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Swope Health Services treats both youth and adults for substance abuse disorders in the Kansas City area. Individual therapy, group therapy, couples or family programs, education services, medication assistance, and case management are just a few of the many preventative and treatment services they offer.

This center’s mission is to offer a full spectrum of services that foster health and long-term recovery. Each client receives a tailor-made plan developed with their unique requirements in mind. This center provides convenient access to treatment for substance abuse issues by maintaining multiple locations in the Kansas City area.

Heartland Center for Behavioral Change – Kansas City

The non-profit Heartland Center for Behavioral Change offers many options for those seeking help with substance abuse. To ease the discomfort of the first few days of sobriety, most clients first seek out detoxification services. To ensure the maximum safety of this procedure, they are under constant medical observation.

After the detox process is over, the client has the option of continuing treatment in this facility as an outpatient or being referred to another facility for more intensive treatments like residential care.

Medication support and different types of therapy, both in group and individual settings, are among the available services. Heartland Center is a community organization that helps those in need with programs for traffic offenders and other criminal offenders as well as court-mandated services and community transition services.

Comprehensive Mental Health Services

CMHS offers community services that are trauma-informed and holistic to better assist those who have experienced trauma. CMHS runs several residential and outpatient clinics to provide men and women with specialized care that is tailored to their individual needs and cultural background.

Clients will have access to housing and employment services through their adult community support programs. In addition to providing their crisis services, they work with a network of other organizations to make those services available around the clock.

Assessments, crisis interventions, individual and group therapy, family programs, educational groups, medication management, medication assistance, case management, prevention services, recovery coaching, and age-specific programs for youth are all available at CMHS.

BHG – Kansas City

Medication-assisted treatment is available at BHG Kansas City. They offer a wide range of medications and therapies to ease the discomfort of withdrawal and make the initial stages of recovery from opioid or alcohol addiction as manageable and secure as possible for both sexes.

With the help of their doctors and clinicians, patients can treat withdrawal symptoms, such as cravings and pain, with medications like buprenorphine, Methadone, Suboxone, and others. Regrettably, sobriety is frequently jeopardized by withdrawal symptoms, which can lead to relapses or even fatal overdoses.

Clients have a better chance of staying in treatment and becoming sober when these medications are used in conjunction with both individual and group therapies. If the client needs to continue receiving treatment after this program ends, they may be referred to an inpatient facility.

Swope Health Services

Outpatient services are available at multiple Swope Health facilities for both sexes. These services integrate a wide range of modalities, from conventional talk therapy to alternative medicine, to provide a holistic experience for their clients.

To promote recovery and health, this center staffs addiction experts with extensive knowledge of the various addictions and behavioral health issues. Swope Health will assist anyone in need, regardless of their financial standing. All major health plans are accepted, in addition to Medicaid, and they will work with each individual to establish an affordable payment plan.

Preferred Family Healthcare – Kansas City

Group therapy, individual therapy, education about addiction, therapeutic recreation, relapse prevention strategies, support groups, community resources, and aftercare planning are all part of Preferred Family Healthcare’s substance abuse treatment offerings.

Clients benefit from these community services because they help them find safe places to live, gainful employment, nutritious food, medical attention, and constructive sober pursuits.

Clients participate in groups to address issues such as anger management, communication, the development of life skills and coping mechanisms, and family issues that may be impeding the person’s recovery through peer support services and community support.

Crittenton Childrens Center

Clients aged 12–20 who are experiencing drug abuse are a primary focus of the staff at Crittenton Children’s Center. Patients will take part in a dependency program that utilizes The Matrix Model and other therapies supported by scientific evidence. Individual counseling, group programs, family counseling, interventions, relapse prevention strategies, recovery and aftercare planning, education and support groups, case management, and a variety of other support services are also offered.

In addition, during inpatient rehabilitation, patients have access to round-the-clock nursing care as well as expressive therapies, spirituality, trauma-informed care, occupational counseling, medication management, and skill development.

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