Euflora, Denver, CO

With six dispensaries throughout the greater Denver area, the highly-trained budtenders here are passionate about cannabis and its proper use. All customers get the right information on the use of marijuana to help control chronic pain, manage illness, enhance appetite and alleviate many other symptoms. Both medical and recreational greenhouse-grown cannabis on hand; 30+ strains, edibles, concentrates, topicals and accessories.

Good Weed, Colorado Springs, CO

The secret to the superiority of this small-batch, glass-cured medical marijuana is the use of living soil. Cannabis is cultivated in no-till soil without the use of synthetic nutrients or pesticides. This growing process helps to create pure, high-quality weed. On the menu are flowers, including sativa, hybrid and indica strains.

Edibles have names like Dixie Elixir, Keef Cola, Cheeba Chews and Medibles. Good Weed no-till flower accounts for all one hundred per cent of the plant material used in the production of concentrates.

The Farm, Boulder, CO

This locally-owned and operated dispensary cultivates 100 per cent of its craft cannabis flower utilising organic sustainable growing techniques.

The menu includes an extensive selection of strains, edibles, and topicals, plus hash oil, bubble hash, rosin, wax and shatter, as well as handmade glass accessories. Weekly specials on all products. Daily specials for early bird and night owl shoppers.

High Q Carbondale, Carbondale, CO

Mad Mondays, Tasty Tuesdays, Dab Day Wednesdays, Therapy Thursdays, Thank Goodness It’s Fridays, Smokin’ Saturdays, and Senior Sundays all feature special pricing. Since it was grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides, and then carefully cured and trimmed by hand, this cannabis is completely chemical-free.

Choose from a diverse selection of buds, edibles, concentrates, elixirs and topicals that range from body creams and oils to patches to lip treatments.

Green Cross Recreational Marijuana Dispensary, Silt, CO

This recreational marijuana dispensary has such a large selection of products, both beginner and potent strains, you’d be hard-pressed not to find something that suits your needs. Topicals to ease pain and special oil for enjoyment, edibles, open vape cartridges, concentrates, pre-rolls and flowers are all available, many with special discounts. Store hours extended for nighttime shoppers.

The Greenery, Durango, CO

Managers and budtenders at this dispensary work to remove any barriers to entry for first-timers interested in purchasing and consuming marijuana. To ensure the highest quality, this cannabis brand cultivates and produces its wares in-house.

There’s a lot to choose from: Indica, Sativa and Hybrid flower strains share shelf space with infused edibles and drinks, concentrates and medicinal products. If you sign up for their loyalty programme, you’ll get special offers that no one else does.

Rocky Mountain Cannabis, Trinidad, CO

As you make your way south out of the state, don’t forget to stop at this recreational marijuana dispensary, one of the few that can be found so close to the New Mexico border. Customers are treated to high-quality, hand-selected products at incredibly affordable prices.

The no-rush vibe at this store ensures one-on-one time with knowledgeable budtenders. Plus, the store is charming, with hand-painted murals and western-style architecture, a tribute to the town’s history.

Silver Stem Fine Cannabis, Fraser, CO

The laid-back environment here invites customers to hang out and browse. The organically grown weed is of the finest quality. Flowers are sold by ounce, in increments as small as 1/16th. There is also a wide selection of cartridges, extracts, edibles, tinctures, drinks, and topical creams. Join the Garden’s loyalty programme and receive rebates on your purchases.

The Green Solution, Fort Collins, CO

This family-owned business brings a local commitment to concierge-level expertise for the first-time user or connoisseur. NectarBee, an award-winning product, is derived through a closed-loop extraction process.

You can purchase it as a flower, shatter, wax, batter, crust, cartridge or twistspenser. There are also edibles and topicals, in addition to the various strains, available. Don’t forget to take advantage of the Loyalty programme, which has many perks and can be used both in-store and online.

Colorado Weedery, Palisade, CO

This dispensary sells recreational cannabis to customers throughout the Grand Valley and has a wide selection of high-quality items to choose from. Among the available products are the more common dried buds and seeds, as well as edibles, concentrates, vape pens, and topical balms.

For those who don’t want to smoke or vape, the edibles come as baked goods, hard candies, capsules, lozenges, dissolvable powers, chocolates and gummies. Every week there are new sales and discounts.


Ever wonder why you can’t pick up “organic” flowers or concentrates? That US Department of Agriculture organic certification you insist upon for your avocados isn’t available to cannabis growers because, well, the plant remains federally illegal.

Amy and John Andrle, the company’s founders, have been cultivating cannabis to the same standards as that of organic avocado since 2010, and their facility, L’Eagle, was the first indoor recreational cultivation facility to achieve Clean Green certification in 2018.

The national third-party certification holds dispensaries to organic standards, which Ardle views as vital to securing a truly clean cannabis future. It’s not just the choice buds, such as house strain L’Eagle Eagle that are held to the highest standards.

If you’re looking for a tasty terpene treat, try the house-pressed, solvent-free rosin, or splurge on the caviar, which consists of dense nugs hand-dipped in that rosin and then dusted with kief.

Simply Pure

Set in LoHi, steps from hot bars, restaurants, and boutiques, this dispensary has it all: premium small-batch cannabis, an array of top-shelf concentrates and edibles, and carefully trained budtenders on call to guide connoisseurs and newbies alike. Having Wanda James as the business owner sets her apart.

Before opening her business, the former Navy lieutenant was a key player on Colorado’s Amendment 64 Task Force implementing legal, adult-use cannabis sales. High Times has recognised her as one of the “100 Most Influential People in Cannabis” for her efforts to keep Simply Pure at the forefront of the industry while also leading the consulting firm Cannabis Global Initiative and fighting tirelessly for equality within the cannabis sector.

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