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In 2014, Jennifer established a pet grooming business in Raleigh. In 2018, she began offering CBD products specifically for dogs and cats, and they quickly became a best-seller. Jennifer and Brent decided to create a CBD and hemp store after seeing how well-received and used their items were. The 2019 year saw the launch of Nature’s Releaf, which launched in June.

Since then, the shop has been widely praised on the internet and welcomes customers from all walks of life. Because of its pristine appearance and well-informed staff, Nature’s Relief has garnered a lot of positive reviews. Our mission is to spread the word about CBD and Hemp and the ways they may be used as a healthy replacement for pharmaceuticals for common ailments including stress, pain, and anxiety.

Our other objective is to enhance mental clarity, physical fitness, and overall wellness. Brent and Jennifer wanted to create a space that would make customers feel at ease and encourage them to try out the store’s Hemp products. We need to get rid of the negative connotations associated with our industry, and we’re working on that.

Our customers range in age from young folks suffering from anxiousness to elderly people in need of pain medication. When it comes to CBD and hemp products, we have the widest assortment in Raleigh. Every single one of our offerings follows all local and national regulations. When it comes to quality and reliability, we don’t tolerate slacking from our suppliers. Products without proper documentation of laboratory testing will not be sold in our store.

Apotheca – CBD, Delta8, & Kratom

Anyone seeking a more integrated, productive, and comprehensive way of life will find what they’re looking for at Apotheca, a human-centered space. Only robust individuals are capable of nurturing thriving societies. Apothecia’s founding vision was to make a significant impact in a key industry. By creating a space where people can buy and learn about medicinal plants and herbs from all over the world, we may encourage businesses to take a more human-centered, responsible approach to the goods and services they offer their customers.

The team investigates, evaluates, and selects partner brands in collaboration with the respective parties. We are a people-first organization, meaning that we prioritize helping others over making money. Every item that makes it to our shelves has been tested extensively to ensure its quality and effectiveness. Each of our partner brands provides thorough testing evidence and educational materials to back up the wishes of health-conscious consumers who want to buy only natural products.

Apotheca is a store that aims to make purchasing non-traditional medicine easy and pleasurable. Salespeople and businesses with questionable ethics can take advantage of customers who aren’t well-informed by flooding the market with fresh versions of old things. Apotheca must evaluate all items and supply informational resources so that our clients may shop, buy, and confidently promote our products to others. We provide thorough coverage of all products, in-depth training for your entire staff, and a wealth of supporting resources.

Product demonstrations and presentations are also available. Our mission is to offer safe alternatives to dangerous medications and chemicals through trustworthy information, education, workshops, and natural products. We’re working hard to make our vision of a world where people embrace more natural, conventional approaches to health a reality.

From the ground up, we are actively encouraging and supporting good growth and transformation. We’re picky about the brands and items we stock since we only want to back enterprises with a rounded perspective on the market. There is no mistaking the gravity of the situation and the obligation we feel.

The Hemptender Dispensary

Durham, North Carolina, is pleased to officially welcome you. Hemptender takes great pride in being a family-owned business that offers the finest variety of hemp products available in North Carolina. Here you will find complete and comprehensive information on hemp. In 2018, an Industrial Hemp farmer launched the company.

We pride ourselves on our low rates and excellent customer service. Whether you’re just curious about Hemp/CBD or ready to get started with it, we invite you to stop by today, either here or at our sister location in Cary. You may get the Hemptender there as well. Our mission is to provide clients around the country, from Durham, North Carolina, with high-quality hemp products that have been thoroughly tested in laboratories.

As the web’s premier supplier of premium hemp goods, we take great pride in our extensive inventory. All forms of cannabis, including flowers, concentrates, topicals, tinctures, edibles, extracts, concentrates, and even smokable products, are included.

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