Extra Space Storage

If you’re looking for a self-storage facility in the United States, go no further than Extra Space Storage, the country’s number-two operator. They’ve been crushing the storage market since its founding in 1977. It has facilities in every major city.

Near your place of work or residence, you have likely noticed an Extra Space Storage sign. Every property they acquire, construct, or administer has its signature level of protection, as well as expert landscaping and administration.

You might think of the people who work at and visit your local Extra Space Storage facility as much a part of your neighborhood as the facility’s administrators. Customers of Extra Space Storage are preparing for the future.

People care about you and want to help you as you move from one phase of life to the next. They know that the items in your storage containers are important to you and your future success, so they take their job very seriously. Extra Space Storage provides what their customers have come to expect from them: a safe, clean facility and easy, friendly service.

Cube Smart Self Storage

In case you need self-storage and are driving, CubeSmart is conveniently located near Interstate 65. There are a few nearby communities, including Meridian Highland, Fall Creek Place, and Herrton Morton, all of which are within convenient driving distance.

Self-storage facilities in a variety of sizes are available in a climate-controlled environment at their North Illinois Street location. Some of the storage spaces may be accessed directly from the parking lot, making it easier to unload a truck or car full of belongings.

The lease terms are negotiable, so you can take as much or as little time as you need in your home. It includes a round-the-clock video recording system and plenty of lighting both inside and outside the building. The helpful manager of this establishment can provide you with additional information on any of the services offered here.

Secur Care Self Storage

If you need a storage unit in Indianapolis at a reasonable price, go no further than SecurCare Self Storage. From 5 x 5 feet to 10 x 30 feet, it has a wide variety of space sizes to choose from. They have enough area for everything from a few inventory boxes to a complete family’s worth of furniture.

Besides parking spaces, automobiles, and RVs, the facility also has climate-controlled storage. The outdoor lanes are spacious enough to accommodate the largest transport trucks and trailers.

Dollies and carts are available for use at no cost at SecurCare Self Storage to help move large or heavy items. Boxes, locks, and other moving equipment can be purchased from their office. SecurCare Self Storage is dedicated to protecting your belongings. Their property on Michigan Rd is secured with electronic gate access that requires a code to enter.

Store Space Self Storage

Owners and managers of Store Space Self Storage are among the most accomplished in their fields. Among the best and brightest in the business, their accounting, marketing, and operations teams have extensive experience and a stellar reputation. Depending on your needs, you can choose between storage units at Store Space Self Storage that are as little as a closet or as large as a three-car garage.

The storage experts working there will help you find the perfect unit at a price that fits your budget. For your peace of mind and the protection of your belongings, each storage facility has installed state-of-the-art amenities including 24-hour digital surveillance, computer-controlled gates and access points, and ample lighting. Their drive-up storage option is convenient for storing and retrieving vehicles, and they provide both regular and temperature-controlled units.

Stanford Van Lines

insurance and DOT registration for cross-country travel. Long-distance, white-glove residential and commercial moving and storage services, with flexible packing choices ranging from light to full. Appointments can be held virtually or physically for precise visual estimations. Low, fixed prices; no surprises; a breeze to pack and move.

Though our company is relatively fresh to the market, our collective experience in the relocation sector exceeds ten years. Everyone here is exceptionally competent at what they do, which allows us to serve you quickly and effectively.

Please call me Max. In my current role, I oversee operations at Stanford Van Lines as the company’s general manager. Intent on ensuring your complete happiness with the relocation process. In case any of our clients need immediate assistance, I am here to help them right away.

College Movers & Junk Hauling

Finding reliable movers might be challenging. All of our movers are currently enrolled college students with aspirations of pursuing professional careers upon graduation. All along, our movers and employees have worked hard to offer affordable, stress-free moving, packing, and hauling services to as many people as possible.

All aspects of moving and transporting are our forte, including but not limited to packing, furniture disassembly, and reassembly, short-term storage, discounted moving supplies, as well as trash disposal, yard and home cleanup, recycling and donation, and shop collection.

In 2016, college students in Bloomington, Indiana came together to form College Movers & Junk Hauling, a company dedicated to delivering exceptional, stress-free moving and hauling services to locals and visitors alike. We saw a need for better moving and hauling services in our home community and the neighboring areas, so we launched a new site in Columbus, Indiana in late 2017 and in Indianapolis.

Starting as a mover in Columbus, Tyler has since worked his way up through the ranks at College Movers to become a vital member of our team in the role of branch manager.

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