616 Realty

People from all over Wyoming and the nearby cities can get in touch with 616 Realty. It assists home sellers and purchasers with all aspects of the real estate transaction. Market research and home evaluations aid homeowners in determining the fair market value of their homes.

After that, it advertises the houses and sends out photographers to take pictures of the inside and outside. Its services also include representing buyers in contract negotiations and finalisation. The company’s founder, Scot Kellogg, has been in the real estate business for over 20 years.

Bellabay Realty

Bellabay Realty has been helping people sell and buy homes all over Wyoming since 2007. The Multiple Listing Service and other forms of print and electronic advertising are utilised to aid private sellers.

The firm also maintains a website with listings for single-family and multi-family homes in the area. Since 2009, company founder Michael Balsitis has been recognised as one of the Top 250 Real Estate Professionals in the United States by The Wall Street Journal and Real Trends.

Buskard Group Real Estate

The people of Wyoming and the neighbouring states are among the areas served by Buskard Group Real Estate. By providing accurate information about current market conditions and home values, it aids homebuyers, sellers, and investors in achieving their real estate and homeownership objectives.

The agency advertises both commercial and residential properties as well as vacant lots and condominiums. Juanita Buskard, the company’s founder and CEO, has worked in real estate since 2004 and is a master-certified negotiation expert. In 2014, she founded the collective.

Janet Romanowski

Janet Romanowski is a Wyoming real estate agent. She has extensive knowledge of the West Michigan market thanks to her upbringing in the Grand Rapids area, and she works hard to achieve favourable deals for her clients. Her real estate agents and other specialists help clients with the buying and selling processes by getting to know them personally. Romanowski is highly involved with the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors.

Jen Holzwarth

Realtor and managing associate broker Jen Holzwarth serves the Wyoming area as part of Blue Owl Properties. Jen, who has worked in sales for over 15 years, offers individualised assistance to home sellers and commercial business owners looking to maximise their profits.

In addition to her expertise in foreclosures, short sales, and mortgage transactions, she offers a full range of property management services. Jen belongs to the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Realtors.

Jesse Baragar

Wyoming residents can contact Jesse Baragar, who works as a real estate agent. He entered the real estate industry in 2011, and today he works alongside his father and wife at their brokerage, Baragar Realty.

He aids buyers in setting objectives, exploring alternatives, and negotiating with the vendor. According to Baragar Realty’s motto, “Clients For Life,” the company strives to develop lasting relationships with its customers. Jesse wants to establish himself as an industry leader known for his win-win approach, expertise, personal touch, and attentiveness.

Julie Grevengoed

Wyoming and the surrounding areas are served by Julie Grevengoed, an experienced real estate agent. The JulieGR Real Estate Team has been in business for 20 years, and Julie Grubbs is dedicated to making the home-buying and selling processes as simple and stress-free as possible for her clients. The properties they manage are scattered throughout Grand Rapids and Lakeshore, close to tourist hotspots like the Heritage Hill Historic District.

Lynette Fitzpatrick

Throughout Wyoming and the surrounding areas, Lynette Fitzpatrick serves as a real estate agent. The Realtor’s job is to help both the buyer and the seller find the perfect home and to help the seller get the most money possible for their current home.

Fitzpatrick uses his expertise as an interior designer and pricing strategy advisor to ensure that each listing maximises its potential for profit through smart use of design. She also assists buyers and sellers in locating profitable real estate investments. Options for design and staging are currently available.

Meghan Heritage

BlueWest Properties is owned and operated by Meghan Heritage, a broker with 12 years of experience who focuses on the Wyoming market. She is an experienced real estate agent who has closed deals in several states, including Wisconsin, Colorado, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

As a former Director of Sales, she has extensive knowledge of the renovation industry and a wide network of contacts to draw on if a client ever has any construction needs. Since beginning her career in real estate, Meghan has amassed sales of over $100 million.

Micah Hare

Micah Hare serves as a realtor for Icon Realty Group in the state of Wyoming. Icon Realty’s excellent performance has earned the company a stellar reputation. Homes, condos, MDUs, apartments, farms, land, and commercial space are all up for grabs.

Hare specialises in commercial, residential, and multi-family properties. His business philosophy is “client-centred and service-oriented,” and it informs everything he does. He is available to assist customers with a wide range of transactions anywhere in West Michigan.

Pete Bruinsma

Pete Bruinsma is a licenced real estate agent who has offices in both Grand Rapids and Wyoming. He is employed by Grand River Realty, a client-focused firm that facilitates real estate transactions. Bruinsma has worked in this field for fifteen years.

He promises to personally oversee every step of every deal. He is highly knowledgeable in all matters about consultations, purchases, listings, and other deals involving investment properties. Revue Magazine has named him one of the three “Best Realtors” for 2018–2020.

Santiago Properties

The clients of Santiago Properties are people and families in Wyoming and the surrounding areas. Its agents assist purchasers in finding a suitable property by learning about their tastes and requirements. Santiago Gomez, one of its agents, was named one of the Top 100 Real Estate Agents in the United States for 2020. He keeps his clients in the loop from the get-go using frequent communication and up-to-date technology.

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