NMSAS Recovery Center

NMSAS is a nonprofit that helps men and women who are battling substance abuse by connecting them with individualised treatment plans that take into account their specific requirements and desired outcomes. Case management, individual therapy, group counselling, and medication-assisted treatments are just some of the services they provide across their many different programmes.

These are designed to ease the symptoms of opioid withdrawal or cravings and help clients avoid relapse. NMSAS also incorporates peer recovery coaching, which is helpful for those in recovery from addiction by putting them in touch with others who are going through the same thing.

This not only helps people connect, but also gives them the tools they need to deal with difficult situations, avoid relapse, and live a substance-free life.

Catholic Charities of SE Michigan – Saint Clair County

Catholic Charities’ Port Huron location offers a wide variety of services. The facility’s focus is on integrating clients into the larger community and providing them with comprehensive care. The facility has a strong Christian emphasis and uses Christian principles and the local church to guide its patients through the healing process.

Recovery Advocacy Warriors is a Catholic Charities programme that works to raise community awareness and understanding of the effects of substance abuse, as well as to educate and advocate for those who are experiencing or have been affected by addiction.

Family and friends of an addict can learn how to respond to an overdose or relapse by taking advantage of the Naloxone training and other community events offered through this programme.

All Well Being Services

All Well Being Services is a rehabilitation centre that offers a wide range of preventative services, including assessments and evaluations, ongoing case management, individual and group therapy, family programmes, medication management, and peer support.

Together, evidence-based behavioural health services and holistic therapies aim to treat the whole person.

The mission of All Well Being Services, which identifies as a human services organisation, is twofold first, to aid individuals struggling with addiction by providing them with access to evidence-based therapies, prevention services, and vocational support; and second, to ensure that the loved ones and communities of those individuals also have access to these same resources.

Michigan Therapeutic Consultants – Mount Pleasant

Patients with opioid addiction receive comprehensive treatment at Michigan Therapeutic Consultants, which includes both medication and counselling. The client may be prescribed medication alleviate withdrawal symptoms, pain, or cravings that could otherwise derail their recovery.

Early intervention, didactic services, addiction education, individual therapy, group support, family programmes, and anger management are some of the other services available to them. The clients get to work with their treatment team to determine which therapies and activities will be most beneficial to them, rather than just receiving medication and crossing their fingers.

Catholic Charities of SE Michigan – Monroe

A relatively recent addition to Catholic Charities’ network of drug rehabilitation centres is the Monroe office. Peer recovery support, adolescent-specific programmes, prevention leadership, case management, female-specific programmes, trauma-informed care, empowerment groups, and other specialised treatment programmes for people with substance use disorders are now available to a wider population in Michigan.

In addition to traditional therapy services, we offer play therapy, prisoner reentry programmes, cognitive behavioural groups, aggression groups, parent training, life skill development, and outreach to children and adolescents.

Salvation Army Harbor Light – Warren

The Salvation Army’s services for rehabilitation include both psychological and physiological components. Individual therapy, group therapy, family programmes, spiritual counselling, and other specialised services are all available to clients at different stages of treatment.

It is through case management that a patient is matched with the most appropriate clinician(s) and treatment team(s). Clients will go through three stages of treatment when working with their assigned treatment team: intake, evaluation, and programme creation.

Meridian Health Services

Getting sober after a long period of substance abuse is a difficult process that frequently requires assistance at several different points. Clients who come to Meridian Health Services for assistance begin with medical detox, then move on to residential treatment, and finally finish up with outpatient services. To guarantee a safe detox process, clients are constantly monitored.

Individual and group therapy sessions will focus on the 12 principles of the AA programme. Meridian’s residential programme offers a wide range of services to its patients, including educational psychotherapy, group and individual sessions, lectures, workshops, art therapy, yoga, therapeutic fitness, and several outdoor recreational opportunities.

To ensure that the skills acquired in treatment are used in the post-treatment phase of recovery, clients work with their peers and the treatment team to create a relapse prevention plan for aftercare. If clients need help managing cravings or withdrawal symptoms, they can get that, too.

Bear River Health Treatment Center

Bear River’s holistic approach to addiction treatment takes into account not only the patient’s mental and physical health but also their spiritual and emotional well-being. This Michigan treatment centre provides a variety of evidence-based, gender-specific programmes aimed at reducing the risk of relapse.

In addition to the aforementioned, we also offer individual and group therapy, the teaching of coping mechanisms and other life skills, participation in 12-step programmes, and medication management. Alternative methods are also available at Bear River, and they include Talking Circles and Life Ring. After a patient’s primary treatment has concluded, they can turn to an individualised aftercare plan for ongoing support.

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