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Top 6 Best Custom Lightsabers 2023

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It is no surprise that fans of the Star Wars franchise like recreating dramatic battle scenes with authentic custom lightsabers in our own small galaxy far, far away, whether it be to learn to fight just like a Jedi Knight or to cosplay one of your favourite characters. Fortunately, enthusiasts have more options than just toys and official lightsabers.

Custom lightsabers can be designed and built by a variety of firms to meet your individual requirements. And numerous of the businesses listed below sell the components to make your goal of building your own lightsaber a reality. Each firm also sells lightsabers in a wide range of colours.

What is a lightsaber? 

One of the most recognisable weapons in the Star Wars universe is the lightsaber. The Jedi, the Sith, and other Force-sensitive people often use it. The actual weapon consists of a Kyber crystal-powered laser beam mounted on a metal hilt. The lightsaber can easily cut through both people and blast doors, which is why using one of these weapons requires such extensive training.

One of the best lightsabers available for duelling and battling is made by Imperial Workshop. Use the  Imperial Workshop Coupon Code to significantly reduce the cost of your purchases.

Best Custom Lightsabers

It is significant to note that none of the businesses making bespoke lightsabers on this list have Lucasfilm’s official licence, hence they cannot use the names of the characters in the names of their lightsabers. Here is a list of our top 10 favourite lightsaber manufacturers without further ado.

Custom Lightsabers by Korbanth Sabers

We start our ranking with Korbanth at the top. Their lightsabers are so well made and have such fine visual detail that Disney recognised them and used them in The Last Jedi.

There is something on Korbanth for both the fan who just wants to have a lightsaber in their hand and the builder who wants to make it with their two hands. Korbanth has both empty hilts and neopixel sabres.

They only produce a certain number of lightsabers at a time, so if you see the one you want, act quickly. Don’t forget to look at their models and costumes while you’re there.

Top 6 Best Custom Lightsabers 2023

You’re never left wondering where something is because Korbanth offers excellent customer service.


Without Saberforge, no list of lightsabers would be complete. For their quality, selection, and cost, they are by far the most well-known brand in bespoke lightsabers. These sabres can withstand full-contact duelling and feature breathtaking movie-quality detail.

Also, they are affordable, with entry-level sabres starting at just over $100 USD.

Yet, Saberforge’s versatility is the real selling point. There is simply no other firm that offers the same level of customization, from a lightsaber modelled after one of your favourite characters to a completely unique one.

They complete every bespoke order in-house, allowing them to offer a wide range of blade, hilt, and wrap colours and hundreds of possible combination options. including Ahsoka Tano’s white sabres.

In addition to using lightsabers, Saberforge also sells props, cosplay accessories, and more. 

Vader’s Vault Custom Lightsabers

Vader’s Vault can craft the lightsaber for you if you’ve ever imagined facing off against the hardest of opponents. Each and every one of their lightsabers is an expert in design, making them the most resilient on the market.

These lightsabers are more expensive than others on this list because of the care that goes into making each one. Also, because your sabre is manufactured to order, it can take some time for your purchase to be fulfilled.

Vader’s Vault presently estimates that it will take 6 to 12 months to construct and deliver your purchase, depending on the model. The company, however, will make the wait worthwhile. Vader’s Vault sometimes offers ready-to-ship solutions if you can’t wait.


The majority of people imagine duels when they think about lightsabers. The sounds of a laser blade turning on, power humming while it waits, then two lightsabers slamming against one another.

The Ultrasaber helps achieve this goal—to give viewers the sense that they are physically there in the Star Wars universe.

Because Ultrasabers can withstand tense battles and boast one of the loudest soundboards available, you can always hear the real noises of the fight.

If you appreciate tinkering, Ultrasabers also makes its sabres incredibly simple to disassemble and swap out individual components to suit your preferences.

The Pach Store

The Pach Shop is for you if you have a limited budget. With several possibilities starting at around $100 USD, they can give you a good-quality bespoke lightsaber for a fraction of the price of other vendors.

Check out the variety of reproductions and props by The Pach Shop as well. Although it is based in Hong Kong, shipping is frequently quick.

Electrum Sabercrafts

Electrum is a newer company, but it has already made a big impact with its smart sabre technology. This lightsaber can connect to your phone using Bluetooth and special software.

You can customise a ton of features through the app, such as the blade colour, lighting effects, motion effects, and sounds. Also, the app can save numerous user accounts so that everyone can personalise it specifically for them if you have multiple folks who want to try out the lightsaber.



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