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Can you buy marijuana in Utah? No fun at all. Since the passage of the Utah Medical Cannabis Act in 2018, however, a plethora of new pharmacies and dispensaries have opened up in the state, stocking marijuana products for the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions.

The maturation of the market has enabled a wide variety of marijuana products—including those for ingestion, topical application, and smoking—to be used for the treatment of medical ailments. With the emergence of more dispensaries, however, Utah patients are beginning to prioritize cost when considering whether or not to use cannabis for medical purposes.

Thankfully, numerous dispensaries in Utah offer a wide range of discounts to help patients stick to their treatment plans without going bankrupt. Here are some of the best providers in the Beehive State that offer fantastic weed bargains and dispensary discounts, whether you’re just starting to look into how to get a medical card in Utah or are a seasoned cannabis user.

For several reasons, looking for “dispensary discounts near me” on Google might be a tedious experience. Rather than revealing local dispensaries and pharmacies, this search will likely only return results from the most prominent advertising. Also, many service providers reserve their greatest offers for patients or those who specifically ask about them.

You can save time and effort by referring to this list of the finest cannabis bargains in Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Springville, and elsewhere in Utah instead of researching every dispensary in the state.

Cannabist is a nationwide chain known for selling high-quality weed at affordable pricing. Flowers, sweets, tablets, vape cartridges, extracts, and CDB products are all readily available at the cannabis in Springville. Furthermore, they employ professionals in the field who will use their knowledge to aid you in locating the most suitable answers to your questions.

Even though clients still have to abide by legal regulations, the flower selection at Cannabist in Springville is unrestricted. Thus, you can easily stock up on your favorite resources so that you don’t have to make as many trips back and forth to meet your treatment needs.

The high-quality goods sold at this dispensary, such as those made by True North Organics of Utah, are frequently discounted throughout the week.

Also, new customers can save 20% on their first order with this vendor. Furthermore, their loyalty point program will assist you to continue to save money if you are a regular customer. Beehive Pharmacy is a Utah medical marijuana store that takes pride in servicing the local community. This service provider is accessible for Utahns as they have locations in both Salt Lake City and Brigham City. If you’re too sick to get it to the dispensary, don’t worry; they provide home delivery.

Beehive Pharmacy emphasizes customer care and regularly offers great discounts to its customers. Many of their sales, though, are “daily offers,” so you’ll need to call ahead to find out when you can acquire a certain strain of marijuana at a discount. On “Terpene Tuesday,” for instance, you can save 15 percent on Fruit of Life Concentrates, and on “Relief Society Sunday,” you can receive 15 percent off of all vape cartridges from ReleafWholesomeCo Cannabis, which provides a personalized service for medical marijuana users.

This dispensary also assists first-time customers in obtaining medical marijuana identification cards in addition to supplying high-quality goods. And so that you may approach treatment with self-assurance, they also offer education on consumption techniques.

WholesomeCo is well-known not only for its easy, on-time, and cost-free statewide delivery, but also for its retail presence in Bountiful.

You may learn more about this service’s special offers by exploring the “specials” area of their web menu. In this section, you may save as much as 25% on a wide selection of cannabis goods.

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