Sira Naturals, Cambridge and Somerville, MA

SiraNaturals is dedicated to providing the highest quality medical cannabis to those in need. They offer periodic sales and promotions and a newsletter that informs customers of new offerings and types of cannabis.

Patriot Care, Boston, Multiple locations

Patriot Care is where you can get your medical marijuana card and access a wide variety of marijuana products. They sell premium weed in several formats, including edibles and vape pens. They want to change people’s minds about marijuana while also providing for patients’ medical needs. Investigate places in the cities of Boston, Lowell, and Greenfield.

Alternative Therapies Group, Salem, MA

If you’re looking for a dispensary in Massachusetts, look no further than Alternative Therapies Group. They’ve been in business since 2015, and they take great pride in giving their customers a positive and stress-free experience.

The dispensary’s sign-up procedures are detailed on its website. Medical marijuana cards are not issued at this location or any other in the state of Massachusetts; patients must go through their doctors to get one.

Ermont, Inc., Quincy, MA

Patients spending $350 at Ermont., Inc. earns $15 off their next purchase. There are lots of deals like this one available at the dispensary. In addition to providing excellent service, they also offer a wide variety of resources for their clients.

NETA, Northampton and Brookline, MA

Patient advocates, philanthropists, industry leaders, and seasoned professionals have banded together to form NETA to improve the lives of patients by facilitating their access to medical marijuana. They grow everything in-house at their facility in Franklin, MA. Their medical marijuana treatments in the Bay State are among the best in the country.

Theory Wellness, Bridgewater and Great Barrington, MA

Theory Wellness, a small-batch cannabis producer, is dedicated to the positive impact its products have on customers’ lives. In Massachusetts, they are consistently working to expand the variety and quality of medical marijuana available to their clients. They have faith that by gaining insight from their customers, they can make incremental improvements to the goods they offer.

Triple M, Plymouth and Mashpee, MA

Triple M is pleased with both its product and its employees, as they won the 2017 Harvest Cup for “Best Topical” and “Best Overall Product.” To ensure the highest quality for their customers, they have all of their products tested by an independent lab. All of the employees have received special education to better serve the patient’s needs.

In Good Health, Brockton, MA

At In Good Health, first-time customers can get $25 off their next visit when they spend just $30. On top of that, from Monday to Friday, you can take advantage of the daily specials. They offer a wide selection of goods and resources covering a wide range of subjects. Also, they do wholesale business with other dispensaries in the state of Massachusetts.

Garden Remedies, Newton, MA

Every effort is made to ensure that patients at Garden Remedies have a pleasant experience. Both they and their customers are committed to lifelong learning. In addition, they promise to meet or exceed all government compliance mandates so that their customers always receive the highest quality, safest products.

Central Ave. Compassionate Care, Ayer, MA

Central Ave. Compassionate Care is a nonprofit dispensary dedicated to providing exceptional medical cannabis services. They help people with serious diseases like MS, Parkinson’s, ALS, cancer, and more by selling cannabis and cannabis-infused products, as well as educating them on their benefits.

Ethos Dispensary – Dorchester

Ethos is a dispensary in Dorchester with an unmatched selection of cannabis products and services. Roslindale, Brookline, Milton, Malden, and Weymouth locals will find our cannabis dispensary in Dorchester’s convenient location at 50 Clapp St, Dorchester, MA 0212.

Come on in or place an order now for one of the best dispensary menus in Dorchester, MA. We have assembled a fantastic crew of helpful and knowledgeable budtenders to complement our carefully selected menu of the finest cannabis products available in Massachusetts. Never choose the first dispensary you find in Dorchester. Get the best of the best by stopping by the Ethos dispensary in Dorchester today.

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