Northern Specialty Health, Houghton, MI

Houghton’s Northern Specialty Health is one of two Upper Peninsula dispensaries for medical marijuana, which makes sense given that the law applies everywhere. After filling out a one-page membership form and providing a valid Michigan Registration card and photo ID, patients seeking the medication will have access to three tiers, A-list through C-list, including both internationally recognized brands like OG Kush and regional favorites like Keweenaw Copper.

The Fire Station Wellness Center, Mt. Morris, MI

The Fire Station Wellness Center in Mt. Morris aspires to offer a comprehensive selection of services and goods. Having access to numerous indica and sativa strains, as well as hybrids, edibles, and a bewildering array of extracts means that consumers can choose from a wide variety of products.

It can be used in a variety of contexts, even in the cosmetic industry. Toss in a few extras to round things out, and there’s sure to be something to please just about everyone.

Society of Healing Arts Institute, Multiple locations

The Society of Healing Arts Institute (SOHAI) appears to be a one-stop shop for all things related to medical marijuana in Michigan, with locations in Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Lansing, Ludington, and more. It provides licensing opportunities, as well as the equipment and supplies necessary to grow your crops in the Hydro Tower Garden device, as well as a variety of essential oils and educational resources.

Pure West Compassion Club, Holland, MI

According to “High Times” magazine, the Pure West Compassion Club in Holland has accomplished something noteworthy. Pure West’s Banana Split Rosin Hash, cultivated in partnership with Grumpy Bears Farms, has been hailed as the “Best Non-Sovlent Hash” in the media. That’s a big deal, but it’s only the beginning of your honors. Pure West aspires to provide the best comprehensive service to its patient base by offering licensing assistance, discussions of legal issues, and various other options.

Lake Effect, Portage, MI

Lake Effect in Portage is a dispensary that, if it isn’t already, should be proud of its selection. Lake Effect has a wide variety of marijuana available, including indices and sativas, extracts, edibles, and, relatively rarely, a set of topicals. To ensure that their products are of the highest quality, Lake Effect sends them to Spott Laboratories in Kalamazoo, which was voted the best lab in Michigan in 2016.


The Consume location in Lapeer, Michigan, opened in the fall of 2021 and is one of eleven dispensaries run by the company across three states. Leafly users voted the Lapeer dispensary as the best in Michigan for recreational marijuana use, even though the company manages a large amount of property (it also has stores in Arizona and Illinois).

One happy customer said, “I liked the friendliness of the entire staff.” They guided me to the best deals, and the flowers were of the highest quality.

The budtenders at Consume Lapeer have received a lot of praise from Leafly users, who appreciate the store’s emphasis on education and empathy, which begins with a competent staff and ends with satisfied customers.

Northern Light Cannabis Co

Dafter’s Northern Light Cannabis Co. isn’t hard to find without the aid of the stars, but after you’ve been there you might feel the urge to look up for a while. Northern Light Cannabis Co was founded to provide people with “an affordable, authentic, and high-quality experience” with cannabis.

Leafly users’ praise provides conclusive evidence that this community-driven dispensary delivers on its promises. Northern Light Cannabis Co. has received numerous glowing reviews, with customers praising the “always wonderful” budtenders and the “very friendly… super cool people” who work there.

A third five-star review begins, “Had a great experience.” “The staff was extremely well-informed and accommodating. There was a wonderful variety of goods to choose from. I tried some Dots gummies, and they were fantastic. Hold the fort down, guys!

Dr. A’s Re-Leaf Center

One of the best cannabis showrooms in Michigan can be found in Edwardsburg. Dr. A’s Re-Leaf Center is a well-known dispensary in the area, and they have permission to sell marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes.

There is a large bud tending staff at Dr. A’s, making it simple to get individual assistance. Alvarez Cultivation’s newest bud is available, along with a plethora of other products and remedies.

One Leafly user gave the shop five stars, saying, “Great staff and best selection in the area.” “It is strongly suggested that you place your order online to avoid unnecessary waiting.”

URB Cannabis

At URB Cannabis, we are all about the deals. This dispensary, which serves both medical and recreational customers, is based in Monroe, and it’s all about providing the best possible prices for those customers. To encourage repeat business, they’ve set up a loyalty points system where customers can gain benefits with each purchase.

As icing on the cake, URB Cannabis is currently paying the state of Michigan’s 10% excise tax on all medical purchases. Oh, and those ounces cost $89, in case you were wondering. The ounces cost $89! A Leafly customer echoed our excitement, praising the “awesome staff [and] great deals.”

Another satisfied Leafly customer writes, “I love this store.” It’s great how friendly and helpful everyone is here. They also offer fantastic prices. I foresee myself as a frequent visitor.

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