Orchard Mountain Recovery

Because sobriety is a process that most clients will spend every day working towards, Orchard Mountain Recovery provides a program that enforces a recovery-based lifestyle in addition to treating drug and alcohol addiction.

Everyone who comes through our doors will be working with a full team of experts in the fields of psychiatry and addiction recovery. Group therapy, individual counseling, family therapy, medication management, education, and a recovery maintenance program are all parts of the plans.

As a continuation of care following formal treatment, this allows clients to keep in touch with their support network and build on the knowledge and tools they gained.

Spero Health – Martinsville

Adult males and females who are struggling with an open void dependency can gain access to Spero Health’s tailored programs and services. Substances like heroin, opiate painkillers, and fentanyl fall into this category.

Methamphetamine, cocaine, and other stimulant addictions are also treated. All of the programs are evidence-based, which means that the methods used to treat substance abuse have been thoroughly researched and shown to be effective.

Medication-assisted therapies such as Suboxone and Vivitrol will be made available to patients. In addition to receiving medication to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, clients will have access to a wide range of additional resources, including professional counseling, social support, peer groups, and more. Spero Health works with a wide variety of health plans, including Medicaid.

Piedmont Community Services

This Virginia facility collaborates with other groups to improve the state’s overall access to potentially lifesaving services for people struggling with drug addiction. Because loved ones often require assistance as well, clients are encouraged to involve them in their treatment from the very beginning. Dependent on their level of need, adults, adolescents, and children can all gain same-day access to a variety of programs.

Crisis stabilization, evaluations, medication management, motivational enhancement, recovery skill group therapy, case management, assertive community treatment, and much more are all part of the treatment spectrum.

As a means of reaching children at a formative age and stopping drug use before it starts, Piedmont Community Services also offers school-based prevention programs. Clients who are 18 or older can also receive help finding housing, getting hired, and networking with other people in similar situations through the available community services.

Crossroads – Petersburg

Crossroads is a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) center where people can get their hands on Suboxone, a drug approved by the FDA to alleviate opiate withdrawal symptoms. In addition to the medication, clients will have access to other services such as toxicology testing, group and individual therapy, and telehealth consultations.

All of Crossroads’ clinicians work with clients to provide referrals and care coordination with other treatment facilities that can provide longer-term, more comprehensive services that treat addiction, as Crossroads is meant to provide short-term treatments that begin the recovery process for men and women who have detoxed but are still in need of help. To make their services more accessible, Crossroads works with a wide variety of payment methods, including most major health insurance plans, Medicaid, and Medicare.

Mount Regis Center

Each patient at Mount Regis Center has an individualized substance abuse treatment plan to help them overcome their chemical dependency and mental health issues. Since no two clients are the same, no two programs should be either, they tailor each one to the specific needs of the individual.

Mount Regis employs only adult males and females over the age of 18. Mount Regis provides daily group therapy, weekly individual counseling with a designated clinician, trauma therapies, relapse prevention training, extensive aftercare planning, basic life skill training, and total immersion in the 12 steps to promote long-term recovery and wellness in every client.

There is a wide variety of holistic treatments available to clients, including a ropes course, rock climbing, equine-assisted therapies, art therapy, music therapy, psychodrama, and yoga. Clients in the more extensive residential program will also have access to withdrawal management, fitness classes, and nutritional guidance in addition to the aforementioned options.

Human Resources

Human Resources is a non-profit organization that assists people who are battling alcoholism, drug addiction, or both. Methadone maintenance is one of the many services provided by these centers, along with evaluations, checkups, education about addiction, support for families, and connections to additional resources. Human Resources is uniquely equipped to assist drug-abusing clients who are also suffering from STIs like HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.

Safe Harbor Recovery Center

Each client at Safe Harbor has access to a staff of professionals who are experts in the field of addiction, customized treatment plans that make use of the most cutting-edge services, ongoing evaluations of client progress, and 12-step meetings held right there on the premises.

Safe Harbor’s medical staff views addiction as a chronic illness that necessitates ongoing care and treatment, so they’ve designed their programs to lay the groundwork for subsequent aftercare that can help patients maintain their recovery.

Living in a sober environment, practicing healthy communication and setting healthy boundaries, and mastering the art of stress management in social situations are all possible in a residential facility. The staff at Safe Harbor places a premium on continuing care services that help their clients through difficult times, and they stress the importance of clients’ active participation in the recovery process.

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