Cure Oahu

Each batch of therapeutic cannabis we produce is put through extensive testing by independent labs recognized by the Hawaii State Department of Health to ensure the highest standards of safety and efficacy. Outside of town, at a facility called The Meadow, we cultivate all of our cannabis products. Rooftop solar panels, motion-activated lighting sensors, LED lights, and recyclable bags are just a few of the eco-friendly touches found at our locations.

Starting in March of 2018, residents of Hawaii who had a valid 329 card could gain access to Cure Oahu. We have a dispensary in Kapahulu that is not far from Waikiki. Customers with disabled license plates or placards have access to reserved parking spots, and online order pickups have access to 15 minutes of free, off-street parking. Kapolei Village Center is home to our dispensary serving western Oahu. There are various tinctures, lozenges, and concentrates available, as well as specialized indica, sativa, and hybrid strains.

Honolulu Wellness Center

Apply for a Hawaii medical marijuana card today! Our mission is to help people with qualifying diagnoses find information about alternative treatments. By Hawaii law, our staff will assist you in registering for a medical marijuana card that will grant you access to marijuana dispensaries and legalize your purchase, cultivation, possession, and use of the drug.

We’d like to tell you about some non-synthetic drugs and procedures that have helped a lot of people manage their conditions and live better lives as a result of the medication and treatment they’ve received. Get in touch with us at 808-798-3629 right away to schedule an appointment with one of our Certified Medical Cannabis Consultants and Doctors and to ask any questions you may have about medical cannabis.

We treated our first patient in September 2016, and we’ve treated countless more since then. It is an honor to have our team of nurses, doctors, and certified medical cannabis consultants help people who are eligible for the State of Hawaii Department of Health Medical Marijuana 329 Registration Card processing. Everyone would assume that our prices would be higher than average given that we offer free private parking, a secure building with a private elevator, and ocean-facing offices. However, a recent survey conducted by an impartial third party found that our current Special Package offers the best value for the money.

Paul L. Klink, the clinic’s founder, patient advocate, chaplain (Ph.D., D.D., Hon. ), and medical assistant, was motivated to open the clinic because he had struggled to find a medical facility where he felt “at home,” heard, and understood.

Paul, as a Certified Medical Cannabis Consultant, has established an Aloha-filled office where qualified patients can come to learn about medical cannabis and other healthier healing options, set goals, and meet those goals in a relaxed and supportive environment. Paul, as a Certified Medical Cannabis Consultant, takes the time to hear you out, learn your needs, and then works with you and the medical doctor you’ll be seeing to find the best solution possible.

Hemptuary Hawaii – Honolulu

Getting your first medical marijuana card only costs $25. Instead of paying up to $200 at other clinics, you can get your medical cannabis card from us for just $100 (doctor’s fee) plus a $75 coupon good toward your first dispensary purchase (min purchase required). Ask us how to get discounts on herbal remedies right now!

If you’ve done any kind of research on CBD products, you’ve likely been met with a plethora of results that are either completely contradictory or incredibly difficult to make sense of. As they say, “the more you know, the less you know.” The good news is that you have plenty of company. Hemptuary is a literal “Hemp Sanctuary” because its founders think CBD-based products are too valuable to be taken away by profiteers. In terms of the CBD experience, we offer a physical location that covers every base.

Pono Life Maui, Kahului, HI

When you need high-quality cannabis, look no further than Pono Life Maui, one of the most reputable brands in Hawaii. Visit them today to take advantage of the great deals they have going on and to see their amazing selection.

Big Island Grown, Hilo, HI

Big, short for Big Island Grown, is a well-known Hawaiian brand on the Big Island and beyond. Visit the Hilo storefront for yourself to see the amazing results.

Aloha Green Apothecary, Honolulu, HI

The three Honolulu locations of Aloha Green Apothecary are bustling hubs of activity. Each one offers an impressive selection of high-quality goods from which shoppers can pick their favorites.

Maui Grown Therapies, Kahului, HI

Maui Grown Therapies is your one-stop shop for locally-grown, premium cannabis. Visit this reputable specialist’s Kahului flagship store, or its Lahaina and Makawao outposts, for a stress-free shopping environment and friendly advice from knowledgeable staff.

Hawaiian Ethos, Kailua Kona, HI

Hawaiian Ethos is a reputable dispensary brand known for its high standards of quality and customer service. Hawaiian Ethos provides a great place to shop ethically with its 100% backyard compostable packaging and regular sales.

Big Island Grown, Waimea, HI

Did you know that Big Waimea was the second dispensary to open on Maui? This world-famous line of locally grown weed in Hawaii makes it their business to put a smile on the face of every customer who visits their satellite store in Waimea.

Noa Botanicals, Honolulu, HI

To those in the know, Noa Botanicals is the gold standard of cannabis. That’s why you can always shop with confidence at their stores: you know you’re getting the best possible goods. Yet, their Honolulu storefront is well-liked by locals and visitors alike.

Cure Oahu, Kapolei, HI

Want to go on a cannabis shopping spree where you have access to every possible strain? Visit Kapolei’s Cure Oahu. It’s all right here at this neighborhood dispensary: flower, drink additives, lozenges, and more.

Green Aloha, Kapa’a, HI

A green greeting is always appreciated. If you’re looking for a dispensary in Kapa’a, your best bet is Green Aloha, where you can always expect to have a good time and buy products that were grown right there.

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