Clutter’s excellent service and low prices make it the greatest storage facility in the city. Clutter’s SmartStorage solution is one of the few of its kind in the industry. SmartStorage gives you the option to hire Clutter to pack and transport your belongings to the storage facility. SmartStorage is cheap as well, with monthly rates as low as $92.

Clutter has convenient sites in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens if you prefer self-storage, and their prices are reasonable.


UrBIn is a storage solution that charges by the volume of your belongings rather than the square footage of the unit itself. You can acquire a package for around $30 per month, but there are no set rates or storage sizes. Around three regular containers’ worth of stuff can fit in this box. They also provide pickup services, with the average cost of furniture pickup being close to $200. The New Jersey storage facility has the drawback of not being open to the general public. This storage service is just for drop-off and pick-up.

Storage Post 

Self-storage spaces from Storage Post can be found in all five boroughs of New York City. They also maintained a few facilities in New Jersey and elsewhere. Storage Post’s free truck and shuttle services are one of the company’s most appealing features. Furthermore, you have unlimited access to your storage space. Your belongings will be safe in their climate-controlled facilities, which are monitored 24/7, and where you may pay on a month-to-month basis without having to commit to a long-term lease.

Those in need of self-storage in New York City won’t be short of options. However, with so many options, finding a suitable storage facility can be challenging. To begin, prioritize the features most important to you and your storage needs.

NYC Storage Unit Prices

Size, location, and amenities all play a role in how much a storage unit will cost you. For instance, if you require pickup services or access to your storage unit at all hours of the day, you will be charged extra. The cost of storing something unique, such as a priceless work of art, will likely increase due to the need for specialized services like climate control.

You should have a firm budget in mind before beginning your search for a storage facility. If you’re going to be storing expensive items, it’s best not to skimp too much on storage fees. However, if you’re only storing things that aren’t particularly fragile or costly, you may get away with renting a less expensive storage unit.

Manhattan Mini Storage

Since 1978, Manhattan Mini Storage has been providing customers with dedicated self-storage and full-service solutions, allowing them to live more comfortably and without clutter.

With 17 locations in the borough, Manhattan Mini Storage is never far from the half a million New Yorkers who use their storage services each year. In addition to managing notable companies like WorkSpace Offices, ElevatedNY, and Edison ParkFest, Edison Properties—a real estate industry pioneer with over fifty years of experience—is also responsible for New York’s premier storage service.

Gotham Mini Storage

Gotham Mini Storage, located in Manhattan’s Midtown West, is a top-notch self-storage facility. There is no upfront cost for using their services. To make moving and storing items easier, they hire mini storage units and moving vehicles.

When you store your valuables with Gotham, you can be assured that they will be protected from the elements and against theft or damage at all hours of the day and night. You can find them on several sites that are easily accessible from Hell’s Kitchen, Times Square, Chelsea, and the MiMa neighborhood.

Oz Moving & Storage

Oz Moving & Storage, one of the greatest US storage and moving businesses, has won a slew of awards, including the Commerce Bank Small Business Award in 2005. Additionally, they are members of the Better Business Bureau and the American Moving & Storage Association, both of which attest to their impeccable standing in the eyes of the New York State Department of Transportation and the public. Oz Moving & Storage has consistently been a force for good in the moving and storage market, and their efforts to inform customers about the variety of options available to them have shaped the sector as it exists today.

Schwartz Luggage Storage

Schwartz Luggage Storage is still considered the best luggage storage facility in Manhattan despite the competition having opened in 2004. All of New York City’s airports can take advantage of their luggage storage, cab, and brand-new, high-quality luggage services.

Schwartz is an industry leader in delivering safe, short- and long-term baggage storage services. They offer great value for the money by providing their customers with a wide range of options and a worry-free environment.

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