Metry Cab Service

With over seventy years of experience, Metairies is the best there is. All of the drivers at Metry Cab Service are professional and punctual. Over the past 65 years, we have provided nothing but first-rate service. We offer pick-up and delivery services at your convenience, 24 hours a day.

Since its founding in 1945, Jefferson Parish residents have benefited from Metry Cab Service Inc.’s traditional, customized service. In addition to being the oldest taxi service in Jefferson Parish, we take great pride in being Metairie’s premier cab company.

In and around Jefferson Parish, Metry Cab is always prompt and reliable. Our fast response times demonstrate why we are the top-rated taxi service in Jefferson Parish, and we are available nonstop. Taxis are accessible 24/7, are radio dispatched, have air conditioning, and can be found using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology; drivers are polite and service-oriented; and vans are also available.

We at Metry Cab Service provide comprehensive cab services. Get in touch with us if you need a reliable airport shuttle, sightseeing tour, or transportation to or from the hospital, a social event, a store, a doctor’s office, a restaurant, a hotel, a hospital, a hot

Star Cabs

Star Cabs first opened its doors in 1965. My granddad was the original owner. I am the third generation to inherit it, having been given to me by his granddaughter. We formed when my grandfather and four others concluded that everyone should have access to transportation in times of necessity. In response, my grandfather and four of his coworkers left their previous employer to start their firm. To wrap up today’s Star Cabs, that’s it!

I am the original owner’s granddaughter. It’s been around three and a half years since I bought Star Cabs. To ensure the security of our customers and provide them with accurate information about the arrival time of their taxi, we built an app and implemented a computerized dispatch system.

The taxi business and its patrons are two of my greatest interests. I aim to brighten everyone’s day with my cheerful disposition. I am always on the lookout for methods to enhance my company’s operations and provide superior support to our clientele.

Eric ‘Big E’ Airport Transportation Service

Taking the kids on a trip. Age-appropriate car seats for children of all sizes are available from us. Please allow us to alleviate any travel-related stress you may be experiencing. Weddings, stag weekends, and business travel to exotic locales Passengers at the airport are given information about nearby dining options, nightlife venues, and family-friendly activities. Call Big E to take you from your hotel to the airport. We have 5 luxury SUVs, 2 town cars, and 2 shuttle vans in our fleet. Our main focus is on serving our customers. I say, let the good times roll

My dad started working for a taxi company back in 1947. After working as a truck driver and charter bus driver for a while, I decided to enter the industry in 1995. Transportation to Big E is provided by Coke, the Hotard Coach Company, and the Grey Line Tour Company.

I’m a small company that was started and is still being handled by my family. When visitors arrive in New Orleans, we always try to greet them with a friendly face. To have others experience the same thrills, adventures, and unique cultures that we do is a driving motivation for us.

United Cabs

You may relax knowing that we will be driving you to the airport or anywhere else your evening may take you. Licensed, screened by the FBI, fingerprinted, and drug tested—what that’s all of our drivers go through. A Camera System is Installed in EVERY Vehicle. The credit card machines are available in ALL vehicles for your ease of use.

Cash and major credit cards are accepted. Every year, vehicles must pass a comprehensive 27-point inspection to be used for public transportation.

United Cabs has been operating in the area since 1938 and has always done its best to meet the needs of our customers and the surrounding community. Our goal is to assist you with anything transportation-related, from routine errands and airport transfers to last-minute storm evacuations.

New Orleans, let’s keep this friendship going for another 78 years! With over 400 taxis in the city, we have the largest fleet by far! You can now make reservations and use our mobile app 24/7. We’ve grown and changed with this stunning city and intend to do so for decades to come.

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