CNA Stores – Haverhill

CNA Stores, owned and operated by veterans, prides itself on carrying the state’s widest variety of well-picked cannabis products. We are one of only four dispensaries in the state to sell cannabis in a deli-style setting, and ours is the only one on the Northshore. CNA Stores was founded not just on providing excellent customer service and a wide selection of high-quality goods, but also on giving back to the communities where we do business, including our hometown of Amesbury, Massachusetts.

CNA Stores has staked out a claim as the cannabis industry’s most altruistic retailer in Massachusetts. This is not a job we’re taking lightly. Our goal at CNA Stores (Completely Natural Alternative) is to foster Quality, Integrity, and Commitment in everything we do.

When it comes to acquiring (and eventually creating) cannabis products, we only settle for the best because we want to give the people of Massachusetts and New England the best possible experience and help them lead healthier happier lives. We are dedicated to our Veterans, our Community, and the Environment, and we have the Courage to do the Right Thing even when No One Is Watching.

RISE Dispensaries Dracut

RISE Dracut is officially open and selling recreational marijuana for in-store pickup and delivery. Here you can find the finest prices and discounts on cannabis goods that our dispensary has to offer. Both cash and debit cards are welcome. Lawrence Municipal Airport is a 29-minute drive from our RISE Dracut MA facility, and UMass Lowell is just 3 minutes away.

Parking is plentiful and completely free at our establishment. A short drive will take you to the RISE dispensary in Dracut, Massachusetts. Follow Hampshire Street as it splits off to the left from Bridge Street. Next, turn right onto Hildreth Street and continue until you reach Pleasant Street.

Take School Street after crossing Beaver Brook. Veterans Memorial Park, Brookside Plaza, Lowell, and Highlands are all easily accessible from the RISE dispensary in Dracut. We invite you to RISE Dispensary in Dracut to peruse our dispensary menu and place an online marijuana order.

Lazy River Products

Located in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Lazy River Products is a marijuana dispensary dedicated to growing and manufacturing the finest cannabis products possible for adult consumption.

The members of our Executive Management Team have together worked in business, corporate technology, and cultivation/horticulture for almost 200 years. They pooled their knowledge and founded a think tank with some of the most capable people in the field. One of their common goals is to build a successful business that has a long-lasting impact in the neighborhoods it serves by combining cutting-edge technological innovation with meticulous attention to customer service.

GP Vapor Vape & Smoke Shop

This is GPV, and we are pleased to welcome you to the charming New Hampshire town of Merrimack, where you can enjoy a unique boutique shopping and dining experience. Family-owned and -operated company. Quality Vapes and High-Quality CBD, Delta 8 THC (D8), and HEMP Derived Products are what we specialize in.

Come inside our clean and soothing area and learn more about vaping, Vaping, CBD, Delta 8 THC (D8), and Delta 9 THC in an environment that is conducive to your mind, body, and senses (D9). Vape store near me, E-Juice, Delta 8 shop close by, cannabis vaporizer, D8 vape cartridge, and glass pipes, bongs, mods, tanks, vape pens, vape cartridge batteries, dispo, Elf bar, Juice Head, Disposables, Hyde Bar, Air Bar, Esco Bar, and more.

Sanctuary ATC, Plymouth, NH

A variety of alternative therapies are available at Sanctuary ATC (alternative treatment center). They also help people in New Hampshire learn about and get therapeutic cannabis in the state. The patients are the primary focus of their care, and they only sell the highest quality marijuana, which has been thoroughly analyzed for contaminants and other potential dangers.

Temescal Wellness, Dover and Lebanon, NH

Temescal Wellness provides a variety of high-quality medical marijuana products to individuals in need, including those suffering from chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder. The atmosphere is calm and patient-centered. They grow their cannabis according to strict guidelines to ensure that the final product is of the best possible quality and safe for consumers.

Prime ATC, Merrimack, NH

Prime ATC’s services extend far beyond merely providing patients with medical marijuana. Additionally, they investigate appropriate medical practitioners for potential clients. Transdermal patches, topicals, vape cartridges, and a few edible options are just a few of the many available goods. In addition, patients can apply for medical marijuana identification cards here.

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