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Best Veterinarian In Ohio

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Animal Care Unlimited

In Columbus, Ohio, you’ll find Animal Care Unlimited, a veterinary clinic that offers dental and medical care. Wellness checkups, nutritional guidance, and even surgery are all part of the services provided. Dr. Jamie Bobulsky is the clinic’s, Medical Director. She received her DVM from The Ohio State University. The Ohio Wildlife Center is located within Animal Care Unlimited.

Beechwold Veterinary Hospital

For over 60 years, Beechwold Veterinary Hospital has been there for the cats and dogs of the Greater Columbus area. The Clintonville-based clinic’s nine veterinarians come from a wide range of educational and professional experiences.

Collectively, they have the skills to carry out a wide range of medical interventions, such as stem cell regeneration, laser surgery, blood transfusion, ultrasound, and reproductive services. The Beechwold Animal Hospital is a respected AHA member.

Berwick Animal Clinic

There are three veterinarians available at the Berwick Animal Clinic in Columbus. Doctor Joe Bando, who earned his veterinary degree from Ohio State University, started working there in 2012. Dr. Katie Huter, who earned her veterinary degree from Ohio State University, joined the team in May 2015. Dental care, emergency care, and pain management at the end of life (including euthanasia) are all part of the service menu.

Best Friends Veterinary Hospital

In 1983, the community of Columbus and its surrounding areas began bringing their dogs to Best Friends Veterinary Hospital in Powell. The practice’s primary veterinarian is Dr. Rex Riggs, who has been with the company since 1988.

Dr. Riggs is the head of a team of four other veterinarians and is a graduate of Ohio State University. Exams, immunizations, nutritional advice, diagnostic and therapeutic services, dental care, and even urgent care are all on the menu here.

German Village Veterinary Hospital

The German Village Veterinary Hospital in Columbus treats dogs and cats from all across Columbus and the surrounding areas. Vaccinations, microchipping, spaying/neutering, and other common treatments are available at the clinic, which has been in operation for almost half a century, and more advanced surgical care is also available, such as excision of masses, cystotomies, and corrective orthopedic surgery.

Knapp Veterinary Hospital

Knapp Veterinary Hospital is Dr. Paul H. Knapp’s private clinic serving the Greater Columbus area. Dr. Knapp has been in practice since 1961 and is a graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University.

In the veterinary community, he held positions of leadership in the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association, the Columbus Academy of Veterinary Medicine, and Ohio State University.

Lifetime Pet Wellness Center

Lifetime Pet Wellness Center is a veterinary clinic in Columbus, Ohio, and Dr. James Carlson, DVM is the proprietor and primary veterinarian there. The clinic provides both traditional medicine (surgeries, routine treatments) and complementary medicine (acupuncture, laser therapy, alpha-stim therapy, and homeopathy) to treat patients as whole beings.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners has recognized Lifetime Pet Wellness Center as a Cat-Friendly Practice, and the hospital is a proud member of the American Animal Hospital Association.

Morse Road Veterinary Clinic

The Morse Road Veterinary Clinic in Columbus, Ohio, has been open for business since 1979, and in that time it has helped countless pets and their owners. Dr. Michael VerHage, DVM, the clinic’s vet, comes highly recommended by pet owners for his patience and efficiency.

North Kenny Veterinary Hospital

Since its opening in 1958, Columbus’ North Kenny Veterinary Hospital has been caring for pets in the city and its neighboring areas. In addition to cutting-edge surgical therapy, Drs. April Bauer, Diane Ott, and William H.C. Goode also provide preventative care in the form of immunizations. Unfortunately, the facility does not handle urgent medical situations.

Northstar Animal Care

The Northstar Animal Care veterinary clinic in Columbus’s Upper Arlington district is one of two locations. The other is in the city’s Fifth by Northwest neighborhood.

The American Animal Hospital Association, a national accrediting agency, has given its stamp of approval to each of these facilities, ensuring that they meet the highest standards in both quality and ethics.

Through the online pharmacy service MyVetDirect, Northstar Animal Care offers veterinary prescription drugs to its customers.

Purrfect Care Feline Medical Center

The feline patients of Purrfect Care Feline Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. Dental work, operations, immunizations, and pain relief are all part of the services provided.

The vet at the clinic, Dr. Janet Cohn, has specialty certification from the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in Feline Practice. Purrfect Care Feline Medical Center has been designated as a Gold Level Cat-Friendly Practice by the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

Riverside Drive Animal Care Center

The Riverside Drive Animal Care Center has been serving the Greater Columbus area as a full-service veterinarian hospital for over 25 years. The Dublin-based facility has earned the coveted AAAHC seal of approval from the American Animal Hospital Association. The veterinarians, veterinary assistants, and veterinary technicians at this clinic have extensive training and expertise in caring for senior pets.

The Vet Clinic East

Columbus’s Vet Clinic East provides diagnostic, surgical, and quality-of-life treatments for pets in the city and neighboring areas. Professional dental assistants and technicians work under the direction of Drs. Wendy Powell, Rita Bhatnagar, and Sarah Bowers. The clinic offers a variety of services for pet owners, including boarding, grooming, and washing.



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