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Best Storage Units In South Carolina

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Renting out rooms

You can rent a space at Public Storage that is the size of a walk-in closet or one that can accommodate the contents of a five-bedroom home. Units can be either indoor or outdoor, accessible only by stairs or elevator, either drive-up or walk-up. The services provided by Public Storage are quick, adaptable, and easy to use.

Quite a Bit: First month’s rent is only $1 * No prepayment or credit card info is needed to reserve a spot. Paying a monthly rent Honest and dependable: Convenient Possession of your respective apparatuses Lots with lights and a fence Automatic gates operated by computer The sole key to your apartment belongs to you.

Advantages: There are air-conditioned rooms to rent. Multiple locations house on-site managers. Packing Locks and supplies are on hand for your comfort. Storage for homes, offices, and cars One can make payments and handle account details via computer or mobile device. Contact us right away or go to our website to select a venue, view pricing, and make a reservation. Conditions apply. There are also taxes and a processing charge to consider.

Public Storage was expected to be a short-term venture when it built its first facility in El Cajon, California. While waiting for the Southern California community to take off and the value of their land to rise, two partners came up with the idea as a method to make use of their real estate investment. They continued construction, and the units were quickly filled.

The couple eventually accepted the fact that self-storage will remain popular and moved forward without looking back. These days, you can pick from thousands of convenient Public Storage facilities, many of which are probably located close by.

Self Storage on Sigma Drive

The Charleston metropolitan region attracts thousands of tourists and hundreds of new residents each thanks to its status as a major tourist attraction, the location of Charleston Southern University, and a naval hub. Summerville, South Carolina is located just north of the city along Interstate 26.

Visit Sigma Drive Self Storage if you’re moving to or already live in the Sangaree, Summerville, Lincolnville, or Wide Awake areas and need somewhere to store your belongings. Our location is also easily accessible via Rose Court Farms, Carriage Lane Park, and Nexton Great Lawn.

Capable of Storing a Lot, Big Bertha

Just across from Interstate 26, in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina, is where you’ll find Big Bertha Storage. We share a building with the renowned skate park Skateland and are located above the Redux contemporary art center.

We are the most dependable and reasonably priced choice for locals of the North Central area. Did we mention that every one of our storage lockers has air conditioning? There is a parking lot in the building’s basement, reached through Poinsett Street. Open From Sunday To Saturday 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

The second story was occupied by a roller skating rink for fifty years. The old roller rink has been converted into a state-of-the-art storage facility. The ceiling is unique since it was made to look like a barrel. We provide a wide variety of products and services available at competitive prices to fulfill your storage needs, whether they are temporary or permanent.

Reserve a self-storage

You may immediately save up to 15% on monthly storage costs by renting a unit through Yelp. You may rent a storage unit from Life Storage at 1540 Meeting Street Rd in Charleston, SC on a month-to-month basis, and they have units available in a wide range of sizes and climate controls. Access is easy with unique PIN codes and operating hours that extend far beyond regular work days.

We have security cameras set up to keep an eye on the premises. Since our inception in 1982, when we opened our first facility, Life Storage has expanded to more than 850 facilities across the United States. Superior support for our customers is essential to our success.

We take pride in the positive feedback we’ve received from our customers; 90% of them say they would refer us to friends and family. Write a review, fill out our survey, or give us a call (anytime, day or night!) to share your thoughts. In need of packing materials and boxed-up furniture removals? That’s something we have! We carry top-tier moving equipment at low, low costs. Do you need to rent a moving truck? We also have moving trucks, and if you rent a storage unit from us, you can use one at a reduced rate. Visi

With over 850 storage facilities and over 400,000 customers, Life Storage is one of the leading self-storage firms in the United States.



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