The HONK app connects West Virginia motorists with reliable towing and roadside assistance services in the event of an emergency. You may require assistance if your automobile breaks down on the route into Charleston or out of Jefferson County at Harpers Ferry. A trip to the mechanic for repairs may be necessary, but you might not know who to contact in an unfamiliar region.

Enjoy your time on the road and rest assured that HONK will respond quickly to any roadside assistance needs you may have in West Virginia. HONK is not only trustworthy, but it also provides a price estimate before you place an order.

Before placing an order, you may see the exact cost of the service you’re asking for on HONK. There will be no concerns about unexpectedly large costs or adjustments to the amount due when assistance is provided because of the “guaranteed not to exceed” clause in the pricing structure.

Don’t get stranded on the way to a Charleston Riverdogs game or a Morgantown Mountaineers contest. The average response time with HONK is around 30 minutes. That’s almost half as quick as the response time offered by conventional car clubs. HONK is a terrific method to feel safe on your next trip because of its low cost and fast response time. There is no membership fee required, and our guaranteed lowest prices begin at $49.

There’s no need to negotiate with a tow truck driver over price or to have any cash on hand for the towing charge or a gratuity. More than 45,000 trucks are at your disposal, and the app can be used anywhere in the country. Taking a journey, whether it’s just around town or across the country, is a fantastic way to explore the sights. You shouldn’t waste mental energy considering who you might contact in the event of a breakdown while traveling in a new location.

2 Guys Towing & Auto Repair

You can trust the knowledgeable mechanics at 2 Guys Towing & Auto Repair in Beckley, West Virginia, to get your vehicle back on the road quickly and at a fair price. We’ve been in the towing and repair business for over a decade, so we know what we’re doing. Plus, we use cutting-edge technology to ensure a perfect outcome every time.

Our emergency towing and recovery services are available around the clock, every day of the week. We offer the most affordable costs in the greater Raleigh County area for anything from light- to medium-duty towing and accident recovery to auto repairs and roadside assistance. From transmission work to engine replacements, and oil changes to major overhauls, we do it all at our auto repair business. Give us a ring at 2 Guys Towing & Auto Repair right away to find out more about our services.

The business is veteran-owned and -operated. Towing with zero incidents. Drivers are thoroughly vetted by trained staff. Certified Service Excellence (ASE) Technicians. Services are assured to be provided courteously.

Copley Garage

We guarantee that your automobile will be repaired correctly when you bring it to our professionally run auto service shop. When working on your car, we’ll utilize only the latest, highest-quality tools and components. Visit our cozy garage for affordable auto maintenance. We offer the same services as a dealership but at a more reasonable price.

Automobile breakdowns never occur when it’s most convenient. Not to fear, though; our skilled tow truck drivers offer emergency roadside assistance and towing around the clock. Allow us to perform a thorough inspection of your car. We will facilitate the annual state inspection.

Our ASE-certified mechanics have the expertise to fix your car in time for a free re-inspection, so you don’t have to worry about paying again. For a low price, you may get your vehicle examined at our authorized inspection station in West Virginia.

Our ASE-certified mechanics will fix your vehicle if it fails safety inspection. Our Charleston, West Virginia site is also a full-service auto shop. All makes and models are welcome, and complete care and repair services are offered. When you need towing or roadside help, call our service center anytime, day or night.

Founded in 1947 as a family business Before its current incarnation, Copleys was a full-service garage and hydraulic repair business.

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