Campbell’s 24-Hour Towing & Recovery

We’re a comprehensive towing and roadside assistance company based in Warrior, Alabama, USA. We’re experts at heavy-duty towing and can move any tractor-trailer set, full or empty. Among the many services we offer are accident towing and recovery, lockouts, winch-outs, jump starts, flat tire assistance, and fuel/fluid delivery.

We can haul anything from a compact automobile to a semi-truck, as well as any combination thereof. We provide low-priced crane and lifting services as well. The heart of Alabama is home to Campbells Towing, the premier provider of Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery services on Interstate 65.

We can promptly attend to your demands, whether they include Road Service or the towing of a fully loaded semi. We understand that downtime costs money, and we’ve got the people and resources to handle your situation just like we would our own. Alabama’s largest wrecker may be found at Campbell’s 24-Hour Towing.

We’ve been setting ourselves apart from the competition for the past 18 years in business. When you use Campbell, you’ll realize how much effort was put into making this the best towing experience you’ve ever had. Call us at 205-590-3869; we’re always on the move.

Shew Towing & Recovery

Our company serves the entire Birmingham, AL area, providing 24-hour emergency towing, accident recovery, and roadside help to stranded motorists. Our team members have years of experience, and all of our machinery and vehicles are modern and well-maintained. In operation since 2008, we’ve earned an A+ rating from the BBB and are fully licensed and insured.

Former Birmingham firefighter Tim McDowell established Shew Towing & Recovery in 2008. Tim’s previous career as a firefighter prepared him well for starting Shew Towing & Recovery and staying in the emergency services industry.

Tim began his company with a single rollback wrecker and a promise to arrive at a scene as rapidly as a fire truck would. Tim and his crew still respond swiftly and do their best to help stranded motorists professionally, but now they have three rollback wreckers and one wheel-lift vehicle at their disposal. When something goes wrong, they know how stressful it can be.

Tim wants to help as many people as he can with efficient, low-cost solutions for as long as he can through his business.

In the city of Birmingham, I served for many years before retiring. Have been married for over a decade to a great woman and now count five children and four grandchildren among my blessings. Work has a spiritual value to me, so I plan to keep at it till the day I die. (I retired, but I didn’t enjoy it.

United Towing & Transport

We are a modern 250-person towing organization, with 11 locations in four states, and helping over half a million members annually. The following are the emergency roadside assistance options we provide: Towing Repairs on Batteries (tests, sales, and installs) Maintenance on Tires Lockout Transportation of Fuel

In 1986, we opened our doors with just four employees. We have grown to employ over 230 people across 11 offices in four states, where we serve over 500,000 clients annually. We’ve made it this far by prioritizing what matters: the people on our team and the people who need our services, respectively, and by ensuring that our products and services are of the highest possible quality at all times.

Even if it’s accurate to call United a towing service, that description doesn’t do us justice. We are not only enthusiastic about providing roadside help but also about building cutting-edge facilities that make coming to work a pleasure.

When you choose us, you can rest assured that your car, technician, and the dispatcher will all have the most cutting-edge gadgets. We provide full kitchens and break rooms at most of our offices. And it’s always fun to celebrate the holidays and our successes as a group. United is also proud of its strong participation in local community charity and event planning.

Hurst Towing & Recovery

We are experts in transporting vehicles, unlocking locked vehicles, and providing roadside help. Whatever you need to be towed, we can handle anything, from the smallest car to the heaviest truck.

Lynn Hurst decided to start his own towing business after working in the car industry for 23 years. Hurst Wrecker Service began operations on January 16, 1987. Just two years later, Hurst Towing & Recovery bought the company and folded it in. Lynn and his dad, Gilbert, launched the business with two vehicles.

As the business expanded over the next decade and a half, it outgrew its initial premises on Hwy 31. Lynn subsequently bought a larger plot of land in the Fultondale Industrial Park located on Carson Road. The headquarters of the corporation remain at this location.

To better serve the residents and business owners of Blount County, Hurst Towing opened a branch in Hayden, Alabama in 2013. As of right now, Hurst Towing operates a fleet of ten wreckers along with a Landoll trailer and an accident response trailer. There are currently 13 drivers, 2 office staff, and 2 night/weekend dispatchers working for the company.


When it comes to reliable towing services in Birmingham, AL, one of the most dependable options is Weil Wrecker Service. The technicians can retrieve vehicles weighing up to 75 tonnes and perform all manner of towing and wrecking services.

They employ professional drivers and have a fleet of 20 tow trucks at their disposal. The company’s specialized equipment and methods allow for quick and easy vehicle relocation. They can pull anything from a small car or truck to a large RV, trailer, or piece of machinery. Our towing and recovery services are available around the clock, every day of the week at Weil Wrecker Service.

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