Cleveland Park Animal Hospital

Purpose: To facilitate our patients’ and customers’ ability to live fulfilling lives together. The American Animal Hospital Association has recognized our facility as meeting its high standards. Excellence in veterinary medicine is measured against the standards established by this group.

We have demonstrated our dedication to the highest standard of veterinary care and accreditation, which is re-evaluated every three years to ensure we are by the latest industry updates, by becoming one of approximately 3,000 traditional and referral hospitals in the United States and Canada that are AAHA accredited. Visit us and experience the change for yourself! Contact our animal hospital right now to set up an appointment.

In 1944, one veterinarian opened Cleveland Park Animal Hospital in a rented barn on Woodland Way, not far from the heart of Greenville, South Carolina. Seventy years after its doors first opened, Cleveland Park Animal Hospital now maintains the same unwavering dedication to animal well-being as it did when it first opened.

Greenville County is served by a total of three veterinary hospitals staffed by eleven full-time veterinarians and three part-time veterinarians. The Cleveland Park Animal Hospital in Greenville, the Cleveland Park East Animal Hospital in Simpsonville, and the Cleveland Park Animal Hospital in Travelers Rest are all fully accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

Our medical team and support workers have put forth a lot of effort to achieve and maintain this status. As such, it symbolizes our dedication to providing top-notch veterinary care for the past seven decades.

Despite having spent her childhood in Colorado, Lori and her husband Mark have lived in Greenville, South Carolina for the past two decades. They uprooted themselves and their three kids to start a fresh life in a new place. Greenville’s Rhino Linings has been thriving.

Mark and Lori are big fans of Greenville’s nightlife, parks, and restaurants, and they frequently take long strolls throughout the city. Managerially, Lori can handle anything you throw at her. Sometimes she even takes care of the plumbing issues that arise.

Upstate Vet Emergency + Specialty Care – Greenville

Upstate Veterinary Specialists serves the pet communities of Upstate South Carolina, Western North Carolina, and Northern Georgia by way of its two full-service hospitals in Greenville, South Carolina, and Asheville, North Carolina. We provide a wide variety of cutting-edge medical services in a caring, comfortable environment. Only referred patients are accepted.

Therefore, before scheduling an appointment with us, your primary veterinarian should get in touch with us. We’ll collaborate with your vet and you to figure out what’s best for your pet. The American Animal Hospital Association has acknowledged Upstate Veterinary Specialists as a qualified facility.

By agreeing to annual AAHA reviews, UVS is forced to keep up with the ever-evolving standards of veterinary treatment and business practice. Thanks to AAHA, we’ve been able to give our patients and customers the very best in individualized, high-quality care. Furthermore, the American Academy of Hospital Administrators (AAHA) recognized UVS as the 2011 North American Specialty Hospital of the Year.

Ambassador Animal Hospital

Just three miles from the heart of Greenville, our hospital is a full-service center for the care of pets of all sizes.

We have recently acquired Ambassador Animal Hospital. Only three companies have owned this hospital. This hospital was recently acquired by Dr. Wiggers in July 2013.

In Baton Rouge, Dr. Couture studied at Louisiana State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Couture found his calling in life as a veterinarian. She participated heavily in LSU’s student government and was a top student overall.

Dr. Couture practiced general medicine and emergency medicine in the Tampa Bay area of Florida after completing her medical schooling. Dr. Couture was thus afforded enough opportunities to broaden his knowledge and expertise in the medical and surgical care of small animals.

She and her husband Dan, who she met in Florida, are the proud parents of a son of 15 months. Two cats and three dogs round up their family. Dr. Couture is an avid runner, swimmer, reader, guitarist, and songwriter. As much as she likes her family, she also finds great satisfaction in exploring the world.

Because of this, Dr. Couture considers herself incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to look forward to going to work each day. To her, nothing beats the satisfaction of sending home a healthy and happy pet after providing care for it.

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