primary substance use disorder and any co-occurring conditions that need to be addressed simultaneously. Various services, such as talk therapy, group activities, medication management, nutritional counseling, massage therapy, yoga, and aftercare planning, are available to help with these issues.

Rose House

The Rose House is a facility dedicated to helping women over the age of 18 overcome substance abuse. The facility has room for 16 women at once, and after their residential treatment is complete, they can move on to the transitional housing they offer. The Rose House promotes health on all fronts, including the mind, body, and spirit.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Art Therapy, Relapse Prevention, Equine Therapy, Nutrition, Mindfulness, and Volunteer Work are just some of the Evidence-Based Therapies and Holistic Approaches that our clients engage in to heal these areas. The treatment staff at this women-only center can tailor their care to each patient’s unique challenges and experiences with trauma.

Red Rock Recovery Center

Red Rock Recovery Center is a Colorado-based rehab that can accommodate up to 16 clients at once. The facility’s location in a beautiful, natural setting is designed to facilitate the client’s full recovery and healthy lifestyle. Clients’ whole beings (body, mind, and spirit) are cared for when evidence-based treatments are integrated with alternative methods.

Clients have access to a wide range of holistic treatment options, including individual and group therapy, 12-step programs, case management, fitness and nutritional wellness, psychoeducation, and more. Snow tubing, river rafting, hiking, disc golf, and camping are just some of the adventure therapies and holistic treatments offered to our clients. Classes in life skills training, peer accountability services, relapse prevention training, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and community integration are all on the agenda for the clients.

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