Dollar Self Storage

There are roughly 60 Dollar Self Storage locations in the Golden State. Fresno, Bakersfield, and Santa Barbara are the most notable cities, each with two locations. At Dollar, you can rent a self-storage space for as little as a month (non-climate controlled).

The only exceptions to this rule are the two smaller outside units. Individual gate codes, electronic gate access (usually with roll-up doors), security cameras, and on-site manager presence are all provided for residents’ peace of mind. Also, in most of their locations, Dollar Self Storage sells boxes for self-storage prices plus 10% to 12% tax.

The Box Guys

The Box Guys is a San Carlos, California-based family business with the stated mission of reducing the stress and cost of moving. Their crew will pack all of your stuff into clean, strong cardboard boxes and carry them to your new location, whether it’s across the street or the nation.

Their vast fleet of contemporary container trucks allows them to serve customers across the country with relocation, warehousing, logistics, and advisory services.

A-1 self-storage

In the range of $25 – $75 per month. All of the storage spaces are on the ground floor, making them ideal for storing items that are too cumbersome to transport upstairs. The property is surrounded by a fence and has a gate for security.

Rentals for RV garages are on the market every month. Among the best options for self-storage is Baldwin Park, California. They provide a discreet setting at affordable prices. They also provide a novel alternative to the standard month-to-month leases by allowing tenants to rent an apartment for just a single month at a time.

A-2 public storage

Water, sewer, and garbage removal are all included in the $45.00 per month for a 5′ x 5′ unit to $100.00 per month for a 10′ x 20′ team monthly cost. All of the units feature outdoor parking spaces with direct gate access.

Californians can make use of one of Public Storage’s approximately 800 locations around the United States. Public Storage has the option you’re looking for with its wide range of storage spaces and friendly, knowledgeable staff. In addition, they have installed cutting-edge security measures in all of their buildings and staffed each location with security guards.


U-Haul has what you need if you want a simple and easy way to store your belongings. They have access to thousands of self-storage facilities that are open around the clock and offer quality rental equipment at reasonable prices. U-Haul also has over 500 fully self-storage facilities across the US.

Saf Keep Storage

Gardena, California’s Saf Keep Self Storage is conveniently located on W. Rosecrans Ave., just south of Nissin Foods, between Van Ness and Western Aves. As a business, we place a premium on providing a clean and comfortable environment for our customers.

Saf Keep Storage is the best self-storage facility around, and it’s run by a nice family. As a local self-storage facility, we’re pleased to serve residents as well as local companies of all sizes. We take extra measures to keep a clean, safe, and well-maintained facility and go above and beyond what is often offered at storage facilities to create a great experience for all of our customers. We are prepared to assist the following areas and others: El Camino Village Hawthorne Lawndale Torrance Westmont West Athens

Daisy has been working as a storage professional for 11 years. Derrick, Joanna, Gordon, and Francisco, who make up her fantastic crew, will offer you first-rate service and keep the building spotless and secure at all times. The staff at Gardena would love to have you stop by and introduce yourselves. Everything from packing to storing, they’ve got you covered.

AAA Quality Self Storage

Choose AAA Quality Self Storage for any of your self-storage requirements. We take great pleasure in the cleanliness and cutting-edge technology of our facilities as well as the quality of our staff and their dedication to the satisfaction of our clients.

Each location offers free use of a moving truck and offers a full selection of packing materials. When compared to the market, our prices and new resident deals are hard to beat. Stop by today and see for yourself why people in Southern California and North Las Vegas consider us to be the best self-storage facility in the area.

Self-storage facilities are a convenient and cost-effective option for people who need extra space for a variety of reasons. The self-storage market has flourished in recent years as more and more people, especially households, understand the advantages it has over more conventional forms of storage.

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