When it comes to pet care, North Providence’s Ferguson Animal Hospital has you covered from head to tail. All of your pet’s medical needs, from annual examinations to internal medicine and dental care, can be met there. Over the years, they’ve built a solid reputation for giving excellent service with a human touch. Maintaining a healthy and happy pet is a priority for their team.

They provide full-scale veterinarian care, including wellness exams, medical diagnoses, and emergency care. They provide radiology-related services, such as in-house digital X-rays, ultrasound, and digital dental x-ray. They have a full selection of medications available at their on-site pharmacy. In addition, they provide nutritional and behavioral counseling, as well as microchipping.


It’s safe to say that Providence River Animal Hospital (PRAH) is a top choice when looking for veterinary care in Providence. Modern diagnostic and treatment tools are available there. They truly care about your pet and want to give it the best possible care.

The comfort and safety of pets is their top concern. They will collaborate with you to ensure that your pet receives the highest quality care. With their cutting-edge blood analyzers, they can get results about your pet’s health in as little as 3 minutes.

If you have any questions or concerns concerning the surgery or the care your pet will receive thereafter, you can always reach out to them. Your pet will be completely comfortable throughout dental work, surgery, or any other medical operation with the help of these. The on-site pharmacy is well-stocked, so you can get your pet’s medication filled without making another trip.


If you’re looking for a great vet in Providence, go no further than Hoffman Animal Hospital. You may expect to be welcomed into a safe and welcoming community. Their vets have extensive knowledge of canine and feline care. They treat their cherished patients with nothing less than the finest medical care available.

They are devoted to educating their customers about pet health and wellness, encouraging preventative treatment, and advocating responsible pet ownership. They provide a variety of options to improve one’s health and well-being.

They apply cutting-edge methods to assess the condition of the pet and choose the best course of action for treatment. Your dogs can undergo a wide range of surgical procedures at their clinic. The staff at Hoffman Animal Hospital is dedicated to meeting the requirements of all types of pets. In terms of your pet’s health, they offer consultations.

NorthPaws Veterinary Center

Every day, we strive to live up to our reputation as one of the few practices in the country to get accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association by providing excellent medical treatment, kindness, and service to the pets of our clients. All of your pet’s medical needs can be met here, as we offer cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment services.

Our surgeons have access to a fully equipped, modern operating room, allowing them to execute a wide range of surgical procedures. When it comes to your pet’s oral health, we prioritize prevention but also offer digital dental radiography, cutting-edge pain management tools, and oral surgery.

When it comes to anesthesia, we take extra precautions for our elderly and high-risk patients by using only the safest anesthetics, the most up-to-date monitoring equipment, and techniques, and licensed technicians.

Serum chemistry, hematology, serology, urinalysis, and parasite tests are all available in-house at our laboratory. To help our veterinarians quickly diagnose your pet’s disease, we offer imaging services, such as digital radiography and ultrasound.

City Kitty Veterinary Care For Cats

For the simple reason that everyone here at City Kitty enjoys and respects our feline patients, we have decided to restrict our practice to cats alone. We feel strongly that feline patients should have access to veterinary care in a setting designed specifically for them and their owners.

We intend to provide a peaceful space where you and your cat can relax and feel heard. It is our mission to alleviate suffering and provide you with solace. We will treat your cat like one of our own and will never forget that you are the reason we are here.

Dr. Lund realized during her internship at New York’s The Cat Practice that she belonged as a veterinarian for felines. The release of City Kitty has been eagerly awaited for quite some time. She hopes that your experience at the clinic and with the staff is as positive as hers has been.

Dr. Cathy Lund and her husband, Dr. Peter Karczmar (who is also a proven cat lover!) have three bright kitties that share their household. She finds great satisfaction in volunteering for community initiatives that benefit both humans and their animals.

In 2010, she was named Rhode Island’s veterinarian of the year, and she later won a national award for her efforts to create the Companion Animal Foundation, which assists low-income Rhode Islanders in affording veterinary care for their pets.

East Bay Animal Hospital

Established in 1993, East Bay Animal Hospital offers comprehensive veterinary care to pets in greater Providence, Rhode Island, and the surrounding areas. At our clinic, we have three Doctors of Veterinary Medicine with decades of experience and a team of caring, trained Veterinary Technicians.

We work with local shelters to get the word out about adoption and low-cost spay/neuter programs, and we offer these services directly to the public as well. Both common and specialized services are within our scope of competence. For more information about our family-oriented, community-based service, please contact us at the number provided.

Established in 1993, East Bay Animal Hospital offers comprehensive veterinary care to pets in greater Providence, Rhode Island, and the surrounding areas. We have three Doctors of Veterinary Medicine with decades of expertise between them, as well as a large team of caring, knowledgeable Veterinary Technicians.

We also work with local shelters to get the word out about adoption and low-cost spay/neuter programs. We are capable of handling both standard and specialized requests. For more information about our family-oriented, community-based service, we invite you to contact us.

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