Connecticut Addiction Medicine

Hartford is home to Connecticut Addiction Medicine’s office. Patients struggling with substance abuse and addiction can take advantage of the facility’s rehabilitation services. Psychosocial assessments, counseling for families, and courses on substance abuse are all part of its offerings.

In addition to inpatient care, it also offers outpatient detoxification and pain management. In addition, there are group therapy sessions aimed at preventing relapse. The staff at Connecticut Addiction Medicine includes people who have earned the CADC certification. As a bonus, one of its founders, Jay B. Benson, holds a certification from the American Board of Addiction Medicine.

Hartford HealthCare Natchaug Hospital

CareConnection of Hartford People in the metropolitan area who are struggling with chemical dependency and behavioral health can find assistance at Natchaug Hospital. Substance-abusing youth and adults can access partial hospitalization,

inpatient, and intensive outpatient care at these facilities. The Seven Challenges is one of the organization’s programs designed to help teenagers with substance abuse problems as well as the underlying psychological, situational, and life skills issues that often contribute to their drug and alcohol abuse. Since its opening in 1954, Natchaug Hospital has provided care to residents of the area.

High Watch Recovery Center

Since its founding in 1939, Hartford residents have had access to High Watch Recovery Center, a 12-step-based rehabilitation facility. Some of its treatment options involve the use of the facility’s acres of gardens and horses.

When it comes to substance abuse, this group of doctors has you covered. Substance abuse services offered by the facility include residential treatment, aftercare, and halfway houses. As well as in-person AA meetings and intensive outpatient services, High Watch Recovery Center also offers a virtual version of both.

InterCommunity Health Care

Hartford, East Hartford, and the surrounding areas have had access to InterCommunity Health Care’s addiction recovery, primary care, and behavioral health services for more than 40 years. Detoxification, inpatient stays, outpatient programs, and other forms of medication and therapy are all available to patients at this facility to aid in their recovery from the effects of their addictions.

To better serve the community, the former ADRC has partnered with InterCommunity Health Care, a Federally Qualified Health Center Look Alike (FQHC LA) that offers comprehensive health and addiction recovery services.

Phoenix House New England

To help those in Hartford who are battling substance abuse, Phoenix House New England provides a variety of residential and community support programs.

The staff at the rehabilitation facility offers patients treatment for substance abuse that is both scientifically sound and administered in a controlled environment.

Their programs help people in need of emotional and social development by providing them with group therapy, case management, and holistic activities. The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities has recognized Phoenix House New England as a high-quality rehabilitation center.

Retreat Behavioral Health

To those in need of help, Retreat Behavioral Health in Hartford and the surrounding areas are there. It provides a variety of drug and alcohol treatment options, such as outpatient programs, inpatient stays, and pharmacological interventions.

Treatments for a wide range of mental health issues, such as depression, bipolar disorder, suicidal ideation, PTSD, and anxiety, can be tailored to the individual. In addition, it offers alternative therapies for mental health, such as massage, art, and music.

Well More

Wellmore was established in 1951 and serves the communities of Hartford and the surrounding areas by providing behavioral health and substance use treatment services to children, adolescents, adults, and their families. It provides a full range of services, from intensive outpatient programs for adults to residential and home-based rehabilitation for those with substance abuse issues.

Drug testing and evaluation, group and individual therapy, psychoeducation, and case management are all part of the treatment spectrum. Wellmore’s team of recovery coaches and nurses are available around the clock to provide supervision and support to patients undergoing residential treatment.

High Watch Recovery Center

At High Watch Recovery Center, we help adult males and females overcome substance abuse and any comorbid mental health issues they may be facing through a 12-step model of care. During their time at High Watch, each client will work closely with both a clinician and a 12-step recovery coach.

These people not only aid their clients in developing a comprehensive program, but they are there for them every step of the way. A wide variety of group therapies will be made available to each patient, and long-term continuing care services will be made available to keep patients in touch with one another and their treatment team.

Recovery Services of Connecticut

When it comes to helping people overcome substance abuse and alcohol dependency, Recovery Services of Connecticut takes a holistic approach. Individual and group therapy, education about addiction and its effects, methods of preventing relapse, programs for the whole family, aftercare planning, and even 12-step fellowships are all part of the programs available, though each is tailored to the client’s unique needs and objectives for recovery.

Recovery Services of Connecticut is an outpatient facility where clients work with their peers to improve areas like communication, relationships, and negative thought patterns through the use of support groups. Clients are more likely to open up, build trusting relationships, and hold one another accountable when they work in teams.

Wheeler Clinic – Bristol

In addition to a wide range of primary care services, Wheeler Clinic also offers substance abuse and mental health rehabilitation programs for adults, young adults, and adolescents. Individual therapy, family therapy, medication management, anger management classes, crisis interventions, a wide variety of assessments, support in recovering from addiction, multidimensional family therapy, medication assistance, and more are all part of the treatment services provided here.

All of these resources will be made available to clients in settings that are tailored to each gender, allowing clinicians and group leaders to better meet the unique needs of each group. They will use talk therapies and cognitive behavioral interventions to help the person feel more invested in their recovery. Most health insurance plans, Medicaid, and other payment methods are accepted at Wheeler Clinic.

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