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Synergy Executive

Synergy Executive focuses on helping men who require inpatient care for substance abuse for extended periods. Specifically, this centre tailors its services to each client by tailoring programmes to their requirements.

Individual therapy, group counselling, family programmes, grief and loss therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma-informed care, eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR), anger management classes, 12-step facilitation, SMART recovery, various types of holistic care, medication assistance, nutritional guidance, and overall wellness activities are some of the treatment services available to clients. Although each patient’s time in treatment is unique, the typical stay at Synergy Executive lasts about 30 days.

Midwest Recovery Centers – Kansas City

Clients in Missouri can start their treatment at Midwest Recovery Centers with a residential detox programme. Having access to medical care during detox is a crucial part of the rehabilitation process, as it guarantees the smoothest and safest withdrawal possible for the client.

After this is finished, they may be moved to a higher level of care where they can begin formal addiction treatment. The facility’s drug and alcohol rehab programme consists of two phases.

The first phase of treatment lasts for 90 days and consists of weekly individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, wellness visits, medical exams and services, 12-step meetings, therapeutic fitness, and nutritional guidance. Group and individual therapy, 12 Step meetings, and help to find work make up the second phase of treatment.

Harris House Treatment and Recovery Center

Harris House treats adults (18+) who are struggling with drug abuse. They can select from a range of care options, allowing for a more individualised approach. Individual therapy, group meetings at various times of the day, education, 12-step programmes, anger management, spirituality, family programmes, cognitive behaviour therapy, and dialectical behaviour therapy are all viable options for care.

Because of the emphasis placed on groups within each intervention, participants can select from a wide range of options. Techniques like biofeedback groups, mindfulness, self-care, and the creation of coping mechanisms are just a few examples. It is important to tailor each client’s programme to their specific needs if you want them to succeed in the long run at overcoming their issues and regaining their lives.

Ozark Center – New Directions

Patients in need of substance abuse treatment have access to a wide range of outpatient services at this particular facility. They help adults and teens create personalised plans for overcoming substance abuse.

Clients can learn healthy coping mechanisms and routines, and get help for any underlying mental health issues that have contributed to or exacerbated their substance abuse by participating in both individual and group therapy.

Ozark Center’s clinicians value the opportunity to work closely with families through its family programmes to help educate loved ones on addiction and effective methods for dealing with it at home. If a client requires more intensive or specialised care, they may be referred to one of our Joplin partners who offer residential or detox services.

Compass Health – Odessa

Compass Health’s extensive network of care centres across the Show-Me State serves 46 counties, allowing more people who are struggling to get the help they need. Services for both children and adults struggling with mental or emotional disorders are available here on an outpatient basis.

After conducting several diagnostic tests, a healthcare provider can determine the precise nature of the patient’s condition and the best course of action for providing them with relief through outpatient services. Compass Health takes great pride in being a person-centred facility, which means they prioritise the involvement of both patients and their loved ones in the healing process.

BHG – Joplin Treatment Clinic

Men and women over the age of 18 who are experiencing cravings and withdrawal symptoms due to opioid addiction can receive short-term medication-assisted treatment at BHG Joplin. Before enrolling in a programme at this rehab centre, clients are required to have completed detox or a detoxification programme.

Before beginning medication assistance, patients undergo a battery of diagnostic tests to determine if this is the best course of action for them. The adverse effects of withdrawal can be mitigated by providing clients with medication, such as buprenorphine or Suboxone.

Likewise, both group and individual therapy sessions will need to be attended. By incorporating these therapies alongside the medication, patients can transition into treatment more smoothly and, potentially, be better prepared for a more intensive programme following the withdrawal phase.

Harry S Truman Memorial

There are several mental health and substance abuse treatment options available at Harry S. Truman for veterans in the state of Missouri.

Evaluations, preventative programmes, relaxation and self-management skills, various group therapies, individual therapy, community reinforcement, motivational enhancement therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, relapse prevention, vocational rehabilitation, housing assistance, recreational therapy, and 12-step meetings are just some of the options out there.

Together, these services provide comprehensive care for veterans, allowing them to make a full recovery and enjoy a better quality of life.

Valley Hope of Boonville

All of the services provided by Valley Hope of Boonville are individualised for each patient and are designed to meet the patient’s unique needs in terms of their physical health, spiritual well-being, intellectual development, and emotional well-being.

Medical professionals are available around-the-clock to monitor and care for detox and residential programme clients. Group therapy, chaplain services, virtual family care, medication management, individual therapy, 12-step recovery programmes, group therapy, and aftercare planning are also available.

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