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With more than 262,300 miles of state roads, county roads, and township roads, Ohio ranks ninth among all states in terms of total road mileage. There are a plethora of potential road trip destinations along these areas. Do you want to take a trip through the peaceful countryside of the state? The southern part of the state along US Route 50 has some beautiful scenery.

The Ohio River Scenic Byway is a scenic route that runs parallel to the river and past several quaint communities. In addition, the Amish Country Scenic Byway spans 160 miles of picturesque landscapes and authentic Amish communities, making it an ideal destination for those interested in learning more about the Amish way of life. This route is spectacular rain or shine.

Ohio has several options for a relaxing vacation, whether you’re just passing through or planning to stay for a while. But you’ll need a car or truck to get there. If you need assistance transporting your vehicle to or from Ohio, Caravan Auto Transport is here to help. We collaborate with the top vehicle transport companies in the industry and provide free estimates to make it simple to compare costs and select the right service for your requirements.

Number 1 Auto Transport

You don’t have to seek very hard to find the top auto shipping company to take your vehicle to Ohio. Customers in Ohio know they can rely on Number 1 Auto Move to safely transport and ship their vehicles. Our

The auto transport crew is well-trained and offers unrivaled customer service. Every member of our staff will treat you and your vehicle with the utmost respect and honesty at every stage of the process, from offering upfront quotations and pricing to assisting you during the journey itself.

To assure dependability, Number 1 Auto employs cutting-edge technology and places stringent requirements on its contracted drivers. Even with all the open areas in Ohio, moving an automobile there is a lot simpler than most people imagine because of this.

Whether you’re a Columbus contractor transporting a power shovel or wheel tractor-scraper from one job site to another, a Cincinnati resident bringing a luxury car from Hamilton or Youngstown, or even further afield, and hoping to keep it safe from the elements in an enclosed carrier, or a Parma resident transporting heavy equipment, enclosed carriers are available to meet your needs.

Open-air carrier service to Cleveland, Akron, and Toledo is required to transfer your vehicle. Number 1 Auto Transport offers all it takes, including the personnel, vehicles, and expertise, to deliver reliably beyond.

Sitting at the foot of the Great Lakes and the top of Tornado Alley, Ohioans had to endure the worst of both worlds: the whirling winds of summer and the freezing, blustery lake-effect snows of winter. As if that weren’t bad enough, Ohio is located in both the Southern Great Lakes Seismic Zone and the Western Ohio Seismic Zone, making it more prone to earthquakes than other Midwestern states.

It’s vital to work with a car shipping company that knows how to keep your vehicle safe in harsh weather. Selecting enclosed auto transport while searching for automobile shipping in Ohio protects your vehicle from road debris, severe weather, low temperatures, and other potential dangers. To protect your vehicle, it is recommended that you ship it to Ohio using an enclosed carrier.

Car Shipping Companies

Amerifreight is a cut above the others because of the many discounts it offers, which can reduce your car shipping prices. In addition to transporting automobiles, Amerifreight also accepts shipments of boats and recreational vehicles.

Customers who buy cars online, seasonal movers, and even golfers can all take advantage of Amerifreight’s car shipping services. The company has reasonable pricing; for example, a trip from California to Florida would cost about $900.

In contrast to its rivals, the company does not offer worldwide shipping, although covering more car types. In addition, Amerifreight does not provide any further insurance choices. In its place, it provides the Total Assurance plan, which pays for your insurance deductible (up to a maximum of $2,000) if you have health insurance.

Sherpa Auto Transport

Although transporting a vehicle by a carrier is generally risk-free, the company you choose must have adequate liability insurance in case of any mishaps. Sherpa goes above and beyond by holding a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy and an additional $100,000 in cargo insurance when other carriers simply carry the minimum necessary by law ($100,000).

The basic minimum is fine for shipping most cars, but it becomes problematic for transporting high-priced vehicles or valuable artifacts. If you’re an avid automobile collector or a regular exhibitor at car events, Sherpa is an excellent option for transporting your prized possession safely.

The biggest drawback of using Sherpa is that it cannot transport recreational vehicles, only ships, and only to the 48 contiguous states. For similar regulatory concerns, the company does not ship to the District of Columbia.

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