Desert Hope Treatment Center

Desert Hope is an excellent care center that provides comprehensive services across a wide range of specializations. This means they can help their clients at every stage of the recovery process, from detox to sober living.

Patients are given the space and time they need to heal at their own pace, and they also have the opportunity to build trusting relationships with the professionals helping them.

Group therapy, recreational therapy, biofeedback therapy, motivational interviewing, art therapy, music therapy, and medication assistance are all part of the services they provide. The majority of health plans are accepted at Desert Hope Treatment Center. Nevada’s Sin City, Las Vegas

Henderson Comprehensive Treatment Center

Withdrawal, cravings, and pain from opioid use and alcohol addiction are alleviated through Methadone therapy at Henderson Comprehensive Treatment Center.

While medication is the primary treatment method, clients also have the option of participating in individual and group counseling sessions to learn coping mechanisms and have honest conversations about their struggles with addiction.

The client may be referred to a different facility if it becomes clear that they need more extensive rehabilitation after this process.

Empowerment Center

Empowerment Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women overcome addiction and other mental health issues. Many of their customers have been referred from other programs or facilities, and many of them have either been incarcerated or are currently experiencing homelessness.

Each participant spends about 4 months in the program, during which time she receives a wide range of services, including 12-step work, case management, peer support, education, employment services, individual counseling, group therapy, workforce development, clinical groups, community service, and discharge planning.

Thrive Treatment and Wellness

Thrive’s addiction treatment programs provide counseling for individuals, families, and groups. Clients also engage in a wide range of complementary therapies, including but not limited to: medication management; case management; relapse prevention; EMDR; yoga; trauma therapy; mind-body therapy; and meditation.

Therapy approaches that are effective in treating substance abuse will also be incorporated into every one of these rehabilitation plans. Although they do not provide inpatient treatment or detoxification services themselves, this facility can refer clients to reputable local treatment centers.

IOP is designed to be adaptable, so it operates both during the day and in the evening to accommodate people’s busy schedules and give them the best chance of receiving treatment.

Victorious Journey Recovery Center

Residential treatment is available at Victorious Journey Recovery Center for up to 44 people at once. These methods of treating substance abuse are either evidence-based or holistic in nature, and they offer a complete plan tailored to each individual’s requirements and preferences at every stage of their rehabilitation.

Services such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), process groups, experiential groups, psychoeducation, family therapy, peer support groups, 12-step meetings, yoga, qi gong, and tai chi are also offered.

In addition to outpatient services, this center provides residential treatment for veterans and men and women dealing with opioid addiction. The veteran’s program provides a wider range of care settings so that patients can find an environment conducive to recovery.

Life Change Center – Carson City

Methadone, buprenorphine, Vivitrol, Naltrexone, and Narcan are just some of the medications used at Life Change Center, an outpatient medication-assisted treatment facility that treats men and women for opioid addiction.

Even though medication is the cornerstone of this rehabilitation center, they also provide a wide range of assessments, counseling options (both private and group), family services, gender-specific programming, and peer support.

Moreover, clients will collaborate with their treatment team to develop an aftercare strategy that continues to provide support even after formal treatment has ended. Medical insurance plans other than Medicare and Medicaid are also accepted at Life Change Center.

Crossroads of Southern Nevada

No matter the specifics of an individual’s treatment plan, Crossroads of Southern Nevada strives to arm each client with the knowledge, assist in the growth of coping mechanisms, and instill discipline and order throughout the entire process of rehabilitation.

There will be a wide range of services available to clients, including medication support, nutritional counseling, round-the-clock medical monitoring and care, crisis management, group therapy, individual therapy, case management, and more. Individuals may need more or less time in treatment each day and week, but all programs are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each patient.

If their clients are to remain sober for the long haul, Crossroads also works to aid them in a wide variety of other areas of life. This includes helping with finding a job, getting an education, getting trained for a job, and being referred to relevant community resources.

Life Change Center – Sparks

Men and women who have struggled with heroin or prescription drug abuse are the primary focus of the Life Change Center’s efforts. To both sexes in Nevada, this non-profit community organization offers individualized medication-assisted treatment programs at its various service centers.

Because opioid withdrawal can be unpleasant and lead to relapse, medication plays a significant role in these programs. Clients have a better chance of completing their program or deciding to seek help at a more intensive treatment facility that offers specialized services to promote long-term abstinence if they experience fewer of these symptoms.

ABC Therapy – Henderson

Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab center ABC Therapy treats the whole person. Counseling for issues such as domestic violence, anger management, impulse control, and family evaluations are just some of the many services they offer.

Certain treatment options may or may not be included depending on the nature of the substance abuse, the severity of the patient’s condition, and the necessity of individualized care.

ABC Therapy is a community-based organization, so if a client requires more intensive programs, they can be referred to other services and have easier access to resources across Nevada. ABC Therapy also provides programs required by the court system, such as those for substance abuse, theft, and custody disputes.

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