Atlantic Truck lines

Atlantic Trucking has been a leader in Florida’s trucking industry, particularly in the field of port-to-rail cargo transportation, for close to three decades. Long-distance transport, a container yard, local trucking, and a chassis fleet are among the many services provided.

Lake Trucking Company

Since its founding more than half a century ago, Lake Trucking Company has grown into one of California’s premier transportation providers, boasting a sizable fleet and an excellent safety record.

East Florida Hauling

East Florida Hauling (EFH), founded by brothers Domingo and Robert Acuna in 1987, was designed from the ground up to prioritize the needs of its clientele. Their 7-acre, asphalt property is convenient to the Port of Miami, the Federal Express Center, and the Miami International Airport. Atypical loads, such as those that are overweight, oversized, or potentially dangerous, can be supported by EFH.

Williams Trucking Company Inc

The Williams family has owned and run Williams Trucking Company since its inception in 2006. Customers in the landfill, commercial, power generation, residential, and phosphate industries can all make use of Williams Trucking’s services. Their commitment to reasonable prices is something they’re proud of. At the moment, 159 freelancers are contributing to the team. More than five thousand of their projects have been finished.

Inland Transport Inc.

For more than two decades, Inland Transport has served the transportation industry. You can get your order delivered in three days or fewer from the northeast to the western edge of Texas. They’re able to accomplish all of this from their office in Orlando. They have a wide selection of available tools and methods. Trucks held by the company are also used by Inland.

Schwend Inc.

Charles and Judi Schwend started their family business, Schwend Inc., in 1976. They provide comprehensive logistics support throughout the 48 contiguous states. When forming partnerships, Schwend tries to develop more than just a professional rapport with their customers and drivers. They want to settle down with their significant others and start a family.

Dray Hub

Dray Hub, located in Miami, is a top-notch trucking firm that provides a variety of drayage services. Truck Hub, our cloud-based technology, gives you complete visibility throughout the entire procedure. Our services are quick, precise, and straightforward since we use cutting-edge technology and asset-based logistics.

Team DGD

Luis Lopez, the company’s founder, and CEO has been spotting unfilled needs in the Florida shipping industry since 2004. He accomplished this by being the best in his field across a variety of service areas. DGD can promise high standards of quality, promptness, and customer happiness because it uses cutting-edge technological solutions and manages the entire shipping process in-house. Team DGD has earned the highest possible rating from the Better Business Bureau.


LTL Hub has been the market leader for over 15 years. LTL Hub combines speed, reliability, and low prices because of its use of cutting-edge technology. Since they focus on last-mile delivery in South Florida (SoFlo), they are the best option for managing logistics for any event held there. You may rely on them for comprehensive event logistical services. When it comes to LTL services, LTL Hub is without a peer.


The most popular type of trailer is a flatbed. Shipping containers, machinery, heavy equipment, automobiles, and so on can all be transported with ease. If you need a flatbed transported from Florida to anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Mexico, call on Nationwide Transport Services.

We will select the best-flatbed trailer for your needs, whether you are transporting a single cargo or a number of them. Cranes, forklifts, and loading docks are used to move cargo onto flatbed trailers. Driveable, operational equipment is best loaded onto a trailer at a loading dock.

After loading the trailer, the cargo is safely fastened down with chains or straps. Your gear is protected against bad weather with sturdy tarps. The length of the platform of a flatbed trailer can range from 20 to 53 feet. Common lengths are 40 and 48 feet. They can, however, carry loads that are marginally longer.


Discounted flatbed shipping services to and from Florida are available from Nationwide Transport Services. Our shipping rates change from shipment to shipment based on factors like weight, size, mode of conveyance, season, and distance.

The cost will increase with the weight of the cargo because a larger flatbed uses more fuel. At the height of the season, when demand is at its highest, booking in advance is highly recommended.

When you use Nationwide Transport Services, your shipment is handled by a single agent, and you have access to that person around-the-clock for status updates. They’ll figure out the appropriate trailer to use, get the necessary transportation paperwork, and file for shipping permits if your load is too big or too heavy.

If your cargo won’t fit on a flatbed trailer, we provide various trucking services, such as expedited delivery. All of our trailers, including the lowboy, step deck, and drop deck varieties, can accommodate enormous and excessively heavy cargo.

Florida’s low flatbed shipping costs

We ensure every load and include the client’s name on the policy before sending it out. That offers customers the option of going straight to the insurance company for reimbursement in the event of an accident. Specialists will provide you instructions on how to get your load ready for transport once they’ve determined that a flatbed trailer will be used.

Take the time to tidy it up and remove any clutter before an inspection. It’s a good idea to have your shipment ready a few days before the scheduled pickup date in case the carrier shows up early. We’re a Florida-based trucking company that provides several different types of transportation services, including flatbed, step-deck, drop-deck, and lowboy.

These trailers are built to carry heavier and larger loads. Lowboy trailers, for instance, are ideal for hauling tall cargo since their low profile makes up for the height difference. Florida’s premier source for shipping and transporting flatbeds, step deck, drop deck, and lowboy trailers.

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