Barley & Barley Real Estate

Customers in the Greater Washington, DC Area, and Suburbs are the focus of Barley & Barley Real Estate. It’s a great resource for both novice and seasoned homebuyers thanks to the representation it provides.

Real estate listings are managed and clients are provided with assistance in assessing and marketing their properties. Since 2010, broker Tim Barley has devoted his entire career to the real estate industry. Throughout his career, he has closed over 800 deals.

Bennett Realty Solutions

People from all over the greater D.C. area can take advantage of Bennett Realty Solutions’ services. From listing a property to finalizing a sale, it simplifies the real estate transaction process for buyers, sellers, and investors. Before recommending real estate solutions, its agents take into account clients’ wants and budgets.

The value of a property can also be estimated by having them conduct a market analysis of similar properties. Farms, apartment buildings, condominiums, townhouses, and single family homes are just some of the real estate that Bennett Realty Solutions advertises.

Bidwell Properties

Bidwell Properties is a local DC area real estate firm. Bringing in the best in customer service, advocacy, and skilled negotiation is a top priority. The company offers preliminary consultations with potential buyers to talk about their needs, concerns, and interests, and to brainstorm solutions to their problems.

It sets up appointments between buyers and service providers like contractors, inspectors, and lawyers. It maintains constant communication with potential buyers and their agents on the seller’s behalf.

Brian Wilson

Washington, D.C. clients can contact Brian Wilson, who works as a real estate agent. He uses a combination of traditional and innovative methods to serve the needs of his real estate clientele. Appointments are set, contracts are negotiated, and closing disclosures and settlement statements are reviewed under his supervision.

He advises sellers to get their homes ready for the market, has a professional photographer take pictures, and then advertises the home on multiple real estate websites. Wilson provides his services to military personnel as a certified Military Relocation Professional.

Carolyn Homes

Carolyn Homes is a real estate company serving residents of the nation’s capital. It’s helpful for landlords and homeowners to advertise rental properties. The company provides full-service house cleaning and repair schedule.

Its extensive listing solutions also aid customers in acquiring their ideal residences. Properties with seven or more bedrooms and baths are made available. Carolyn Sappenfield, the business owner, has been a realtor for 15 years.

Diana Flores

Located in the nation’s capital, Diana Flores works as a real estate agent for a variety of satisfied customers. She is particularly adept at helping first-time homebuyers as well as those interested in high-end properties and new construction.

With a background in marketing and computer engineering, she is well-equipped to handle the many other facets of a real estate transaction. Flores serves customers in both Maryland and Virginia and is fluent in Spanish. Both House Beautiful and Washingtonian published profiles of her.

Eric Stewart Group

The Eric Stewart Group is a group of real estate agents helping people find homes in the greater Washington, DC area. Buyers can use the system to find homes that fit their criteria and subscribe to receive updates via email.

The Eric Stewart Group has agents who are well-versed in the local area and can use this information to help their clients locate the perfect residence. Eric Stewart, the company’s chief executive officer, and an associate broker entered the real estate market in 1987.

Erich Cabe Team

The Erich Cabe Team is a group of Compass-affiliated real estate agents who work in Washington, DC. Helping home sellers in the DC metro area, Montgomery County, and Northern Virginia by leveraging their expert marketing and negotiation skills.

The senior vice president of the firm, Erich Cabe, has been handling his portfolio of real estate properties since the mid-1990s. He was previously working as a coach for ski instructors and top-tier athletes before deciding to make the industry his career.


Faison has been helping homebuyers and sellers in the D.C. area for over two decades. Its brokers take care of everything involved in selling a house, from estimating its value to advertising it and finally closing the deal.

They also aid purchasers in comparing costs and locating suitable properties. The Washington Post, Urban Turf, and Washingtonian are just a few of the publications that have profiled Faison. Tom Faison, the company’s founder, and a real estate agent has been working in the industry for 30 years.

Jack Shoptaw

With over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, Jack Shoptaw is a Senior Vice President and Branch Leader at Century 21 New Millennium in the nation’s capital. He is also a licensed Realtor in Maryland and Virginia.

Since he has experience in mortgage financing, marketing, sales management, and advertising, he is well-equipped to assist buyers and sellers in understanding the ever-changing real estate market and striking the best possible deal. The President’s Award from the National Association of Home Builders was presented to Mr. Shoptaw.

Joel Nelson Group

In the Greater Washington, DC Area, you can find real estate agents at Joel Nelson Group. Whether it’s for a primary residence, investment, or vacation, they represent buyers in real estate transactions. As part of their service, they help clients get pre-approved for a loan, provide them with daily listings, arrange for tours of available properties, and negotiate purchase agreements. Joel Nelson, the company’s namesake, and CEO have been working with real estate clients since 2002.

Katie Wethman

Katie Wethman is the managing director of the Wethman Group at Keller Williams Realty in McLean, Virginia. Her specialty is working with first-time homebuyers and sellers in the greater Washington, D.C. area.

Katie’s background in the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Program allows her to assist clients in finding competitive loan terms, which is just one of the many areas in which she specializes. Katie has proven expertise in short-sale situations, as evidenced by her current certification as a “certified home rescue expert.”

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