When it comes to trucking, Crawford Trucking is determined to be number one. We work hard to maintain high levels of productivity and dependability so that we can give you first-quality service at an affordable rate. Both our esteemed clients and our exceptional staff and partners have our undivided attention and gratitude.

All of our employees are treated as though they were the company’s most valuable resource. Our one-of-a-kind company culture, cutting-edge technology, and stringent quality controls allow us to accomplish this. Crawford is mindful of the effects of its operations on its staff, its clientele, and the neighborhood at large.

Liebe Trucking

Gary and Sara Liebe founded Liebe Trucking, Inc. in 1989 and run it as a family business. In 1971, Gary Liebe and his wife started the “Gary Liebe Trucking Company” with just one truck and a trailer. Gary and Sara’s “home-based” business has grown into a successful regional and national carrier thanks to their tireless efforts and 47 years in the industry. Liebe Trucking, Inc. is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but has locations all around the United States.

Turquoise Trucking

For more than two decades, Turquoise Trucking has been providing reliable trucking services. For many businesses, we are the go-to source for safe, dependable transportation services anywhere within the 48 contiguous states.

It’s no surprise that a company based in the middle of the country would have such a stellar reputation for customer service across the country as Turquoise.

We chose this name because it evokes the color of precious stones, the hue of the sea surrounding the Caribbean, and a sign of wealth. It takes a lot of effort to reach this level of financial success. As a result, Turquoise is not something we already own but rather something we aspire to get.

Ever since we opened for business, we have strived for excellence in both our products and our customer service.

TanTara Transportation Corp

Founded in 1994 in Muscatine, Iowa, TanTara Transportation Corp. is a trucking firm run by a family and staffed by veterans. Our company is committed to handling all of your unique transportation needs in Iowa and beyond the United States.

Although the majority of our fleet is devoted to flatbed hauling, we also offer our services for dry-van, liquid tanks, HAZMAT, and over-dimensional shipments. For both our internal fleet and our clientele outside the company, we advocate for a rigorous preventative maintenance schedule.

West Side Transport

The Vogt family, who founded West Side Transport in the ’60s, is still at the helm. The company got its start by cleaning up grain spills at railroad yards with a few vehicles and some shovels. The Vogt family, who founded the business, expanded to include semis and hopper trailers as demand increased.

Our trucking company grew into the truckload, dry van industry by the late 1980s. We have always emphasized satisfying our client’s needs and exceeding their expectations. Every business decision we make today is predicated on the answer to one question: “What would our customers want us to invest in?”

Keystone Trucking

Keystone Trucking, based out of the Des Moines area, offers dump trucks, hauling services, and excavation and grading machinery. We have a fleet that can transport anything from stone aggregates to extra-large pieces of construction machinery. Our trucks are all fitted with GPS systems that are both reliable and efficient. Because of this, our drivers can easily adapt to any last-minute adjustments in your schedule or work location.

All of our drivers have undergone extensive training and are familiar with current safety protocols and all applicable local, state, and federal laws. Our crew takes the importance of safety very seriously. We are responsible for our own and others’ safety so that your project can be finished successfully.


Tucker Trucking has been in the construction business for decades, so you can trust their expertise. We take great pleasure in hearing from happy customers. We aim to please every customer, whether we’re delivering materials to a large commercial contractor or a single-family home. We are equipped to handle works of every size, from the most complex to the most straightforward. We want to earn your trust and take on the challenge of working on your next project.

Centennial Warehousing

A one-stop shop for all your transportation and storage needs, Centennial Warehousing is a formidable enterprise. Freight brokerage, regional distribution, over-the-road haulage, and warehousing are only some of the services offered. All of our semi-trucks and 53-foot air ride trailers are operated in-house by our own trained professionals.

In the heart of Iowa, Centennial Warehousing is ideally situated to provide trucking and storage services. One of the world’s most cosmopolitan concentrations of an industry can be found in Des Moines, Iowa. Iowa and the seven surrounding states are home to more than 33 million people and more than 51,000 manufacturing facilities. Next-day delivery is available from Centennial Warehousing to over ten major cities.

Britton Transport

Dave Britton began his truck brokerage business in the basement of his Grand Forks, North Dakota, home in the year 1980. The company outgrew its garage home after 9 months and into a rented office, where it has since thrived. The company’s trucking services kicked off in the early part of 1982 with a pre-owned flatbed.

As the number of vehicles increased, a new flatbed operations office was set up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Grand Forks area has been home to a storage trailer rental business since 1997.

A dry van operation began in Grand Forks in 2004, and a year later, a refrigerated operation and an office were established in Des Moines, Iowa. The company’s success is a direct result of the hard work and cooperation of its employees, and the company’s growth is ongoing as we move closer to achieving our Mission.

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