Guardian understands the importance of these factors when transporting your vehicle. That’s why we can provide such low costs and high-quality support, with thousands of satisfied customers as proof. Guardian is here to make the process of hiring an OK auto transport service, whether you’re relocating your car 500 miles or just across town, as easy as possible.

Guardian is pleased to have collaborated with numerous prominent organizations and individuals. We’ve shipped BMW, Mercedes, and Tesla vehicles before, so we know how delicately each vehicle needs to be handled throughout transit. We are most pleased with the thousands of new and returning customers who have put their faith in us to transport their priceless goods.

It’s no surprise that Guardian has a satisfactory record of 99.4 percent; we guarantee safe transportation and cover you in case of any mishaps. Tulsa, Broken Arrow, or any other point in Oklahoma on the map, we will come to get your automobile anytime you need us to. In this way, you’ll be able to give your full attention to the tasks at hand while we take care of the rest.

A no-obligation estimate will be sent to your inbox shortly thereafter. We have low costs overall, so what you see is what you pay! A convenient pickup time and mode of transportation can be arranged after clicking the link in the email and continuing the process.

We’ll then send you an estimate through email. We have the most reasonable prices and the best customer service in the business. After getting your free quote, you can either book online or give the vehicle shipping company a call to talk about your requirements. We know that every customer has specific requirements for auto transport, which is why meeting your expectations is our priority.

We understand that you have many other things on your plate, so please know that the condition of your car is not one of them. This is why our staff and driver will maintain constant communication with you.

And don’t worry, you’ll get a call from us within 24 hours to let you know just when to expect delivery. We’ll arrange a pickup window that works with the driver’s schedule so that you or your designated contact will be available to take delivery of the automobile when it arrives.

When it comes to relocating or shipping your car, we at Guardian car shipping services understand that there are many potential sources of anxiety. This is why we have one policy that we never deviate from always putting the consumer first. We’re convinced that you’ll be satisfied working with us because we have accessible agents, multiple auto-shipping services, and a safety guarantee.

By hiring Guardian, you won’t have to lift a finger. We’ll take care of everything else as you fill out our free instant quote form and choose your dates. Get in touch with us whenever you like, because our representatives care deeply about ensuring that you have a positive experience.

Transport Testimonials

The cost of repairing or replacing damages sustained while driving often makes it necessary to sell or junk a vehicle. Your car may get wrecked on the road when you’re traveling to another country.

Our long-distance auto shipping services might help you keep your car from racking up unneeded miles. The vehicle’s inertia means it won’t suffer any damage on the road. It will be in the same perfect condition that you left it in when you relocate to a different city. All car owners should put a premium on regular maintenance. When transporting a classic car or another valuable vehicle, it is especially important to take every precaution.

At AutoStar Transport Express, we do all in our power to make this a reality. For the safe transport of your historic car, you can rely on drivers that have years of expertise in the industry and a thorough understanding of your vehicle.

In addition, we’ll supply you with an enclosed container to ensure that your vehicle is protected from the elements while in transit. To that end, we are here to assist you in your quest for knowledge. Drivers won’t ask for any paperwork while picking up or dropping off your car, but they will give you (or anybody you designate) copies of any paperwork that may be required.

A Bill of Lading will be provided to you or your agent at the time of pickup or delivery.

A valid driver’s license, as well as registration and insurance, are necessities for safe driving.

Port-bound vehicles require additional paperwork, such as consent from lienholders and proof of ownership in the absence of the registered owner.

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